Agamemnon (Pantheon)

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Agamemnon is a character in the Marvel Universe.

Character biography

Agamemnon is a half-human and half-Asgardian god. He was born immortal, and though he never physically aged beyond the age of 16 (but employed holograms to appear as a very old man), the Pantheon members are all his descendants: Achilles, Ajax, Andromeda, Atalanta, Cassiopea, Delphi, Hector, Jason, Paris, Perseus, Prometheus, and Ulysses I and II. He recruited the Pantheon into a team, stationed in the Nevada desert based headquarters called The Mount. Hela the Norse goddess of death called him by the name Vali Halfling. In the Norse myths there were two gods named Vali. One was the son of Loki and Sigyn and the other was the son of Odin and the giantess Rind.

Agamemnon conferred with Prometheus about the Hulk,Incredible Hulk #376 and then invited the Hulk to join the Pantheon.Incredible Hulk #381 While the Hulk was part of the Pantheon, Agamemnon sent them on various missions, including: sending Pantheon members to save Thunderbolt from a life of crime;Incredible Hulk Annual #17 sent the Hulk to Israel to bring Achilles and Max Meer to the Pantheon;Incredible Hulk #386-387 and directed the Pantheon operation against Dracchiss.Incredible Hulk Annual #18

Agamemnon's sanctum was invaded by the Leader, and Agamemnon pretended to ally himself with the Leader against HYDRA,Incredible Hulk #398-399 but then gave the Hulk permission to stop the Leader.Incredible Hulk #400 Agamemnon asked the Hulk to lead the Pantheon in his absence, revealing his true appearance to the Hulk,Incredible Hulk #401 leaving the Pantheon to travel through America.Incredible Hulk #402

Later, Agamemnon was revealed to have betrayed the Pantheon, and with the exception of Achilles they rebelled against him. Agamemnon was apparently killed by Atalanta when trying to escape.

The Bucky connection

There were several hints that Agamemnon was none other than the original Bucky, at the time believed to be the deceased sidekick of Captain America. First there is his appearance as a 16 year old boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He tells the Hulk that he often takes an extended leave of absence from the Pantheon every fifty years or so and that he last did so during World War II and that he had several adventures during that time.Incredible Hulk #401 Shortly before he is killed by Atalanta Incredible Hulk #425 he is seen riding a flying device similar to the one Bucky was on prior to his "death". He comments that he has experience escaping these sorts of scenarios. An unmasked Captain America spots Agamemnon and briefly thinks he is Bucky back from the dead before dismissing the notion.Incredible Hulk #421

Powers and abilities

Agamemnon is an immortal, but does not otherwise appear to have superhuman powers. He is a genius and a master in analyzing and forecasting the future development of social structures, as well as a master battle strategist. He is also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and in excellent physical condition.

Agamemnon also has access to the highly advanced technology produced by the Pantheon scientists and craftsmen.

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