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DC Comics Super Hero Shazam Captain Marvel TV Show Wallpaper

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These are wallpaper images taken from the 1970's Saturday morning tv show Shazam featuring Billy Batson, Captain Marvel, Mentor, and the occasional guest appearance by Isis. Captain Marvel was played by two different actors. Both Jackson Bostwick and John Davey flew the Saturday morning skies as the Big Red Cheese. If you go to enough comic conventions you might run into Jackson Bostwick who frequents the larger conventions signing autographs. Michael Gray played Billy Batson. He runs his own business these days. No time for super heroics for him.

captain-marvel.jpg (36408 bytes)
Shazam Action Scenes

elders.jpg (44097 bytes)
Billy Batson and the Elders
The Elders always gave Billy pearls of wisdom like always tell the truth and don't be afraid to ask for help.

isis.jpg (36067 bytes)
Captain Marvel and Isis

jackson-bostwick.jpg (40856 bytes)
Jackson Bostwick

john-davey.jpg (20833 bytes)
John Davey

shazam.jpg (22374 bytes)

shazam-action.jpg (60891 bytes)
Shazam Scenes

shazam-captain-marvel.jpg (28190 bytes)

shazam-cast.jpg (45287 bytes)
Michael Gray, Jackson Bostwick, and Les Tremayne as Mentor


Trivia* The character of Mentor was added to the show. No such character existed in the Shazam comics. However, Billy did have an Uncle Dudley who he hung around with. After the show became a hit, the comics started having Billy and Uncle Dudley travel the country much like the television Billy Batson and Mentor.