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Welcome to the Time Rider section. Time-Rider is the first official superhero of this site 

Time-Rider issue #2 The Hex Factor

This one is  all about the fun factor, what if Time-Rider went back in time and met Jonah Hex, plus we take another what if look at how Jonah Hex might have gotten out of that post apocalyptic future he was stuck in during his Hex series run!

If you enjoy it, let us know and discuss it on the board.

More is revealed about Deadlaw's origin, as the monsters he derives his powers from come to Shadow Town, Tn featuring Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein.

A new character is revealed with the debut of Time-Rider's great grand daughter, V.  See Time-Rider as he is in the present day.

Cameos by other Superhero Universe heroes, and a surprise new villain!

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Read Amazing Tales #2 here
Time-Rider's chase after Time-Reaver comes to a conclusion for now at least as he finds him in a land lost between time and space in the new series Amazing Tales #2. Discuss it here.

Time-Reaver's body has taken quite a beating as A.T.T.A discovered too late for him that the general human populace cannot sustain constant time travel without physical consequences. In this story it has began to show in Reaver's mind and face which has turned white as a ghost.

Cyber Jack is there too along with dinosaurs and the attack of the Lizard men.



Volume II #1 Time-Rider Returns

Read Time-Rider/Time Tunnel Files

New Section of Articles - The Movies and TV Shows that inspired Time-Rider Check out the new Time-Rider Animated Gif by Carlos.

Project Victory: The Legend of the Time-Riders # 1
The Beginning!


Project Victory: The Legend of the Time-Riders # 2
The adventure gets wild as Time-Rider continues his recollections of his awesome origin which include a dinosaur, wild west action, Wyatt Earp, and even Noah's Ark!

Project Victory Part 3 Time-Rider #3


Time-Rider #4 Meet Ohm and Windfire


Time-Rider #5 The Gates of Heaven

Time-Rider #6
Meet the Evil Time-Rider
Ist Appearance of the new Lost Heroes

Time-Rider #7 Is this the End?

Time-Rider #8

Time-Rider #9

Time-Rider #10 Part 1
6 pages
Rated PG-13

Time-Rider #11 The Law of Death Part 2

Time-Rider #12 Deadlaw vs Time-Rider

Time-Rider Vs Batman Wallpaper

This awesome image was created by Gerry from our main Site Gallery.

Links to TV  Time Traveling Shows
Quantum Leap - The story of Sam Beckett  who leaps from life to life back in time.

Sliders - This show wasn't exactly about time travel but a very closely related theme featuring multiple alternate worlds and parallel dimensions.

Star Trek features a lot of time travel episodes.

Twilight Zone - Some of the most thought provocative time traveling stories came from this amazing classic show.

Voyagers  A whole site dedicated to the short lived 80's sci-fi time travel series. This site even has a page to watch the pilot episode and includes lots of screen captures and a episode guide.


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