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See also Dark Reign

During a presentation shown by Bendis during the 2008 convention season, a picture was made public of a second Illuminati group consisting of villains. Presented in the same pose as the cover of Illuminati #1, this group was revealed to include:

  • Namor Who was in the Original Illuminati.
  • Green Goblin Is Iron Man's Counterpart.
  • Doctor Doom Is Reed Richards' counterpart.
  • Hood (comics) Doctor Strange's Counterpart.
  • Loki (comics) Blackbolt's Counterpart (Given both of their godhood.)
  • Emma Frost is Professor X's Counterpart

The Sub-Mariner is thus revealed to be affiliated with two different Illuminati groups simultaneously allied with both heroes and villains. It's was revealed within an interview with current Uncanny X-men writer, Matt Fraction, that within the Uncanny X-men annual in January, it will explain how Emma Frost was invited into the team. Loki was revealed to have dealings with Doom in recent issues of Thor and Namor was seen to form an alliance with Doom at the end of his last miniseries.

The group first appeared at the ending of Secret Invasion #8 when Norman Osborn greets the villains after he was awarded control over the entire Fifty State Initiative program and will work behind in the scenes through the Dark Reign storyline.

This second group of Illuminati seems to parallel the original group and Bendis has said "[t]he idea was, in the original pitch, that there was a secret group, a cabal, that got put together that was the mirror image of the Illuminati, with five or six characters who almost mirrored the other group." Norman Osborn, like Tony Stark, is a human who works with the government. Dr. Doom represents the science side of the Marvel Universe, like his rival Mr. Fantastic. Emma Frost serves as the mutant representative, like Professor X before her. Loki's godhood parallels Black Bolt's Inhuman physique. The Hood's magic based powers resemble Dr. Strange (especially when you count that The Hood's power comes from Dormammu). Namor has served in both groups.

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