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Ivan Reis (real name Rodrigo Ivan dos Reis), born 1976 in São Paulo, is a Brazilian comic book artist.

For three years, Reis worked for Mauricio de Sousa in Brazil. He began his international career for Dark Horse working on titles such as Ghost,starting with issue 17 and acting as regular artist until that title finished at issue 36. There, he also worked on The Mask, Time Cop and Xena. Later, he worked for Lightning Comics.

At Vertigo, he pencilled an issue of Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. He became better known for Lady Death (Chaos! and CrossGen).

Reis also worked on Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night, Avengers Icons: Vision, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Defenders and Avengers for Marvel Comics.

Since 2004 he's an exclusively DC Comics artist and has worked on Action Comics, Teen Titans, Rann-Thanagar War, Superman, and Infinite Crisis. He's currently pencilling Green Lantern vol. 4.

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