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The Commission on Superhuman Activities (also known as the Commission on Superhuman Affairs or CSA for short) is a fictional government group from the Marvel Universe. They first appeared in Captain America #331 (1987).

The organization was created by the President of the United States of America. It's a very special appointed task force, which has been requested to supervise the American citizens possessing superhuman powers and coordinate government projects aimed at creating government controlled superhumans. They have an office set in Washington, DC. A number of members of the Commission when created were involved with various government projects regarding superhumans: Project Wideawake, former and current Avengers liaisons, Freedom Force liaison and super soldier projects.

The organization is best known for its failed attempt to train John Walker into becoming the new Captain America.

The team, Freedom Force, was the primary operational unit until injures depleted the team. X-Factor was formed from various X-Men related mutants to replace Freedom Force.

Recently, the organization has started to appear again in the pages of the Thunderbolts. It has been revealed to be responsible for Conrad Josten to become Smuggler and for Josten to get attached to the Darkforce dimension. The Commission also recently set up the Thunderbolts into fighting the New Avengers, as they didn't trust the group at first. But now, the Commission has once again joined forces with both the Thunderbolts and the Avengers in the hope to round up all the escaped villains that escaped during the breakout.

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