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Facts and Stats

  • First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #344 (as Cletus Kasady, 1991), Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #360 (as Carnage, 1992)
  • Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Red


Carnage is a comic book supervillain in the Template:Marvel Universe. Created by writer David Michelinie and artist Mark Bagley, the character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #361 (April 1992).

Carnage is the result of a spawning of a separate extraterrestrial symbiote by Venom. This symbiote bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady, creating one of Spider-Man's most murderous adversaries. Kasady's bond with the symbiote is far more profound than that of Venom's; they have bonded so completely, they refer to themselves as "I" instead of "We".

His ultimate goal is for a society based on murderous hedonism, with no law or moral order, and for people to have the freedom to do whatever they want, "I mean, order's just a lie, right? Built on fantasies... like law, an' morals! I remember when I first realized that! How without those illusions, I could do anything! Up to an' includin' murder! Man, I never felt so free! An' once I help the rest o' this planet catch on... oh wow. Blood an' glory!|Carnage}}"Savage Alliance!" The Amazing Spider-Man #362 (May 1992) something uncommon among supervillains who mostly desire wealth, power or world domination.

Publication history

According to his introduction in the trade paperback book Spider-Man: Carnage (which reprints Amazing Spider-Man #361-363), David Michelinie created Carnage to be a darker version of Venom. Michelinie intended to have Venom's human alter ego; Eddie Brock be killed off in Amazing Spider-Man #400 (which he ended up not writing) and have the symbiote continue to bond with a series of hosts. However, as Brock and Venom's popularity grew, Marvel would not allow him to be killed. Thus, Michelinie decided that if he couldn't bond the existing symbiote with a different host, he should instead create a whole new one. He thought of making this new character a total psychopath who unlike Venom had no sense of honor. The character was originally meant to be named "Chaos" Wizard Spider-Man Special, pg. 45 and then "Ravage" before being settled on "Carnage." Carnage's human component, Cletus Kasady was designed by Erik Larsen and was modeled on the Joker. Mark Bagley designed Carnage in symbiotic form.

Cletus Kasady was introduced in Amazing #344. He didn't appear as Carnage until a small cameo in Amazing #360 (the character appears in issue #359, but remains off-panel and in shadows) and finally; Carnage made his first full appearance in the following issue which started a 3-issue story arc with him as the villain. Carnage's first appearances sold out and he became a fan favorite. Carnage next appeared in what is considered to be his most famous story; the 1993 Spider-Man event "Maximum Carnage," a 14-part storyline crossover that spanned through all the Spider-titles. While highly popular, some fans contend that the storyline dragged on for too long and was nothing but a complete gore-fest with little value story-wise.10 Worst Spider-man Stories

Carnage may have been meant as Spider-Man's equivalent to the Joker. This tag was once given to the Green Goblin. Incidentally, Maximum Carnage began on the same day as Harry Osborn's funeral; Harry being the second Green Goblin. Carnage had his most important stories set during the absence of the Green Goblin. The Spider-Man/Batman crossover featured Carnage meeting Joker, an apparent idol - though the two tried to kill each other when the two started disagreeing with each other's methods. This led many to wonder why Carnage had been chosen for the book rather than a more classic villain. Carnage began to be used less and less when Norman Osborn was brought back.

In 1996, two one-shot comics centered entirely around Carnage were released, entitled Carnage: Mind Bomb and Carnage: It's A Wonderful Life, both of which expand on his character.

character biography


Cletus Kasady was born in Brooklyn, New York. He claims his mother tried to kill him after she caught him torturing her dog. She was apparently beaten to death by Kasady's father, who received no defense from his son during his trial. Kasady seems to care for his mother, digging up her grave in Maximum Carnage, contradicting his prior account in which he took glee in her death. He also claims he killed his grandmother when he was a child, pushing her down a flight of stairs. How much of his childhood is true and how much isn't is up for debate, as he has been known to flatly lie to his doctors, assuming his own insanity even allows him to accurately remember.

Now an orphan, Kasady is sent to the St. Estes Home for Boys, where his antisocial behavior makes him the target of abuse from both the other orphans and the staff. Kasady vindicates himself by murdering the disciplinarian administrator and burning down the orphanage. During the events of Carnage: It's A Wonderful Life, images from his own memories play of a failed relationship with an unnamed girl during his teen years. At one time he befriended a boy named Billy Bentine but they drifted apart as Kasady started his serial killing career. By his early twenties, he has been convicted of 11 murders, although he brags about committing dozens more.

He justifies his acts of murder with an absurdist philosophy, based on the idea that the universe is essentially chaotic and that law and order are a perversion. In his first appearance, he shares a cell with Eddie Brock at Ryker's Island prison, awaiting trial for crimes committed as Venom and who had just recently lost his Venom symbiote after a battle against Styx.

"Carnage Unleashed"

When Brock's symbiote returns and bonds with him to form the entity known as Venom, the supervillain unwittingly leaves behind a symbiote spawn, which bonds with Kasady, allowing him to transform into the red and black monster called Carnage.Amazing Spider-Man #344-345 One night, Kasady murders a guard and escapes prison,Amazing Spider-Man #359 beginning a series of gruesome and seemingly random murders. At the scene of each crime, he writes "Carnage Rules" on the walls with his own blood. He is found by Spider-Man, though the hero proves to be no match for Carnage's powers. Carnage then abducts J. Jonah Jameson. In desperation, Spider-Man makes what is, despite his expectations, only the first of many truces with Venom to fight Carnage.Amazing Spider-Man #360-363 Carnage is defeated with sonic weaponry, but the symbiote lives on by merging with Kasady's bloodstream.Spider-Man Unlimited #1 Since becoming Carnage, Kasady's killing methods started becoming more akin to a spree killer or mass murderer than a serial killer.

Cover to Spider-Man (vol. 1) #37. Art by Tom Lyle.
Cover to Spider-Man (vol. 1) #37. Art by Tom Lyle.

In the Maximum Carnage story arc, Carnage returns and recruits a cadre of psychotic super-villains (consisting of Shriek, Demogoblin, Carrion, and Doppelganger) to overtake New York City, but are driven back by Spider-Man, Venom, Captain America, Black Cat, Nightwatch, Cloak and Dagger, Iron Fist, Deathlok, Morbius, and Firestar. Spider-Man Unlimited #1-2; Web of Spider-Man #101-103; Amazing Spider-Man #378-380; Spider-Man #35-37; Spectacular Spider-Man #201-203

Despite his defeat and imprisonment, Carnage escapes again and goes against his trend of randomness by actually selecting a specific victim; his old childhood friend Billy Bertine. Spiderman, this time alone, interferes and battles Carnage. Bentine helps Spiderman defeat the madman by tricking Kasady into retracting his symbiote into his body, allowing Spiderman to easy knockout the human Kasady with a simple punch.

Ben Reilly as Spider-Carnage.The Amazing Spider-Man #410.Cover art by Mark Bagley.
Ben Reilly as Spider-Carnage.
The Amazing Spider-Man #410.
Cover art by Mark Bagley.

Kasady, albeit having a stronger bond to his symbiote than Eddie Brock does, has been separated from and re-bonded with the symbiote several times as the symbiote looks for stronger hosts. In the 1996 "Web of Carnage" storyline, the Carnage symbiote escapes from the Ravencroft Institute where Cletus Kasady is incarcerated, seeking a stronger host. It takes over Ben Reilly, who had recently replaced Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Reilly has little previous experience with symbiotes, and is unprepared for an enemy that is immune to his spider-sense. Together, they become Spider-Carnage, and the symbiote attempts to force him, both mentally and physically, to kill a powerless Peter Parker along with other innocent people. Reilly barely escapes the symbiote's control with help from Dr. Ashley Kafka and John Jameson, the administrators of Ravencroft.

The symbiote later bonds with the Silver Surfer (who had dropped into Earth to welcome the Fantastic Four back from the Heroes Reborn universe and seen the fight), which created the insane and vastly powerful Cosmic Carnage. In the process, it was revealed that the symbiotes have an instinctive knowledge of the Heralds of Galactus, with the Carnage symbiote initially terrified of the Surfer upon arrival. However, the Surfer and Spider-Man manage to return the symbiote to Kasady, who is subsequently encased by the Silver Surfer in an unbreakable material to spend the rest of his life reflecting on his sins.

However, the material is clearly not as 'unbreakable' as the Surfer believes; when next seen, Kasady has somehow escaped from the material, although he is trapped in a cell specifically designed to contain him and stop him transforming into Carnage. Venom later locates Kasady in prison and re-absorbs his Carnage symbiote into his own body "for good". Without the symbiote, Kasady retains the Carnage persona by costuming himself in red paint and continuing his killing sprees, but does so as a normal human, only for Spider-Man to easily defeat him in a fight (he claimed to still possess some of the symbiote's strength, but if he did, it was clearly not enough to allow him to win in a fight with Spider-Man).

Soon, however, Kasady finds an exact replica of the symbiote in the Negative Zone. How this symbiote is an identical copy, or where it came from, has yet to be explained. However, the issues in which Kasady discovered the replica had references to the Spider-Man Unlimited TV series which had been airing at the time and which featured the Carnage symbiote as one of its villains. In this same issue, Spider-Man himself briefly takes on the costume of the Spider-Man from Unlimited. Somewhere down the line, Cletus got his original symbiote back. It is not explained how he got it back or what happened to the one from the Negative Zone.

Carnage ripped in half in New Avengers #2. Art by David Finch.
Carnage ripped in half in New Avengers #2. Art by David Finch.

Spawning and apparent death

Carnage stars in the miniseries Venom vs. Carnage in 2004. The Carnage symbiote spawns a "child" symbiote, which he tries to kill without success, acting on the symbiote race's instinctive hatred for their immediate offspring. The "child" later bonds with police officer Patrick Mulligan. Carnage feels nothing but hatred for the young creature and attempts to kill it, while Venom defends it. Venom names the new symbiote Toxin. Mulligan has since attempted to steer his symbiote towards heroism instead of murder.

Carnage is one of several supervillains trying to escape from The Raft in New Avengers #1-2. Although Luke Cage, Matt Murdock, and Jessica Drew manage to keep him contained in the lower levels, it is the Sentry who finishes him off, flying Carnage outside the Earth's atmosphere and ripping him apart. He has not appeared since. According to Iron Man's computer, Kasady may not have been inside the symbiote when the Sentry ripped it apart.

Powers and abilities

See Symbiote

The alien symbiote is made of tough, flexible fibers of organic polymer which have the ability to mimic any type of clothing whatsoever (typically colored red and black swirl in Kasady's case). Carnage is an unrepentant killer and his powers make him a formidable combatant. The living costume endows Carnage with superhuman strength greater than that of Spider-Man and Venom combined. Carnage also has superhuman reflexes and reaction time superior to that of Spider-Man, although he has the disadvantage of having no spider sense. As with Venom, the symbiote is undetectable to Spider-Man's spider-sense. Carnage can block Venom's senses as well.

At first the Carnage symbiote's bond with Kasady was strong. It merged with his blood and seemed to be actually a part of him. Even when it was seemingly destroyed, Kasady could've reformed this symbiote by bleeding. One drop of blood would be all it takes to strenghten the alien. However, that diminished later on as the symbiote could be separated from its host and leave him powerless.

The suit gives Carnage the ability to adhere to most surfaces with his hands and feet, a power which the symbiote inherited, via Venom, from Spider-Man. Also adapted from Spider-Man is the ability to project a web-like substance from any part of his body. Typically, Carnage's webs appear to simply be black/red extensions of his costume, instead of resembling webs. Unlike Venom, Kasady can also separate parts of the symbiote costume from himself and use them as weapons. Any portions separated from him for more than approximately 10 seconds lose their molecular integrity and disintegrate into dust. During the Planet of the Symobiotes arc, Carnage has shown an ability to increase his own size by absorbing the other symbiotes. He devoured so many his height grew up to 100 feet. Carnage's symbiote originally had the power to "see" from any part of itself and relay the visual information to Kasady, although he appears to have lost this power. Unlike Venom, Carnage can shoot tendrils from any part of his body. Carnage's symbiote is also vampiric, feeding on and thus endangering his victims by mere touch.New Avengers #2

In addition, Carnage once demonstrated an ability to plant thoughts into a person's head using a symbiote tendril. In the one-shot Carnage: Mind Bomb, a psychiatric specialist named Matthew Kurtz attempts to treat Carnage. Thinking he has Kasady under control, Kurtz ends up having a symbiote tendril drilled in his head. Kasady then proceeds to pump mental images into Kurtz's mind to show him how he sees the world. As a result: Kurtz is driven mad and runs amok only to be gunned down by Ravencroft guards.

Other versions


An alternate, psychotic version of Spider-Man fused with the Carnage symbiote, called the Spider, appears in Exiles as a member of Weapon X. Before he became a member of Weapon X, the Spider was on death row. Spider is eventually killed by Firestar and sent back to his home world, Earth-15, to be buried.

Inter-company Crossovers

In Spider-Man And Batman #1, Cletus Kasady and the Joker are forced into a procedure in which a behavior modifying chip is placed in their heads, causing them to become sane and timid. Using his symbiote, Kasady removes his and the Joker's chips and the two team-up before a disagreement over killing methods turns the two against each other. After several attempts at killing the Joker fail, Carnage is nearly killed by him in an explosion. Investigating what he believes to be Carnage's body, Batman is captured by him. Proclaiming he will kill Batman to all of Gotham City, Carnage is eventually defeated when Batman knocks him unconscious while he is distracted by the Joker (who has threatened to unleash a killer virus into Gotham if Carnage robbed him of the privilege of murdering Batman).

MC2 Carnage

In the MC2 reality, Spider-Girl accidentally frees the Carnage symbiote from its prison inside a metal ball under the care of S.H.I.E.L.D. The symbiote escapes and takes over one of Spider-Girl's friends, Moose Mansfied, as its new host. The general public believed Carnage dead for 10 years, and although the symbiote is active and in 297 separate pieces, Cletus Kasady has been dead for some time. Oddly enough, he doesn't bypass the spider-sense of either Spider-Man or Spider-Girl, as revealed in Amazing Spider Girl #10, although it is unclear whether the symbiote has lost this ability due to age or because Peter and May's spider-senses operate on a different frequency than the symbiote is used to negating. However, it is interesting to note Spider-Girl can sense Venom as well, presumably because she was never bonded to the Symbiote. Carnage attacks and kidnaps Peter Parker and May's little brother, turning the baby into another Carnage. Eventually, Spider-Girl defeats Carnage by using the ultrasonic weaponry of the villain Reverb to destroy both symbiotes (she mentions earlier that she learned of Carnage's weakness on Wikipedia).

Ultimate Carnage

The Ultimate Marvel Universe version of Carnage is very different from the Marvel Universe version, although both characters were designed by Mark Bagley. Curt Connors had created a rejuvenating symbiotic suit using the work of Spider-Man's late father Richard Parker: the Venom "suit". After a series of mishaps, the suit went missing, and Connors worried that years of work had been destroyed. However, a new opportunity presented itself. After an injury, Peter Parker sought out Connors' help in treating his wounds, and Connors ended up with a sample of Spider-Man's genetically altered blood.

Using the blood, Connors begins to create a new organism based partly on the Venom project. Using DNA from himself, the Venom project, and Peter, Connors developed a unique, self-regenerating form of life. This blood-red creature grew from a few inches long to the size of a child very rapidly and quickly escaped. The creature drained the fluids from several victims, rapidly increasing its mass and strength. Remembering memories from Peter, the Carnage creature went to the Parker residence. It surprised and killed Gwen Stacy. Soon afterwards, it found itself in combat with Peter Parker. Reasoning that the creature was not actually alive (and alarmed at its gradual resemblance to his own father), Peter tricked it at one point in the fight into jumping into a smokestack, but it grabbed onto Peter's foot, hoping to take Peter with it. However, when its face revealed a look of emotion, it is implied that Carnage has realized that a living being is much more fit to live than some organic monster. Sacrificing itself, it let go of Peter and fell into the flames. Doctor Octopus, in addition to creating several Peter Parker clones in a special program run by the Central Intelligence Agency, also ran a project known as the "Stacy Experiment", a Carnage monster that later took on the form of Gwen Stacy. It is never revealed how this version of Carnage came to be, or whether she was an additional clone of some description. However, the Carnage/Stacy experiment escapes, and in the ensuing chaos, causes the Parker clones, including Spider-Woman (a female clone of Peter) to escape. Carnage eventually has no memory of the lab, and takes the memories of Stacy. "Gwen" is reunited with the Parkers, when an army of Spider-Slayerss commanded by Nick Fury surrounded the household, causing stress to revert Stacy back into Carnage. Carnage leaps out of the building and engages both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Fantastic Four, even managing to fling the Thing through the air into a store. The slayers eventually adapt to Carnage's genetics and blast Carnage, reverting it back to Stacy. Stacy is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, where Nick Fury orders his staff to "get to work".

A preview for Ultimate Spider-Man #113 shows Norman Osborn a.k.a. Green Goblin cause a massive prison break at the Triskelion. The creature, still in the form of Gwen Stacy, escapes the other side of the building, away from the other prisoners. Whether this creature will return in Peter's life as Gwen or Carnage remains to be seen.

Ultimate Spider-Carnage is created in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game, where Venom particles remaining in Peter's blood overtake his body after a strange injection. Venom eventually absorbs this symbiote after a brief, difficult battle, granting Eddie Brock Jr. full control over the symbiote at last, also giving him the spider-symbol.

The name Cletus Kasady shows up in a list of names when Peter searches for "Cat Burglars" during Cats & Kings; it is unlikely that this will be expanded upon, as it appeared to be a mere homage to the many criminals of the 616 continuity.

What If?

In an issue of What If?, the possibility of what would happen if Cletus Kasady had the Carnage symbiote completely possess the Silver Surfer is shown; driven mad by the symbiote, the Silver Surfer battles Spider-Man, the Avengers, and Firestar. The latter manages to injure the symbiote and allow the Silver Surfer to regain some control of his body; realizing there is only one way to stop the symbiote, the Silver Surfer flies into the sun, destroying himself and the symbiote. What If? Vol. 2 #108

In "What If? Spider-Man: The Other", Spider-Man, who has fused with the Venom symbiote and left Mary Jane, uses a portion of the symbiote to bring Gwen Stacy back to life, who becomes an entity nearly identical to Carnage.

In other media

Popular culture

  • In 2002, Universal's Halloween Horror Nights built a haunted maze entitled "Maximum Carnage". The maze was supposed to be a trip through Carnage's hideout and contained all his henchmen. The house was located in "Island under Siege" formerly Marvel's superhero island. Carnage also was the icon chosen to represent that specific island for the event. The event's main icon, "The Caretaker," chose him based on his disregard for life and desire to see total chaos.


  • Carnage was originally supposed to appear in a Venom film as a villain. The film would have been release by New Line Cinema. However, a script was never written and the rights to Venom switched to Columbia Pictures.
  • In a recent interview, Avi Arad revealed that a Venom spin-off film is in development currently. Whether it will be similar to New Line's original Venom project or not is unknown for now.


Spider-Man: The Animated Series

In the Spider-Man animated series, Carnage's creation is orchestrated by the demon Dormammu. The Venom symbiote had previously been launched into space aboard a probe by Spider-Man, but, learning that it is on the verge of asexually reproducing, Dormammu has his agent, Baron Mordo, bring the probe back to Earth. When the recently arrested Cletus Kasady witnesses Brock's reunion with his symbiote, he is soon offered the chance to merge with the symbiote's spawn. Becoming Carnage, he is sent out to capture enough "life energy" from human beings to provide Dormammu the strength to enter Earth. Because of the degree of censorship placed on the show, this version of Carnage was less violent than his appearances in the comics, merely draining life from his victims, which was later restored, rather than killing them outright. He is eventually defeated by Spider-Man and Venom, as he, Venom, and Dormammu are sent hurling through a dimensional vortex. He was voiced by Scott Cleverdon.

In the show's series finale, the Carnage symbiote emerges from a dimensional portal into an alternate reality, and bonded with the extremely emotionally unstable Peter Parker of that world. The resultant merging causes the symbiote and that world's Spider-Man to take on a nearly identical appearance to the comic book incarnation of Spider-Carnage, down to the appearance of Spider-Man's webshooters on the outside of his costume as was the case with Ben Reilly. The reason for this occurrence is never explained.

Spider-Carnage in the Spider-Man animated series.
Spider-Carnage in the Spider-Man animated series.

As the insane Spider-Carnage, he threatens to destroy all reality and thus all existence using an invention mixing the dimensional warp generator and a huge bomb to destroy every dimension consecutively. The real Peter Parker, assisted by several other Spider-Men from other universes, is eventually able to foil Spider-Carnage's plan, and Spider-Man ultimately convinces him to stop what he is doing and fight the symbiote off.

This is done by bringing in Peter's Uncle Ben from a reality where he was not murdered. Peter knows the symbiote is influencing Spider-Carnage to commit genocide, since they are in fact the same person and Peter could never kill another human being. Uncle Ben convinces Spider-Carnage he could still be a hero as long as he has the courage to reject the symbiote. However, the Carnage symbiote is too powerfully bonded, and despite Spider-Carnage's best efforts, he could not get rid of it. He throws himself into a dangerously unstable warp hole where he is killed.

One of the show's makers in Spider-Man: The Animated Series confirmed if the show were to have a sixth season before its finale, Carnage would have been Jack the Ripper in a Colonial England as Spider-Man finds Mary Jane, after she falls into a dimensional portal in the third season finale.


  • "Venom Returns"(Cletus Kasady/Carnage)
  • "Carnage"(Cletus Kasady/Carnage)
  • "The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson"[Ro-bo Carnage(Mysterio's ro-bo twin)]
  • "I Really, Really Hate Clones"(Peter Parker/Spider-Man/Spider-Carnage)
  • "Farewell Spider-Man"(Peter Parker/Spider-Man/Spider-Carnage)

Spider-Man Unlimited

In Spider-Man: The Animated Series's spin-off, Spider-Man Unlimited, Carnage, voiced by Michael Donovan, appears as a main villain; in this series, Carnage's origin is closer to his comic book one, with Cletus Kasady gaining his symbiote when Venom escapes from imprisonment, with the plotline of Baron Mordo and Dormammu from the previous show being retconned completely. Cletus Kasady appears to have completely fused with the symbiote in this series, explaining his more monstrous appearance, being skeletally thin and possessing spikes adorning his body, and new power of being able to change and alter his mass, which he uses to become gigantic or assume a liquid form on several occasions.

In the series premier episode "Worlds Apart, Part One", both Venom and Carnage board the Solaris I, a space shuttle piloted by John Jameson which is going to the newly discovered Counter-Earth. Despite Spider-Man's attempts to stop them, the two successfully board the shuttle and leave Earth for Counter-Earth, with an oblivious John Jameson, where the ship crashes. Both Carnage and Venom are revealed to have survived the Solaris I crash in "Worlds Apart, Part Two", which has them attacking Spider-Man, who had travelled to Counter-Earth to retrieve the two and John Jameson, and the Human Revolutionaries, for unexplained reasons, only to be repelled by them.

In "Where Evil Nests", both Carnage and Venom are revealed to be abducting both human and Bestial inhabitants of Counter-Earth with a green creature known as the Bio-Mass, which also brainwashes its victims. The episode also reveals both Venom and Carnage are following the Synoptic, the originater of the symbiote race which is located in the bowels of Counter-Earth, and, under it's rule, plan to conquer Conter-Earth and remake it into a planet ruled by the symbiotes. With help from the Goblin, Spider-Man manages to destroy the Bio-Mass and save all the people Carnage and Venom have abducted with it. Venom and Carnage make a cameo appearance near the end of the episode "Deadly Choices", where they steal canister of powerful mutagen, which has a nuclear charge attached to it, from a Human Revolutionary named Git Hoskins.

At the beginning of "One Is The Loneliest Number", both Venom and Carnage are proceeding with another plan of the Synoptic, only to be ambushed by the High Evolutionary's Knights of Wundagore. While Carnage escapes the attacking Knights of Wundagore, Venom fails to and is attacked by a newly developed weapon of their's, which separates the Venom symbiote from Eddie Brock, which the Knights capture. Near the episode's end, Carnage appears to attack Naoko Jones and her son, who Spider-Man had left the comatose and dying Eddie Brock in the care of, while he ventured to the High Evolutionary's Wundagore Castle to retrieve the symbiote, which he planned to have re-fuse with Eddie Brock, so both will not die due to being separated. When Spider-Man gives the symbiote back to Brock, Venom attacks Carnage, wanting to stop him from killing Naoko and her son, who he feels indebted to for their part in saving his life. Venom and Carnage's fight ultimately results in the two apparently killing each other.

Venom and Carnage are revealed to be alive and well in Spider-Man Unlimited's series finale "Destiny Unleashed", where both are separated from their symbiotes and captured by the High Evolutionary. Despite this, the two still innact their ultimate plan - sending the Synoptic into Counter-Earth's atmosphere, where it unleashes hoardes of symbiotes, which begin overrunning the planet. Due to Spider-Man Unlimited's abrupt cancellation, the "Destiny War" story-arc was never completed.

Video games

Carnage appears in Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage for the Super Nintendo.
Carnage appears in Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage for the Super Nintendo.
  • Carnage was an unbeatable foe in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Game Boy. He could not be killed or defeated, but had to be avoided at all costs.
  • Carnage appeared with the Rhino as a boss in Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge for the Super Nintendo, Game Gear, Game Boy, & the Sega Genesis. He awaited Spider-Man at the end of his second level and had attacks identical to those of Spider-Man himself.
  • Carnage appeared in both Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage (for the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo) and the sequel, Spider-Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety, as the final boss.
  • In the 2000 Spider-Man video game, Carnage was again a final boss. Unusually restrained, he worked with Doctor Octopus to orchestrate an invasion of Earth by symbiotes. Spider-Man put an end to their plan, and fought Doctor Octopus while an altruistic Venom faced Carnage. After Spider-Man intervened and halted Carnage's rampage, the symbiote left Cletus Kasady and bonded to Doctor Octopus. The aptly named "Monster-Ock" then triggered an explosion that destroyed his base. Spider-Man (saved by allies including Venom and Captain America) hauled Octopus off to jail, and the Carnage symbiote and Kasady are apparently killed.
  • In the Ultimate Spider-Man video game (which launched on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC platforms) a version of Ultimate Carnage is the final boss for the Venom portion of the game. Spider-Man was captured and injected with a serum that stimulated the inactive Venom-suit particles in his body, turning him into a copy of the original, presumed-dead Carnage. Venom defeated the creature in single combat and devoured him, assimilating the rest of the Venom suit and freeing Spider-Man. In the DS version of the game, Ultimate Carnage becomes a playable character in multiplayer mode after you reach 80% game completion.
  • Carnage was also the final boss in the Japanese-only video game Spider-Man: Lethal Foes. A computer-controlled Venom assists the player in fighting him.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, there is a secret character called Hyper Venom, a red Venom that moves faster which could be a means of incorporating Carnage without making a new character slot.
  • At the end of Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, Nick Fury is seen in a room with the symbiote meteorites and a computer voice asks him what he would like to call the project which the meteorites will be used for. Fury responds with "Project: Carnage". Carnage is also playable on the PSP version of the game, available for purchase at the game's Web Shop after playing in 2-Player Co-Op mode.



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