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The Facts
Codename: Time-Rider
Alter Ego: Johnathan Martin
Nicknames: John
Age: Born 1924 - Physically aged 25 -
Identity: John Martin
Occupation: Navy sailor turned time traveler for the U.S government
Marital Status: married sometime between 1943 and 2008
Base of Operations: Area 51
Group Affiliation: Lost Heroes
Known Relatives: Jill Martin - wife, Luke Martin aka Seven
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 185
Eyes: blue
Hair: dark brown
Powers: time travel, ability to slow time down ever so slightly giving him great accuracy with a fire arm and incredible reflexes.
Weapons: pistols
Equipment: Communicator
History: As a U.S sailor he was on board the U.S Eldridge during the Philadelphia experiment from where he first began his journey into time. He seems unable to change history for his own benefit like saving his brother from dying during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Currently working with the U.S government in the present for how long is unknown.

The Basics of Time-Rider.

John Martin, a U.S. Navy Sailor during World War II, engages in a top secret government experiment aboard the USS Eldridge. Although most reports indicated that the experiment was to make a ship invisible only to radar, the entire event was planned as a time travel experiment, made possible by the research of Albert Einstein himself.

Becoming lost in time, Martin was rescued by a top secret government organization located in the far future that has been secretly in existence since the Philadelphia Experiment incident. 

This group, known as A.T.T.A., controls all operations for the United States Government involving time travel, including avoiding temporal issues it may have created, and bringing possible cataclysmic events to the attention of the President of the United States, when and if there are no other options (i.e. when doing nothing causes more problems than allowing the flow of history to continue at it's own pace).

Time Rider Powers, Weapons, and Technology
His clothing is made with nano-technology. He can change them when necessary if a disguise is needed like fitting into the old west etc.

Time-Rider possesses super speed by manipulating the time and space surrounding the immediate area surrounding himself. This effect only allows him super speed for short periods of time. He can't run for miles on end without growing weary, but he could dodge a bullet for instance. His costume gives him super strength and recharges him like a living battery power source.

As revealed in issue 10 Time-Rider can now fly by floating on top of the waves of time and echoes of the past.


Max communicates with Time-Rider via Time-Rider's watch. Max aids Time-Rider with useful information, and works on the technical side of things powering up neat powers like Time Acceleration Boosts.

 The Time Rider's V symbol is based on World War 2 wartime ads and posters. This was referenced to many times by Winston Churchill and in various wartime propaganda pieces like training films U.S. Troops were shown during the war.

The symbol behind the V is a symbol  familiar with those who know money very well.

Samurai Surfer

Samurai Surfer is the codename for Time-Rider's buddy from TN who was also aboard the USS Eldridge during the big experiment in Philadelphia. He wound up bouncing around between the 60's and the 80's hanging out with kung fu surfers, hippies, and other rock and roll types. Jake learned the art of combat, and how to be super cool. Jake has possession of a mysterious sword that legend says will cut through someone or something easier the more evil it is.
Jake the Samurai Surfer character copyright 2007 Tim Frady

The Lost Heroes

The Lost Heroes work in A.T.T.A along with Time-Rider and Jake the Samurai Surfer. Members include the real Davy Crockett pulled moments before his reported death at the Alamo, Hyde the alter-ego of Dr. Jekyll who has basically lived a very long time thanks to his serum, and Robin Hood who is lost in time misses the early days of England and his adventures in Sherwood Forest fighting the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Putting these characters in today's world makes for a multitude of possibilities.

Crockett the fun loving patriot and adventurer must learn to live in our modern day fighting super powered freaks with his wit, great moral strength, and his new rifle Betsy capable of responding to his mental commands. The gun is a gift from A.T.T.A and can shoot powerful blasts depending on Crockett's need for firepower at the time. He is the inspiration of the group, but tends to have issues with Hyde who has a really big attitude problem.

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Time Rider and other character storylines featured on this page, copyright 2007 Tim Frady