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Timecop based on a comic book series stars the martial arts superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme. Van Damme plays Max Walker a cop who patrols time. Timecop exists in a world where time travel has been perfected, and criminals have figured out how to take advantage of it. Timecop has to make sure nothing changes the past, or the present may be hurting.

Timecop is conflicted, because he knows it is possible to prevent his wife's death in the past, but his job as a Time Enforcement Agent prevents him from acting on such a prevention. Can he save his wife before the end of the movie while defeating the bad guys? Dude it's a Van Damme movie! You know he's going to kick some butt! Timecop is a time travel martial arts masterpiece. The movie satisfies the need for action, but isn't exactly in the league of The Final Countdown in terms of making you think or ponder the many possibilities of time travel.

It was Van Damme's biggest picture in terms of box office hitting over 100 million dollar mark worldwide.

The film, which was originally based on a comic, spun off into a short-lived television series named Timecop which ran for nine episodes in 1997 on ABC. It starred T.W. King as Jack Logan and Cristi Conaway as Claire Hemmings.

In 2003, a Direct-to-DVD sequel was released titled Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision starring Jason Scott Lee, Thomas Ian Griffith, and directed by Steve Boyum.

A game based on the movie was released on the SNES in 1995.


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