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The Gamma Corps are a comic book military unit published by Marvel Comics. The team first appears in World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1, and was created by Frank Tieri and Carlos Ferreira.


The Gamma Corps were selected as individuals whose lives had in some way been harmed or ruined by the Hulk. Using Hulk's DNA, acquired from the scene of a battle with X-Man Wolverine, these people were transformed into gamma-radiated supersoldiers. The team were assembled by General Ryker with the objective of destroying the Hulk.

According to the Marvel previews, they are armed with a variety of military weapons and have been trained to destroy the Hulk. Gideon, Grey and Mess are in the group because they hold the Hulk responsible for the loss of their loved ones, while Griffin and Prodigy hold more personal grudges against the green goliath.

Their first mission involved tracking down the failed Hulk-copy experiment, Private Benjamin Tibbits (AKA Flux) and killing him.

They later appeared in World War Hulk.


  • Grey: Brian Talbot, younger brother of Colonel Glenn Talbot. Created with Hulk and Leader's DNA. Trained in martial arts. The Leader DNA doesn't make him as smart as Prodigy but he's a brilliant military strategist and it seems to have been meant as a way to maintain self-control to prevent him from losing control and go on a rampage. Brian was often bullied and beaten by his older brother, and had actually been delighted to hear of his death. He only joined the Gamma Corps to do what Glenn couldn't: destroy the Hulk. During battle with the Hulk, the Leader DNA failsafe failed, resulting in Grey going on a rampage.
  • Griffin: Eliot Franklin, formerly Clown of the Circus of Crime. A Harpy-like man, based on the Betty Ross mutation. He has sharp claws and talons, and can spit a slimey corrosive venom. He is shown to be somewhat mentally unstable.
  • Mess: Nicole Martin. An Abomination-like red-headed woman. She and her son were caught in the sidelines of a Hulk/Abomination battle. Consequently, her son burned to death in a car fire, and she was left badly scarred. Parts of her body were replaced with parts cloned from Abomination. While her Abomination parts possess superhuman qualities, her human parts retain normal human strength and durability. She is skilled at marksmanship and is the most well-trained member of the team. She later discovered that it was the Abomination who caused the accident, not the Hulk.
  • Mister Gideon: Gideon Wilson, father of Jim Wilson (and presumably the older brother of Sam Wilson), he blames the Hulk for his son's death. A muscular African-American man similar to Doc Samson. Contrary to Doc Samson who loses his powers if he cuts his hair, Gideon loses his powers if he allows his hair to grow. He is armed with a pair of titanium knuckles. When the Hulk seemed to be defeated, he realized that it wasn't what he wanted after, and he later offered some words of advice to the Hulk about his own revenge pursuit.
  • Prodigy: Timothy Wilkerson. Created using the Leader's DNA and artificially aged. While he was still in the womb, his mother was frightened by the Hulk's appearance, and suffered a stroke, which adversly affected her son's development. (He later discovered that the real cause of his condition was his mother taking Heroin while she was pregnant). He is responsible for creating the team's equipment. He has limited telepathic abilities and can project psychic blasts.

NOTE: Both Talbot and Franklin appear to have control over their transition between normal-human and gamma-enhanced appearance. It is unknown whether the other members of the team have this ability. It is likely that Mess cannot change her gamma-enhanced parts into normal human parts as Abomination, upon who she was based, cannot. After failing to defeat the Hulk, the Gamma Corps discovered that he was not directly responsible for their individual situations and decided to go after the people who were, the Illuminati.

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