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Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon) is a character that appears in publications by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Fantastic Four #45 (vol. 1, Dec. 1965) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.



  • Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
  • Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black
  • debut:Fantastic Four #45 (vol. 1, Dec. 1965)
  • creators:Stan Lee
    Jack Kirby
  • real name:Blackagar Boltagon
  • homeworld :Attilan
  • alliances:Inhuman Royal Family
  • powers: Superhuman physical attributes
    Destructive hypersonic voice
    Molecular manipulation
  • strength Level: Black Bolt possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift (press) approximately 1 ton. He is stronger than the average Inhuman due to the particular way in which the mutagenic Terrigen Mist affected his genetic and physical structure. By augmenting his body with his electron power, Black Bolt becomes capable of lifting approximately 60 tons under optimal conditions.

Character biography

Black Bolt is the son of two formerly pre-eminent Inhumans — Agon, head of the ruling Council of Genetics, and Rynda, director of the Prenatal Care Center. In accordance with Inhuman standard practice, Black Bolt is subjected to the mutagenic Terrigen Mist while still an embryo. As an infant, he demonstrates the ability to manipulate energy, particularly the ability to generate quasi-sonic energy through his voice. To protect the community, Black Bolt is placed inside a sound-proof chamber and given an energy-harnessing suit. Agon then tutors his son in how to control his powers, until permitted to re-enter society as a young man - having vowed never to speak. His younger brother Maximus attacks Black Bolt upon his release from confinement, in an attempt to prove that Black Bolt cannot control his sonic powers.Thor #148 - 149 (vol. 1, Jan. - Feb. 1968)

Only a month after being awarded his freedom, Black Bolt discovers Maximus in the process of making a pact with emissaries of the alien Kree, the race whose genetic experiments first created the Inhumans. Black Bolt uses his powers to stop an escaping Kree vessel, but due to his inexperience miscalculates, causing it to crash and accidentally kill several members of the Council of Genetics — including his parents. These events drive Maximus insane. Avengers #95 (vol. 1, Jan. 1972)(flashback) Despite his guilt, Black Bolt reluctantly accepts rulership of the Inhumans, and together with his cousins Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, and Crystal, they form the Royal Family, with giant pet bulldog Lockjaw completing their entourage. Black Bolt eventually marries his cousin Medusa Fantastic Four Annual #18 (1984) and they have a son named Ahura.The Inhumans Graphic Novel (1988)

Black Bolt is later driven from Attilan by Maximus' creation, the Trikon, Revealed in Inhumans Special #1 (Apr. 1990) but later regains the throne and befriends the Fantastic Four. Maximus then traps Black Bolt within Attilan using a Negative Zone barrier, Fantastic Four #45 - 48 (Dec. 1965 - Mar. 1966) although Black Bolt manages to shatter the barrier, and leaves the Great Refuge to visit the outside world. Fantastic Four #59 - 61 (vol. 1, Feb - Apr. 1967)

Black Bolt has made several significant decisions in his time as ruler. When Triton was kidnapped by humans and subsequently escaped, Black Bolt decided to move Attilan. He relocated the Inhuman city of Attilan several times (from an island in the Atlantic to the Himalayas What If #30(vol. 1, Dec. 1981) to the Blue Area of the Moon Fantastic Four #240 (vol. 1, Mar. 1982) to the raised city of AtlantisAtlantis Rising #2 (1995) to the Himalayas again The Inhumans #12 (vol. 2, 1989) and even into outer space The Inhumans #1 - 4 (vol. 3, 2000) before returning to the Moon Fantastic Four #54 (Jun. 2002), dismantling the Genetic Council's power Fantastic Four Unlimited #2 (1993) and freeing the Alpha Primitives, the slave caste of Attilan. Fantastic Four #132 (vol. 1, Mar. 1973) While Black Bolt has also successfully fended off several attempts by both MaximusInhumans #5 - 6 (vol. 1, Jun. - Jul. 1975) + Fantastic Four #240 (vol. 1, Mar. 1982) + Avengers Annual #12 (1982) and the Kree to seize power and destroy the Royal Family, his reign has also been marked by a period of exile, The Inhumans: Untold Story (1990) voluntary abdication, Fantastic Four Unlimited #2 (1993) and rejection by his subjects.

While the Inhumans choose to live in segregation, Black Bolt and the other members of the Royal Family have come into contact with modern age superheroes time and again. Some of Black Bolt's feats include smashing a machine devised by the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror to imprison the Avengers; Marvel Team-Up vol. 1, #11 defeating the Sphinx; Fantastic Four vol. 1, Annual #12 aiding Fantastic Four member the Thing against mutated villain Graviton; Marvel Two-In-One Annual #4 defusing a missile launched at Attilan by the villain Maelstrom Marvel Two-In-One vol. 1, #72 and empowering heroine Dazzler so that she could defeat the Absorbing Man. Dazzler vol. 1, #19

On several occasions Black Bolt has also required the aid of the heroes - to assist with the defeats of robotic villain Ultron Fantastic Four vol. 1, #150 and later the immortal mutant, Apocalypse, X-Factor vol. 1, #65-68 and escapes for the Inhumans from Earth's harmful pollutants The Fantastic Four vol. 1, #240 and captivity by Maximus. Avengers Annual #12 (1982)

Civil War

The Sentry traveled to Attilan and informed the Inhuman royal court of his hidden past, the events of Secret War, House of M, Decimation, and Civil War. Many of the Inhumans were moved to tears at the tragedy of it all. Black Bolt had also chosen to remain neutral in the recent superhuman Civil War after hearing about this. Although a one-time member of the superhero council the Illuminati (and current possessor of the Space Infinity Gem), Black Bolt rejected the Superhuman Registration Act and refused to become involved. Courtesy of the Sentry, Black Bolt monitors the situation.Civil War #1 - 7 (2006 - 2007)

When the mutant Quicksilver steals a canister of Terrigen crystals from Attilan, Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family attempts to retrieve it. The US military, however, wants the crystals and attacks the Inhumans. Believing the stolen crystals should be returned to Attilan, Black Bolt issues a warning to the United States concerning further acts of aggression, and eventually launches an offensive against the nation. Gorgon and others are captured during their foray, which prompts Black Bolt to personally head a team to rescue their fellow Inhumans and retrieve the crystals. While the mission is successful, Maximus takes advantage of the situation and overthrows and incarcerates Black Bolt.Son of M #6Silent War # 1 - 5

Black Bolt then suffered another serious setback. He is brutally beaten when the Hulk arrives upon the Moon, seeking revenge on Black Bolt for his role in Hulk's exile from Earth. World War Hulk #1 (2007) It has been revealed that Black Bolt has been impersonated by an alien Skrull agent at some point since the aftermath of the Kree-Skrull War. While the Skrull doppleganger is killed by Namor, the whereabouts and status of the real Black Bolt are unknown. Illuminati #5 (2007)

Powers and abilities

Black Bolt's powers are the result of electron manipulation. The speech center of Black Bolt's brain contains an organic mechanism able to generate a currently unknown type of particle which interacts with ambient electrons to create certain phenomena determined by mental control. Through electron gathering and manipulation, Black Bolt can increase any aspect of his physical nature to superhuman levels, including his strength, speed, stamina, and durability. He can channel his power into a single devastating punch called "The Master Blow". This act, however, leaves Black Bolt exhausted and he must recover afterwards. Black Bolt can also harness the electrons for matter transformation, the controlled projection of energy as concussive blasts or quasi-solid particle/electron fiends, broadcasting jamming frequencies, and flight.

Black Bolt's most prominent offensive weapon is his voice, as a hypersonic whisper can level a city Thor vol. 1, #148 or awaken distant volcanoes and cause tremors on a continent on the far side of the planet. It has even been stated as capable of destroying a planet. It once took Black Bolt a mere whisper to stun the Hulk after the latter had defeated the entire Inhuman Royal Family.Hulk vol. 1, Annual #1 Due to the extreme danger posed by his voice, Black Bolt has undergone rigorous mental training to prevent himself from uttering a sound, even in his sleep. The fork-like antenna on Black Bolt's forehead allows him to use his voice in a more channeled manner.

Other versions

Age of Apocalypse

Black Bolt and his family were slaughtered by Maximus, and then cloned by Maximus to serve as his personal guard. 39 issues across 1995 - 1996

Earth X

Set on Earth-9997, Black Bolt releases the Terrigen Mist into Earth's atmosphere, granting powers to all humanity.Earth X #0 - 12 (1999 - 2000)

Heroes Reborn

This version of Black Bolt and the Inhumans worship statues of Galactus and his Heralds. Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four v2. #1 - 13 (1995 - 1996)

House of M

In this incarnation, Black Bolt appears as an ally of Black Panther. House of M #1 - 8 (Jun. 2005 - Jan. 2006)

Marvel Zombies

Black Bolt initially appears as one of the surviving heroes but is later "zombified". Marvel Zombies #1 - 8 (2003)

Mutant X

This version of Black Bolt leads a team of Inhumans and Eternals into battle against the Beyonder and Dracula.Mutant X #1 - 32 (Oct.98 - Jun 01)

Ultimate Black Bolt

The Ultimate Black Bolt has the same abilities and limitations as his mainstream counterpart, and uses his abilities to destroy Attilan after it is infiltrated by the Fantastic Four. Ultimate Fantastic Four vol. 1, Annual #1

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