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This is a list of episodes of Superman: The Animated Series.


Season One (1996-1997)

All episodes of season one except the first five and last two were shown out of production order when originally aired.

Title No. Director Writer Airdate
The Last Son Of Krypton
The Last Son of Krypton: Part I 001 Dan Riba Alan Burnett, Paul Dini September 6, 1996
The Last Son of Krypton: Part II 002 Scott Jeralds, Curt Geda Alan Burnett, Paul Dini September 6, 1996
The Last Son of Krypton: Part III 003 Bruce Timm, Dan Riba Alan Burnett, Paul Dini September 6, 1996
Summary: As Krypton nears destruction, scientist Jor-El tries to discover a way to save the doomed planet. This episode tells of Clark's arrival on Earth and his transformation into Superman. This pilot episode was once aired as a one-hour episode instead of three smaller parts.

The Kryptonian scientist Jor-El is collecting data from an ice field on the planet Krypton. After obtaining the samples he needs, Jor-El escapes after encountering an attacking creature and an earthquake. After analyzing the data, he discovers that building pressure from Krypton's core will eventually destroy Krypton. The computer Brainiac, which is in charge of all major operations on Krypton, denies this. Jor-El is unable to convince the rulers of the impending doom. When Jor-El tries to confront Brainiac, he notices that it is downloading all the data it has collected about Krypton. Brainiac orders the police to detain Jor-El, but Jor-El manages to evade them. Once home, he and his wife Lara send their only son Kal-El into space just before the planet explodes. Brainiac had escaped into a satellite just before.

Kal-El arrives in his spaceship on Earth and is adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent. Martha decides to adopt the baby despite Jonathan's protests, and names the baby Clark. When Clark grows up, he realizes that he has extraordinary physical capabilities and can see through walls. He rescues a person after a gas station accident, and his friend Lana is surprised that he was not burned. When Clark shows Jonathan his ability to melt metal, Jonathan reveals to him his extraterrestrial origins.

Lex Luthor is presenting LexCorp's new battle suit robot when it is stolen by terrorists. Superman manages to capture two of them, but the one with the battle suit escapes after one of the terrorist's missiles damages an airplane's wings. Soon, reports of the strange new entity start appearing on the news, and Lois is told to try to get an interview with him. Later, the terrorist who stole the battle suit, John Corben, starts to wreak havoc, but Superman manages to defeat it after a tough battle.

Meanwhile, some aliens retrieve the satellite which Brainiac is in, Brianiac kills the aliens and takes over their ship.

Fun and Games 004 Kazuhide Tomonaga Robert N. Skir, Marty Isenberg September 7, 1996
Gangster Bruno Mannheim is running into problems with the mysterious Toyman, who uses children's toys and games to cause violence. When he abducts Lois, Clark must stop his deadly games.
A Little Piece of Home 005 Toshihiko Masuda Hilary J Bader September 14, 1996
During the opening of a museum, Clark tries to stop two robbers. He fails when he falls victim to Kryptonite, one of the exhibits. Luthor sees the surveillance tape of this and tries to stop Superman once and for all using the substance.
Feeding Time 006 Dan Riba Robert Goodman September 21, 1996
Janitor Rudy Jones runs into an accident with nuclear waste, and becomes Parasite. He feeds on the energy of others, with his number one choice being Superman.
The Way of All Flesh 007 Kenji Hachizaki Stan Berkowitz September 28, 1996
Thanks to the orchestrations of Luthor, terrorist John Corben becomes Metallo, a skin-covered cyborg with a Kryptonite heart. Luthor then sets the supervillain on a quest to kill Superman.
Stolen Memories 008 Curt Geda Rich Fogel November 2, 1996
Brainiac, once Krypton's all-knowing planetary computer, comes to Earth as part of his information-gathering trek across the galaxy. But, as Clark discovers, Brainiac's intent after gathering the world's knowledge is to destroy the Earth.
The Main Man
The Main Man: Part I 009 Dan Riba Paul Dini November 9, 1996
The Main Man: Part II 010 Dan RibaPaul DiniNovember 16, 1996
Intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo is employed to capture the Man of Steel, but thanks to a double-cross by the rare-species-collecting Preserver, both Clark and Lobo end up trapped in the Preserver's personal zoo. Clark and Lobo team up to escape the Preserver and a vile band of competing bounty hunters with their own vendetta against the "Main Man."
My Girl 011 Yuichiro Yano Hilary J. Bader November 23, 1996
Clark's childhood sweetheart Lana Lang comes to Metropolis, and puts her own life in danger by trying to spy on Lex Luthor for Clark.
Tools of the Trade 012 Curt GedaMark Evenier February 1, 1997
Bruno Mannheim's Intergang terrorizes Metropolis with hi-tech weapons from a mysterious backer, while SCU Inspector Dan Turpin goes on a personal hunt for answers. In the end, Manheim meets his boss, the evil lord Darkseid, hell bent on conquering the universe.
Two's a Crowd 013 Hiroyuki AoyamaStan Berkowitz February 15, 1997
When embittered scientist Earl Garver goes into a coma before revealing the location of a ticking bomb, Clark risks enlisting the Parasite to drain the information from Garver's mind.

Season Two (1997-1998)

Title No. Director Writer Airdate
Blasts From The Past
Blasts From the Past: Part I 014 Dan Riba Robert Goodman September 8, 1997
Blasts From the Past: Part II 015 Dan Riba Robert Goodman September 9, 1997
Upon discovery of the Phantom Zone projector in his ship, Superman makes contact with and releases a prisoner whose sentence is completed. When the Phantom Zone prisoner, Mala, releases Jax-Ur as well to conquer Earth, Superman must defeat them despite that fact they smashed the projector.
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The Prometheon 016 Nobuo Tomizawa Stan Berkowitz, Alan Burnett September 12, 1997
During a mission in space, Superman discovers a massive humanoid stone giant, latched to an asteroid, that breaks loose and runs amok in Metropolis.
Speed Demons 017 Toshihiko Masuda Rich Fogel September 13, 1997
Superman and The Flash compete in a charity running race around the world, but have to stop to deal with the Weather Wizard.
Livewire 018 Curt Geda Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer September 13, 1997
Leslie Willis, an obnoxious shock jock and notorious critic of Superman, is transformed into the powerful electricity-based supervillain Livewire.
Identity Crisis 019 Curt Geda Robert Goodman, Joe R. Lansdale September 15, 1997
Clark encounters a clone of himself who decays into a flawed version dubbed Bizarro.
  • Dr. Teng sets the self-destruct to two minutes, yet the time between the on-screen activation and detonation is around three minutes.
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Target 020 Curt Geda Hilary Bader September 19, 1997
Lois Lane finds herself marked for death by an unknown stalker.
Mxyzpixilated 021 Dan Riba Paul Dini September 20, 1997
A powerful other-dimensional imp starts to annoy Superman every 90 days, while becoming equally aggravated at the superhero forcing him back just as often.
Action Figures 022 Kenji Hachizaki Hilary Bader September 20, 1997
An amnesiac Metallo reemerges from the ocean and is adopted by two children on an island.
Double Dose 023 Yuichiro Yano Hilary Bader September 22, 1997
Livewire escapes from prison, eager to attain revenge on Superman -- something that she hopes to achieve by teaming up with the Parasite.
Solar Power 024 Kazuhide Tomonaga Robert Goodman September 26, 1997
Lois' stalker Edward Lytener returns as Luminus to seek revenge against Superman, with a way to depower him enough to get it.
Brave New Metropolis 025 Curt Geda Stan Berkowitz, Alan Burnett September 27, 1997
Lois is thrown into an alternate reality version of Metropolis where Luthor and Superman rule in tyranny together.
Monkey Fun 026 Curt Geda Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer September 27, 1997
A beloved monkey companion of Lois returns from years of suspended animation in space only to become big trouble on Earth.
Ghost in the Machine 027 Hiroyuki Aoyama Rich Fogel September 29, 1997
Brainiac's consciousness, in control of LexCorp's computer systems, forces Luthor to rebuild his primary body in secret.
Father's Day 028 Dan Riba Mark Evanier, Steve Gerber October 3, 1997
To curry his father's favor, the New God brute, Kalibak, goes to Earth to battle Superman.
World's Finest
World's Finest: Part I 029 Toshihiko Masuda Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Rich Fogel October 4, 1997
World's Finest: Part II 030 Toshihiko Masuda Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Steve Gerber October 4, 1997
World's Finest: Part III 031 Toshihiko Masuda Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Stan Berkowitz October 4, 1997
The Joker comes to Metropolis offering to kill Superman for Lex Luthor while Batman comes to the city to hunt for the clown.
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The Hand of Fate 032 Dan Riba Hilary Bader, Stan Berkowitz October 6, 1997
When an evil demon is unleashed, Superman attempts to enlist the aid of the now disinterested wizard superhero, Doctor Fate.
Bizarro's World 033 Hiroyuki Aoyama Robert Goodman October 10, 1997
After inadvertently receiving recorded memories of Krypton, Bizarro attempts to recreate those memories in miniature in his own twisted way, including its end.
Prototype 034 Curt Geda Hilary Bader October 11, 1997
The Metropolis SCU reveals a powerful prototype power armor, but as inventor John Henry Irons fears, the pilot soon becomes violently unstable.
The Late Mr. Kent 035 Kenji Hachizaki Stan Berkowitz November 1, 1997
Superman's effort to clear a condemned man's name is complicated when he survives a murder attempt as Kent that seems impossible to be seen surviving without jeopardizing his secret identity.
Heavy Metal 036 Curt Geda Hilary Bader November 8, 1997
John Henry Irons must give his equipment a trial of fire as Steel to help Superman oppose Metallo.
Warrior Queen 037 Curt Geda Hilary Bader November 22, 1997
Maxima, leader of an alien empire, discovers her perfect mate - Superman.
Apokolips...Now!: Part I 038 Dan Riba Rich Fogel & Bruce W. Timm February 7, 1998
Apokolips...Now!: Part II 039 Dan Riba Rich Fogel & Bruce W. Timm February 18, 1998
Bruno Mannheim and Intergang are back in Metropolis, but their antics are only a prelude to Darkseid's all-out assault on Earth and Superman.
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Little Girl Lost
Little Girl Lost: Part I 040 Curt Geda Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer May 2, 1998
Little Girl Lost: Part II 041 Kevin Altieri Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, Rich Fogel May 2, 1998
Superman discovers Kara, the last survivor of a Kryptonian colony, who takes the identity of his cousin and becomes Supergirl.
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Season Three (1998-1999)

Title No. Director Writer Airdate
Where There's Smoke 042 Dan Riba Hilary J Bader September 19, 1998
Superman helps a metahuman with pyrokinetic abilities, on the run from a secret government agency.
Knight Time 043 Curt Geda Robert Goodman October 10, 1998
The Man of Steel teams up with the Boy Wonder to find Batman.
New Kids in Town 044 Butch Lukic Stan Berkowitz & Rich Fogel October 31, 1998
Three Legionnaires travel back in time to Smallville to save a young Clark Kent from Brainiac.
Obsession 045 Dan Riba Andrew Donkin & Ron Fogelman November 15, 1998
Darcy is the new top model of Metropolis, but what is her connection to the Toyman?
Little Big Head Man 046 Shin-Ichi Tsuji Paul Dini & Robert Goodman November 21, 1998
Mr. Mxyzptlk returns with Bizarro to cause more mischief for Superman.
Absolute Power 047 Butch Lukic Hilary J. Bader & Alan Burnett January 16, 1999
Jax-Ur and Mala have escaped the phantom zone and subjugated an entire planet.
In Brightest Day... 048 Butch Lukic Hilary J. Bader February 6, 1999
Kyle Rayner becomes the next Green Lantern and faces off against Sinestro.
Superman's Pal 049 Kazumi Fukushima Robert Goodman February 20, 1999
Jimmy Olsen garners unwanted attention after Angela Chen dubs him "Superman's Pal."
A Fish Story 050 Shin-Ichi Tsuji Hilary J. Bader & Rich Fogel May 8, 1999
Lois and Clark must aid Aquaman in halting Lex's unethical underwater experimentation.
Unity 051 Shin-Ichi Tsuji Paul Dini & Rich Fogel May 15, 1999
Supergirl must save Smallville, and the world, from "Unity."

Season Four (1999-2000)

Title No. Director Writer Airdate
The Demon Reborn 052 Dan Riba Rich Fogel September 18, 1999
Immortal Ra's Al Ghul and his League of Shadows arrives at Metropolis in an attempt to steal Superman's powers. It is up to the Dark Knight to rescue the Man of Steel.
Legacy: Part I 053 Curt Geda Rich Fogel February 5, 2000
Legacy: Part II 054 Dan Riba Paul Dini & Rich Fogel February 12, 2000
Darkseid brainwashes Superman into believing he was raised on Apokolips and is loyal to him, and sends him to attack Earth. After Superman recovers from Darkseid's brainwashing, he is imprisoned by the US government and sentenced to death. Lois is able to help him escape, and now Superman has only one thing in mind for Darkseid: REVENGE!
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List of Batman: The Animated Series episodes

Title No. Writer Director Airdate
Girls' Night Out 020 Hilary J Bader Curt Geda October 17, 1998
Supergirl must team up with Batgirl to take down Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Livewire in Gotham City, while Batman and Superman are unavailable to help them.

List of Static Shock episodes

Title No. Writer Director Airdate
Toys in the Hood 036 Hilary J Bader Curt Geda May 3, 2003
Static teams up with Superman when the Man of Steel’s old nemesis, Toy Man, appears in Dakota. This Static Shock episode was to resolve some loose ends on one of the show's episodes Obsession. Justice League/Justice League Unlimited cast member George Newbern provided the voice of the Man of Steel.
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