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H.G. Wells

Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman came on ABC during the 1990's and ran for four seasons. It wasn't all about time travel of course, it was about Superman, but there were a few episodes that not only dealt with time travel, but brought aboard the father of time travel himself, H.G. Wells the writer of the classic book the Time Machine. Well they brought  aboard an actor to play him anyway. Of course the time travel episodes were my favorites, and the villain they used for those episodes is one of my favorite villains of all time namely the biggest bad guy from the future ever, Tempus. Duh! That was Tempus' favorite word to rub it in to Lois for not recognizing Clark was Superman all along.

Tempus Fugitive (March 26, 1995)
H.G. Wells comes to Metropolis in his time machine, but he's brought Tempus back from the future to prove that his time machine really works. But, Tempus is bored with living in the 22nd century utopia that Superman and Lois are responsible for. Tempus wants to change history by going back and killing Superman on May 17, 1966, the date that Superman came to Earth. Tempus hijacks the time machine, with Wells beside him and goes back to 1966. Lois and Clark follow, in their own time machine, built using the instructions Wells left for them. While traveling through time, Tempus reveals Clark's secret to Lois, who is stunned to say the least. Lois manages to stop Tempus from hurting baby Clark, Wells takes Tempus to an asylum in 1866 and then returns Lois and Clark to 1995...a few minutes before Wells showed up the first time. They have forgotten everything that happened in the past few hours, so Clark's secret is still safe. 

Tempus Anyone? (January 21, 1996)
Tempus is back with a new time machine. He kidnaps Lois and drops her in an alternate reality where she died in 1993 where there is no Superman and Clark's parents died when he was young. Clark is engaged to Lana Lana (Emily Proctor), his old girlfriend from Smallville. Lois convinces this dimension's Clark to take on the identity of Superman to stop Tempus from becoming mayor of Metropolis.

Soul Mates (October 13, 1996)
Just before Lois and Clark are able to consummate their marriage, H.G. Wells returns to tell them that they are soul mates, linked through time, and that they have been cursed so that if they do consummate their marriage, Lois will die. They travel through time and meet up with Tempus, who was the one that cast the curse. They break the curse and restore the present timeline.

Meet John Doe (March 2, 1997)
Tempus is back and he plans to plunge the world into a thousand years of darkness. Using the name John Doe, and a "subliminator", a device from the future that plants subliminal messages in the minds of the masses by using the telephone system, he runs for President and convinces people to vote for him by telling that "John Doe is a darn nice guy". After winning the election in a landslide, Tempus tricks Superman into stepping into a time window, and when Tempus touches the window, it spins off into eternity, leaving Lois behind crying for Superman. View Trailer

 Lois and Clarks (March 9, 1997)
Tempus continues his quest for world domination. H.G. Wells, alerted by the disappearance of utopia in the future, returns to make sure that Superman is alright. When Lois tells him what happened, Wells goes to an alternate dimension to bring "alternate" Clark back to help. This Superman finds and destroys the subliminator, and, when Tempus threatens nuclear war, alternate Superman stops him. Wells and Lois use Wells' time machine to find and rescue the real Clark.

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Lois and Clark wasn't the first Superman show to go back into time. George Reeves did it way back in the 1950's in the original Adventures of Superman.

"Through the Time Barrier" (4/23/1955)
Professor Twiddle invents a time machine that takes Jimmy, Lois, Clark and a thug back 50,000 years. This was the first color episode. 

And of course everybody remembers the infamous turning back time and the world on it's axis trick Christopher Reeve did as Superman in Superman the Movie. A trick that was featured with never before seen scenes in the Superman II Richard Donner Cut.


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