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DC Comics Crisis Book Store Final Crisis is a seven-issue comic book limited series published by DC Comics, in 2008. It is written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by JG Jones and, joining him from issue #4 onwards, Carlos Pacheco, It directly follows DC Universe #0 after the conclusion of the 51-issue Countdown to Final Crisis weekly limited series.. The series deals with various superheroes investigating the murders of Orion of the New Gods and Martian Manhunter, which leads into a bigger plot.


Premise and synopsis

The mini-series revolves around "The Day Evil Won", as Darkseid and his fellow evil New Gods invade Earth in the wake of the utter destruction of the heroic New Gods. Having transcended into the forms of astral entities capable of possessing mortals, Darkseid assassinates the lone surviving New God, his son Orion, and arranges for his harbinger Libra to organize Earth's super-villain community into an army of followers using the "Religion of Crime". These events lead to the death of Martian Manhunter and the destruction of the Daily Planet. Meanwhile many of the planet's major superheroes are quickly picked off one by one.

Opposing Darkseid is an army of heroes united by Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott as well as Shilo Norman, the new Mister Miracle, who has recruited Sonny Sumo and a group of rookie Japanese super-heroes "The Super Young Team." Though the young Japanese superheroes save Shilo and Sonny from being killed by Darkseid's Justifiers, the heroes suffer two major setbacks. Oracle and Mr. Terrific are unable to save humanity from Darkseid's unleashing of the Anti-Life Equation onto the internet. Flashes Wally West and Barry Allen — who has escaped death itself to try and save Orion from being killed by a time-traveling sniper bullet — return to the present time, albeit a month later than when they left and discover the world is in ruins; Darkseid has conquered Earth.


Teaser poster for Final Crisis
Teaser poster for Final Crisis

References to Infinite Crisis as the "middle Crisis"*Justice League of America #9: "The Lightning Saga, Chapter Three", July 2007.* gave readers the impression there would be at least one additional major follow-up to the original "Crisis on Infinite Earths." A May 2008 teaser poster confirmed this speculation with the tagline: "Heroes die. Legends live forever."

According to Grant Morrison, work began on Final Crisis #1 in early 2006, with the intention of the series being a thematic and literal sequel to Seven Soldiers and 52, two projects that Morrison was heavily involved in at the time. Morrison also claims to have instructed DC to place an embargo, banning all writers from using the New Gods until Final Crisis was released, in order for his work with the characters in Seven Soldiers would be undisturbed leading into the publication.

DC Comics however, would not go through with Morrison's request for an embargo and instead featured them heavily in Countdown to Final Crisis, a 51 issue mini-series launched immediately following the conclusion of 52. Countdown to Final Crisis and "Death of the New Gods" retconned Morrison's work with the New Gods in Seven Soldiers and presented its own version of the final battle of the New Gods, which ended with Infinity-Man (and the Source itself) eradicating all of the New Gods save for Darkseid and Orion, who ultimately tears his father's heart out and kills him.

Because of delays with the artwork with Final Crisis, DC Comics' desire to not delay the launch of the series, and a need to wrap up the plotlines of Countdown since Morrison had no intention of having them continue into Final Crisis, as DC Comics had hoped, Countdown wrapped with issue #1 and its planned final issue ("#0) was revamped as a 50 cent one-shot special called DC Universe #0. Besides hyping upcoming storylines such as "Batman RIP" and "The Blackest Night", the issue was narrated by Barry Allen and featured Libra leading a group of super-villains in prayer for the "god of evil", resulting in Darkseid's soul reforming after his death.

To help readers identify events pertinent to Final Crisis and other major DCU events in the coming months, a "Sightings" cover banner appears on various DC comics as "signposts, marking important storybeats and moments throughout the DC Universe." The first such headers appeared on Justice League of America (vol. 2) #21 and Action Comics #866, respectively though only the Justice League of America issue (which featured, chronologically storyline-wise, Libra's return and his recruiting of the Human Flame).


The first issue of Final Crisis went on sale May 28 2008. Final Crisis is planned for seven oversized issues released over eight months starting in May 2008. Although there will be other projects alongside Final Crisis, the story will not crossover with any ongoing series.


Several one-shots and mini-series will be released that will tie in with Final Crisis

  • DC Universe #0
  • DC Universe: Last Will and Testament (one-shot)
  • Final Crisis #1 Director's Cut Special
  • Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1-5
  • Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns (one-shot)
  • Final Crisis: Requiem (one-shot)
  • Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #1-3
  • Final Crisis: Resist (One-Shot)
  • Final Crisis: Revelations #1-5
  • Final Crisis: Secret Files
  • Final Crisis: Sketchbook
  • Final Crisis: Submit (one-shot)
  • Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1-2
  • Justice League of America #21

Grant Morrison has also said that a two-part story following the "Batman RIP" storyline will also "fit in" with Final Crisis. Also, in a move DiDio described as "inspirationally tied to Final Crisis", in early 2009 the villains will take over the main DC Universe titles and some will be featured in Faces of Evil, a series of one-shots, all designed to examine the question "What happens when evil wins?".


Sales estimates for May 2008 put Final Crisis #1 in second place to the second issue of Secret Invasion, with estimated sales of 159,036.*Sales Estimates for May, 2008, Comic Book Resources, June 17, 2008*

Collected editions

The series will be collected into a single volume:

  • Final Crisis (240 pages, hardcover, June 2009)
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