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The Time Machine 2002 is an update to the classic 1960 version. Very intriguing movie based on the man who really started it all for time travel stories, H.G. Wells. It was directed by H.G. Wells great grandson Simon Wells. An 19th century inventor creates a time machine in hopes of saving the life of his fiancée. In my Time-Rider story I changed the story a little and had our hero trying to save the life of his brother during the bombing of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 in issue 5.  The question posed by both stories if time travel were possible could you stop someone from dying that had already died in the past?

The Time Machine is a great movie. I've watched it myself probably 4-5 times since buying the DVD a couple of years ago. My favorite scenes are the ones where he first begins his travels through time. These are the most interesting. Once he arrives in the very distant future it becomes more of an ordinary sci-fi adventure movie at that point. Still good, but just not quite as interesting from a time travel fan's perspective. Toward the very end it picks up a little more when he runs back into the computerized librarian still functioning after their first meeting thousands of years later.

The biggest issue of the far future turns out to be a very white monster looking underground society of men who prey upon the more normal surface dwellers. Can the time traveler help the defenseless surface dwellers? Will he get back to the 19th Century?


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