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Marvel Super Hero Iron Man Facts & Stats

Real Name: Tony Stark
Occupation: millionaire
Group Affiliation: Avengers
Base of Operations:  New York City
First Appearance: 1962 Tales of Suspense # 39 Price: $6,500.00 NM
according to Comics Price Guide

Height: 6 ft. 1 in. 
Weight: 185 lbs. 
Eyes: Blue 
Hair: Black 

Powers: Iron Man possess no super powers other than the weapons his Iron armor provides.

Weapons:  According to Marvel Guide 1983 #5 Iron Man's armor is an electrically power, computer assisted exoskeleton made of iron. The armor weighs 215 pounds and has been designed to withstand a 250 pound per square inch microsecond overpressure or the equivalent of the detonation of a 100 pounds of TNT detonated at 20 feet.

History: Anthony Stark (Tony) son of industrialists Howard Stark demonstrated his mechanical aptitude at a very early age. He enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of 15. At the age of 21 he inherited his father's business and in a few years turned it into a multi-million dollar industrial complex. Sent to Vietnam to supervise a field test, Tony trips a mine getting a piece of shrapnel dangerously close to his heart. Stark gets captured and creates the Iron Man suit while pretending to make a weapon for the communists. The suit contains a pace maker that helps his weakened heart. Iron Man escapes and uses the armor to fight criminals and spies.

1962 Tales of Suspense # 39

Iron Man #1  NM Price: $600
according to Comics Price Guide


Superhero Wiki Entries

Iron Man

*List of Iron Man enemies
*Alternate versions of Iron Man
*Iron Man in other media

Enemies: The Mandarin

Media: Television

Iron Man
Spider-Man 1994  -  Iron Man guest starred a few times once to help Spidey vs Venom and on the last few Secret Wars episodes.

Iron Man 1994 - cartoon series. Iron Man's voice was done by Robert Hays whose recently played Hydes dad on That 70's Show. He also had his own series as Starman on the 1980's ABC sci-fi tv show. He did the voice of Iron Man on the Fox Spiderman cartoon on a few episodes and the 1990's Hulk cartoon on the episode  Helping Hand, Iron Fist as well. 

He did voice work on Superman the Animated series and appeared on the tv series Wonder Woman as Jim Ames on the episode Wonder Woman in Hollywood. He had a crush on Wonder Girl. His greatest role was that of Ted Stryker on the Airplane movies.

Robert Hays next to Christopher Daniel Barnes his co-star from the 1980's tv show Starman. Christopher Daniel Barnes and Hays would team up again as Spiderman and Iron Man on the 1990s Fox cartoon series. You might also recognize Barnes as Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch movie.

Fantastic Four 1994 cartoon - Iron Man appeared on a few episodes of the Fantastic Four cartoon

Avengers (1999)

Iron Man
movie planned for 2008 See


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