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Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, agility, dexterity, reflexes, coordination, balance, endurance

Gibbon (Martin Blank) is a mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. He was a villain from Spider-Man.

character biography

Seemingly born a mutant with an apelike build and agility, The Gibbon later joins a circus where he does well as an acrobat. His powers are later enhanced by a potion given to him by Kraven the Hunter to "Unleash the Beast within". Martin Blank begins his career out as a friend of Spider-Man's. He even wants to be his partner, but Spider-Man laughs at him. Sick of being seen as a freak Martin can not take further ridicule and lashes out. He then catches the eye of Kraven the Hunter who enhances the Gibbon's powers with a herb broth, also giving him a great animal rage. After being defeated by Spider-Man, Martin wasn't seen for a while.

Later, Gibbon seeks revenge on Spider-Man, trying to prove himself as good as his foe. He is caught in the middle of a fight with Spider-Man and the Beetle. Eventually Gibbon helps Spider-Man by punching out the Beetle. Gibbon later joins up with other "has-beens" the Kangaroo, Grizzly and the Spot to form the Legion Of Losers.

This team falls apart when Spider-Man carted the Spot and the Kangaroo to jail for bank robbery. He and the Grizzly would later attempt to go hero, helping Spider-Man thwart a bank robbery by the White Rabbit and eventually getting an action figure deal.

The Gibbon has been shown as retaining his physical mutation, but showed no sign of his former mutant abilities.

Gibbon is seen as a client for the law offices that employ She-Hulk. He steals her tuna melt lunch out of the fridge.<ref>She-Hulk vol. 2 #6</ref>

Civil War/The Initiative

The Gibbon is a self-confessed loser at the wake of Stilt-Man. Almost all of the supervillains at the wake were the victims of murder/attempted murder. The Punisher disguised himself as a barman, poisoned drinks, and then blew up the bar.<ref>The Punisher War Journal vol. 2 #4</ref> It was later mentioned that "they all had to get their stomachs pumped and be treated for third-degree burns."<ref>She-Hulk vol. 2 #17</ref>

Martin is being considered as a "potential recruit" for the Initiative program.<ref>Civil War: Battle Damage Report #1</ref>

Martin, now nearly hairless, has spent his time since the bar attack plotting vengence on the Punisher, against the wishes of his wife, Princess Python, who was apparently blinded in the explosion. When he finally found the Punisher, however, he decided his revenge wasn't worth throwing his life away, and handed his gun over to the Punisher, returning home.

Powers and abilities

Blank has a gibbon-like appearance, superhuman agility and dexterity, and enhanced strength.

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