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Grizzly is the name of two unrelated characters from the Marvel Comics universe. One is a foe of Spider-Man and a member of the Legion of Losers, while the second is a mutant who was a member of Six Pack. Currently only Maxwell Markham is active.


Grizzly (Maxwell Markham)

Powers: Exoskeleton grants:
Superhuman strength
Razor sharp claws

The Grizzly (Maxwell Markham) is a fictional character from the Marvel Universe. He is an ex-wrestler named Maxwell Markham, who happens to be one of Spider-Man's enemies. He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #139 (December 1974) and was created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru.

character biography

Markham is a professional wrestler who competed using the nom de guerre of the Grizzly. His violent actions brought him to the attention of J. Jonah Jameson whose article got Maxwell expelled from wrestling. Ten years later, he met with the Jackal who gave him a grizzly bear suit and an exoskeleton harness that not only amplified his strength, but also made a great girdle. He used this harness to attack the Daily Bugle in an attempt on revenge against Jameson for ruining his wrestling career, but Spider-Man defeated him.Amazing Spider-Man #139 The Grizzly then attempted to defeat Spider-Man alongside the Jackal, but was defeated again by Spider-Man and went to jail.Amazing Spider-Man #140

After his release, Markham took his grizzly suit and exoskeleton harness to the Tinkerer for them to be fixed and upgraded. The Grizzly demanded a rematch with Spider-Man so that he could take revenge on Spider-Man and save face among his peers. Spider-Man faked defeat, allowing Grizzly to think he defeated him.Web of Spider-Man #58

He later joined up with Gibbon, Spot, and Kangaroo to become the Legion of Losers. Planning only to get back at Spider-Man, Grizzly and Gibbon were shocked to see Kangaroo and Spot robbing a bank. They did capture Spider-Man, but released him , claiming that "He's an all-right guy". Grizzly and Gibbon teamed up with Spider-Man to capture Kangaroo and Spot. Grizzly and Gibbon later became crime-fighters and help Spider-Man (disguised as the Bombastic Bag-Man) again to stop the White Rabbit's bank robbery.

At one point, out on probation, he tries to turn his life around. His desire to keep wearing the suit, several accidents and the interference of his criminal friends make his life that much more miserable.

He was brought in by SHIELD at one point or another, and his interrogation yielded key information that would drive the events of the Secret War.


Later he is receiving legal services from the law offices that employ She-Hulkin She-Hulk #6, May 2006. He had been accused of a robbery at Madison Square Garden but his defense was to be that he had been seen fighting Power Pack in New Jersey at the same time.

Grizzly meets Starfox, moments later. Not understanding that Walter's employers have taken on villains for a client, he believes his old Avengers comrade is being menaced by supervillains. Grizzly is punched out by Starfox.

Civil War

Maxwell is a self-confessed loser at the wake of Stilt-ManThe Punisher War Journal #4. Almost all of the supervillains at the wake were the victims of murder/attempted murder: the Punisher disguised himself as a barman, poisons the drinks, and then blew up the bar. Due to prompt medical attention, there were no actual fatalities.

Alyosha Kraven later began collecting a zoo of animal-themed superhumansPunisher War Journal Vol.2 #13, including Bushmaster, Gargoyle, Tiger Shark, Kangaroo, Aragorn, Vulture, Mongoose, Man-Bull, Dragon Man, Swarm, Mandrill, Leap-Frog, and Rhino. In the end, the Punisher managed to sabotage this zoo; though Kraven himself escaped to the Savage Land.

Powers and abilities

Markham wears an exoskeleton which grants him superhuman strength, designed by Professor Miles Warren, and later modified by the Tinkerer. The Grizzly suit also has razor sharp claws. As a former professional wrestler, he is adept in hand-to-hand combat.

Grizzly (Theodore Winchester)

Powers: Superhuman strength, resilience, stamina and reflexes
Furry red hide
Razor sharp claws

Grizzly (Theodore Winchester) is a fictional character from the Marvel Comics Universe who is a mutant and an old friend of Cable, but was brainwashed by Cable's son Genesis to become an enemy. He first appeared in X-Force #8 and was created by Rob Liefeld.

Fictional character biography

Grizzly was one of the members of Cable's mercenary group originally named the Wild Pack. Grizzly participated in the Wild Pack's raid on a HYDRA base ten years ago.flashback in X-Force #8 Grizzly also participated in the Wild Pack's mission in Iran. Because of conflicts with Silver Sable's group of the same name, they later changed their name to the Six Pack instead. Grizzly participated in the Six Pack's confrontations with Stryfe in Afghanistan and Uruguay. During a mission for the arms dealer Tolliver, the Six Pack fell apart.flashbacks in Cable: Blood and Metal limited series #1-2

Years later, G. W. Bridge, another Six Pack-member, asked Grizzly to join Weapon P.R.I.M.E., a group created to capture Cable. Weapon P.R.I.M.E. attacked Cable and his team, X-Force. Grizzly was defeated by Warpath, and the mission failed.X-Force #12-13

Grizzly left the team, then teamed up with Domino in her search for X-Force.X-Force #20 Grizzly is then reunited with fellow former Six Pack member Hammer.X-Force #21 Grizzly, Domino, and Hammer then captured the shape-shifter, Vanessa.X-Force #22 Domino joined X-Force shortly afterwards and Grizzly went home to lead a quiet lifeCable vol. 2 #4

Some time later, he became a serial killer while under mind control from Genesis, Cable's son. Domino investigated the deaths and fought with Grizzly. She was forced to kill him, but promised the dying Grizzly not to tell Cable about his son's actionsCable volume 2 #23-24

Powers and abilities

Winchester is a mutant who was born with superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and reflexes. His appearance is a furry reddish orange hide and he has razor sharp claws.

He sometimes utilized conventional firearms.

Other versions

Age of Apocalypse

In the Age of Apocalypse timeline, Grizzly was a bestial mass murderer and one of Domino's minions. They worked for Apocalypse. They attacked Forge's resistance group, the Outcasts.

Grizzly was killed by Forge and Sonique after killing their friend Toad.

Ultimate Grizzly

Ultimate Grizzly was introduced in the second part of the "Cable" story arc, that can be found in Ultimate X-Men #76. This version, though he possesses the exact same powers, seems to resemble a taciturn Native American with long, dark hair when in human form and more literally resembles a grizzly bear after transforming for battle. His present day counterpart appears in Ultimate X-Men #81 as a student at the school.

In other media

Video games

Grizzly appeared as the first boss character in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse voiced by Keith Ferguson. He claims to work for Apocalypse because he allowed him to go crazy and kill people. He has special dialogue with Iceman and Jean Grey.

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