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All Star is an imprint of ongoing comic book titles published by DC Comics that began in 2005. DC has so far published two titles under the All Star banner, featuring Batman and Superman, with a third expected to start in 2008.

The premise of the imprint is to partner DC Comics' top tier characters with the most popular and acclaimed writers and artists. The creators have access to all elements in the characters' histories and to present their interpretation for a modern audience that have not read these DC characters' comics previously, or had not seen them lately. The creative teams are not beholden to any previous and present continuities, and will tell stories that feature "the most iconic versions of these characters".

The project has been compared to the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics, which was a successful attempt to re-introduce Marvel's most popular characters to younger readers by presenting new, updated versions unburdened by decades of plotlines. There are several differences between the two imprints, though. While the Ultimate titles have closely interrelated storylines, of the two All Star series so far released, there has been no effort to make them conform to each other or indicate they exist in the same continuity. Another is that All Star does not seek to introduce brand new versions of the characters so much as to present them in unhindered continuity. Although Robin's origin is rebooted in this imprint, this will not necessarily be the case for other All Star titles.

Some observers, and DC themselves, have pointed to the return of DC's major film franchises as an impetus for All Star. "No one can doubt that some kind of continuity shedding is necessary with Superman and Batman coming to the big screens," the website wrote. "Moviegoers entertained by these films would find the current comics storylines impenetrable.

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