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Marvel Super Hero X-men's Wolverine Wallpaper
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Hugh Jackman Wallpaper

wolverine.jpg (48938 bytes)

fastball_specal.jpg (107889 bytes)
Fastball Special

by Jon

hulk.jpg (38569 bytes)
Incredible Hulk smashing a Superman sign, and Wolverine busting through a wall.

by lewis lomba and helio pacheo

wolverine.jpg (59829 bytes)
Lou Ferrigno Hulk vs Hugh Jackman Wolverine

wolverine.jpg (45090 bytes)
Wolverine Cartoon Version
by Lex Lop

Dark Claw 

by Lex Lop

New Fantastic Four 

by Randy

wolverine-spidey.jpg (99783 bytes)
Wolverine & Spiderman Amalgam
David Naughton-Shires

x-men-deathstrike.jpg (71361 bytes)
Wolverine and Deathstrike
By Tyler Bingham

wolverine-batman.jpg (54444 bytes)
Batman and Wolverine
By Tyler Bingham

x-men.jpg (51118 bytes)
Wolverine vs Sabretooth

By Tyler Bingham

captain-america.jpg (85855 bytes)
Wolverine and Captain America
By Tyler Bingham

Superman and Wolverine

By Tyler Bingham

wolverine.jpg (92438 bytes)
Spiderman and Wolverine
By Tyler Bingham

wolverine-hulk.jpg (113643 bytes)
Wolverine and the Hulk

wolverine.jpg (74288 bytes)
Wolverine and Witchblade
By Tyler Bingham

juggernaut.jpg (55429 bytes)

by Jon

wolverine-xavier.JPG (52766 bytes)
Wolverine and Xavier drawing

Mike York Comic Art
Mike York's Art Message Board 

wolverine.jpg (29390 bytes)
Wolverine drawing

Mike York Comic Art
Mike York's Art Message Board 

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