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In addition to his mainstream incarnation, Hulk has also been depicted in other universes.


Modern continuity

Bruce Banner

  • Savage/Rampaging Hulk - The green skinned behemoth is often identified as the "classic" Hulk. Driven to find solitude, the highly emotional version spoke in simple sentences, often exclaiming "Hulk...smash!" This Hulk's base strength level increases dramatically with his anger. -Take 10 Hulk's Incarnations
A variant of this incarnation is the Mindless Hulk, a green Hulk completely devoid of any influence from Bruce Banner's personality or morality. This mindless behemoth does not speak, and is a vicious fighter, shown to continually attack anything remotely perceived as a threat; however, its lack of intelligent direction can cause it to forget a threat the moment it is out of sight. It has appeared twice: once when Banner asked Doctor Strange to end his plight by essentially erasing him from his own mind (though it was later revealed that Strange only magically suppressed Banner's persona), and later when the Hulk and Banner were separated into two physical beings by Doc Samson. -Take 10 Hulk's Incarnations
  • The Gray Hulk/Joe Fixit - The first transformation for Bruce Banner, triggered by the rise and fall of the moon. He reemerged in the late eighties, under the alias of Joe Fixit penned by Peter David. This Hulk has the lowest base strength level while functionally calm, with his strength increasing significantly with his anger but at a rate slower than the Savage Hulk. He is also the physically smallest of all the primary Hulk incarnations. Although this transformation is the weakest, it is notable that this Hulk is more intelligent than the Savage Hulk, and craftier than Banner. -Take 10 Hulk's Incarnations
  • Merged Hulk/The Professor - The merged identity of the Rampaging and Gray Hulks, this Hulk had the green skin and strength of the Savage Hulk, but retained the mind and personality of Banner and the cunning of the Gray Hulk. Incredible Hulk #377 This Hulk's base strength level is greater than the Savage Hulk's, but increases at a slower rate. Also, once the Professor's rage reaches a certain level, he transforms back into Bruce Banner but with the mind of the Savage Hulk. This is a kind of fail safe that Banner subconsciously imposed upon this particular incarnation, making him ultimately less powerful than either the Savage or Gray Hulk. -Take 10 Hulk's Incarnations
  • Green Scar Hulk/The World Breaker/War Hulk/King Hulk - The latest incarnation of the Hulk as seen in the "Planet Hulk" and "World War Hulk" runs, he exhibits both "street smarts" like the Gray Hulk and raw power like the Savage Hulk. He is shown to be as calculative and peaceful as his Banner identity as well. This Hulk started out weaker than the Savage Hulk due to depowerment by the black hole he passed through, his base power level eventually surpassed all other incarnations of the Hulk due to absorbing the radiation from a starship's warp core explosion. Additionally, his strength increases dramatically as his anger rises, even more than the Savage Hulk. -Take 10 Hulk's IncarnationsHe is known to become as strong if not stronger then the Sentry, and still seemed to have no foreseeable limit to his power except his rage.

Rick Jones

Rick Jones

  • After accidentally falling into a chemical bath meant for the remerger of the Hulk and Banner, Rick Jones became a Hulk-like creature, similar to his long time friend, normal during the day, a green skinned monster at nightThe Incredible Hulk #332 -Take 10 Hulk's Incarnations.

Other versions


Hulk 2099 In Marvel 2099, the Hulk is John Eisenhart, a selfish film producer in "LotusLand" (future Hollywood). He is inadvertently exposed to gamma radiation by the Knights of the Banner (a cult worshiping the original Hulk) who intend to create a Hulk of their own. As the Hulk, Eisenhart finds himself representing freedom to a closed-off society.

Age of Apocalypse

In the Age of Apocalypse, Banner was never exposed to gamma radiation, and never became the Hulk. Eventually he became a scientist for the Human High Council and one of its weapons designers. However, Banner sought to become more than human, thus offering his loyalty to Mikhail Rasputin, one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, who supplied Banner with mutant test subjects. Thanks to his experiments, Banner was capable of transforming into The Thing (a being similar to the Gray Hulk).

Bullet Points

In the Bullet Points mini-series, Peter Parker finds himself on the test site for a Gamma bomb and absorbs a large dose of gamma radiation, becoming the Hulk. After his first transformation in public, and giving Aunt May a heart attack, he flees, but returns later to visit Aunt May in the Hospital. There he is confronted by Iron Man (Steve Rogers) and, after a long battle, Peter eventually kills Iron Man and flees in terror.

After Galactus arrives on Earth, and defeats a swarm of heroes and villains alike, Peter emerges from seclusion, attacks Galactus, and dies after being blasted by the Power Cosmic. Peter's death inspires the Silver Surfer to attack Galactus, who eventually leaves Earth. The series ends with an epilogue at Steve Rogers and Peter Parker's gravestones, who are burried next to each other at what seems to be Arlington National Cemetery.

Earlier in the series, in an attempt to find a cure for Peter, Dr. Bruce Banner examines specimens taken from the test site and is bitten by a radioactive spider, becoming Spider-Man.

Earth X

- In this reality, due to the continuing absorption of gamma radiation, the Hulk and Bruce Banner have finally achieved separation. However, they still rely on each other. Banner is now a child, and blind. He can only see through the Hulk's eyes. Banner also seems to have control over the Hulk's movements. The Hulk is more mindless than the Gray or even Savage Hulks now, and he seems incapable of speech besides a growl. It is said of this Hulk that he is "always angry".

- In an interview in Comicology Volume I: The Kingdom Come Companion, Alex Ross said that the design of Earth-X Banner and Hulk was based on the appearance of Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur.

The End

The Incredible Hulk: The End one-shot, set almost two hundred years into an alternative future, portrays Bruce Banner as the last human and the sole survivor of a nuclear war. In the aftermath of the war, Hulk retreats to a cave - emerging to find that the only other life left on earth is a swarm of monstrous mutant cockroaches. Banner, now extremely old due to having absorbed some of the Hulk's regenerative ability, has lost his will to live. As he suffers heart failure, Banner hallucinates the sight of all his loved ones, and embraces his demise. The Hulk, on the other hand, is not ready to die, and transforms himself as Banner finally passes, leaving the Hulk sitting on a deserted mountain as he reflects on how, at last, he is truly the strongest one, and the only one left.

House of M

In the altered reality of the 2005 company wide crossover House of M, Bruce Banner disappears in Australia, where he befriends an Aborigine tribe, and attempts to control his dark side. When the mutant rulers of the Earth attack his tribe he retaliates, and eventually conquers Australia with the aid of Advanced Idea Mechanics, most notably his former college girlfriend Monica Rappaccini, her daughter Thanasee, Dr Isaac Aaronson, and his son Adam.

The Maestro


In a Marvel Universe where the accidents that created most of the traditional super-heroes take on a more realistic tone, Banner is transformed by the Gamma-Bomb into a grotesque mass of bubbling green tumors. He is believed to have died, but Rick Jones reveals that what is left of him is supposedly still alive, hidden in a secret government base.

Marvel Zombies

In the series Marvel Zombies, set in an alternate world, the Hulk, like almost every other superbeing on the planet, has been affected by the zombification virus. Although he retains his strength and invulnerability, he no longer heals, does not feel pain and now craves human flesh. The zombie Hulk's transformations have been altered by the virus from being controlled by Banner's emotions to being controlled purely by his appetite — after feeding, he transforms back into Banner (also a zombie) until the hunger returns. As Banner is much smaller than the Hulk, one such transformation, following the Hulk's ingestion of a large object (Magneto's leg), causes his stomach to burst.

In the second issue, after devouring Magneto's leg, zombie Banner begs someone to hurt him to transform into zombie Hulk before his chest explodes from Magneto's leg. Thor hits him in the face with his "hammer", but since he can't feel pain, he can't transform unless hungry, and this subsequently gives Banner difficulty speaking. Soon afterward, Magneto's femur bursts out of his chest. With subsequent transformations, he speaks and behaves as usual, though with the hole in his chest.

Hulk succeeds in killing the Silver Surfer and is one of the zombies who devours the Surfer's corpse and absorbs some of its cosmic powers. The zombies then kill and consume Galactus himself, enhancing their powers further, though only the Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Luke Cage, and Wolverine survive the battle. Cosmically enhanced, they take Galactus' ship, leave Earth, and seek food elsewhere. Ravaging and devouring planets, the six zombies eventually become the cosmic threat known as The Galactus.

Currently, the Marvel Zombies are attacking a Skrull planet, only to encounter the Fantastic Four of this reality- currently consisting of Black Panther, Storm, the Thing and the Human Torch-, leaving the Zombies eager to capture the FF and transport back to their reality.

The Zombie Hulk also appears in Marvel Zombies 2, killing the Zombified Thanos upon a disagreement over the amount of food he has consumed. Upon becoming Bruce Banner, he was sedated and strapped down to prevent turning him to the Hulk. It failed, however, and all the other Zombies attempted to subdue the Hulk. In the process, Hulk killed Jean Grey, Hawkeye, Firelord and Iron Man. Reynolds, distraught over the assumed loss of The Wasp, had himself eaten by The Hulk. Once the Hulk reverted, Bruce Banner asked to be killed by the remaining Zombies, as he could not control the Hulk.


The Hulk is shown to still be active in the alternate future of the MC2 universe. There, he is shown as an amalgamation of his three main transformations; He has the strength of the Savage Hulk, the attitude of the Grey Hulk, and the intelligence of the Professor Hulk. He apparently has a son named David. In Last Hero Standing he was brainwashed by Loki into attacking his friends. When he was freed, Hulk was horrified at what he'd done, and grabbed Loki just as he was being banished to limbo by Thor, telling him "Thanks to you, I'm ruined on Earth, so I'll just return the favor - for the rest of eternity!"

Ultimate Hulk

see for more info Ultimate Hulk

A version of the Hulk appears in the Ultimate Marvel series, first in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2 (2001), written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Phil Hester. "Ultimate Hulk" amplifies Banner's emotions, particularly wrath, seeking to destroy those who wrong Banner. He also exhibits some form of personality. Also of note is that, unlike his previous incarnations, Ultimate Hulk has been portrayed as being protective of Banner, rather than despising him for his weakness. During his second rampage through New York for example, Hulk begs Betty Ross not to "leave Banner alone again!" and that "Betty's all Banner has!"


in the 2005 -2006 defenders book, when Dormammu restructures reality Bruce Banner is a derilect, homeless and possibly insane.

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