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Green Lantern


 Super Hero Fan Art by the Artists
This section is divided up by the comic book fan artists. Browse by the links in the left menu. Super hero fans from all over have emailed their work done by image software, paintings, drawings, etc. If you have any work or comments please email to

Trish Stratus as Wonder Woman
by Matthew Simas

Earth 2 Golden Age Flash & Earth 1 Silver Age Flash 

by Bob T.

spectre.jpg (115696 bytes)
In Blackest Night - Spectre
Neil Martin

Batman Fan Art   Mike York Comic Art

wolverine-spidey.jpg (99783 bytes)
Wolverine & Spiderman Amalgam
David Naughton-Shires

Dark Claw 

by Lex Lop

Regular Nick Fury and Ultimate Nick Fury
by Ivan

New Fantastic Four 

by Randy


Punisher vs Predator

by Douglas Murphy