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This article is about the Marvel Comics organizations. For information on Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor, see Iron Man's armor.

Hulkbusters is the name of three organizations that have appeared in various comic book series published by Marvel Comics. All three groups exist within Marvel's shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe.

Thunderbolt’s Hulkbusters

The original Hulkbusters were a large military force consisting of both U.S. Army and Air Force personnel, whose primary purpose was to capture or destroy the Hulk. Their headquarters was the Hulkbuster Base in New Mexico (also known as Gamma Base), and were commanded by General "Thunderbolt" Ross. After Bruce Banner, the Hulk’s alter-ego, achieved a state in which his normal intelligence and personality remained dominant while in Hulk form, he received a presidential pardon and the Hulkbusters ceased to exist. Hulkbuster Base was later demolished by the U-Foes.

While this operation was active, Clay Quartermain was the SHIELD liaison to the Hulkbusters operation.

The Hulkbusters were recurring antagonists in the first season of the mid-nineties Incredible Hulk animated series. In the series they were largely unchanged from the comics, save that the S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison was Gabriel Jones.

Banner’s Hulkbusters

After the Hulk reverted to his bestial personality, he was captured by Doc Samson. Samson persuaded the government to rebuild and finance Gamma Base. There, Samson managed to separate Banner and the Hulk into two discrete beings, although the Hulk was able to escape. Banner was named the leader of this iteration of the Hulkbusters, which first appeared in Incredible Hulk #317, created by John Byrne (Mar 1986).

Members of this group of Hulkbusters included:

S.H.I.E.L.D's Hulkbusters

Hulk's exile from earth by the Illuminati brought forth an unexpected consequence: Hulk's rogues gallery began running wild. As a result, SHIELD formed a team called the Hulkbusters to capture these villains and implant them with nanotechnology to nullify their powers. The team was lead by Agent Clay Quartermain and members included Agent Cheesecake, Agent Crimson, and She-Hulk.

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