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Between 1996 and 1997, Marvel and DC collaborated on a pretty large and awaited storyarc. Each universe's incarnation awoke from millenia-long slumber and upon seeing each other, they entered into mortal combat. In a process to help decide the victor, characters, heroes and villains alike, from each universe were pitted against each other in combat. Characters within the universes performed an act to buy more time: they combined the universes together into a single, Amalgamated universe.

From the characters perspective, this is how the universe had always been. There never existed a character named Batman, nor a character named Wolverine, but rather both had come to exist in the character Dark Claw. Most characters, especially the more iconic ones, are simply one character from DC mixed with one character from Marvel, while some were mixed characters, perhaps stemming from one from Marvel and two from DC, or the other way around.

Many of the most iconic characters from the two different universes were combined to create rather iconic characters in this new, Amalgamated universe. Some of the following are some of those chracters:

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