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This page contains a list of the minor characters made specifically for the United States|American animated television series Teen Titans.




Chu-Hui is known as "the True Master", a legendary martial-arts master of world renown despite her appearance as a small, elderly lady. She lives on a temple located on a mountain-top in China near a remote, agricultural village, and has three animal guardians in the form of a bear, a snake, and a monkey, who are stationed in various places on the mountain and have human knowledge and speech. Each guardian excels in a different aspect of combat, and is put on the mountain to test anyone who wants to become the True Master’s student. If a person can climb up the mountain to her temple and defeat all three of her guardians without any weapons or technology before the sunset of the day they arrived, she will train them in battle. If not, they are immediately banished after some scolding from Chu-Hui.

She appears in the episode “The Quest”, when Robin is defeated by a martial artist who claims to have trained under the True Master. Throughout the episode, she is only known as “The True Master," but her real name was used in the end credits.

Chu-Hui is named after Teen Titans background painter Chu-Hui Song.

Cron and Kai

Cron and Kai are Centauri police that went to Earth to capture Blackfire. Their probes mistook Starfire for her sister (since they are almost identical). After Robin pointed out that there was another Tamaranean on Earth, Cron and Kai took Blackfire into custody and cleared Starfire of any wrongdoing. They have not appeared in the series since.they are techno-organic humanoid crab aliens with a special weapon that extends a capture tentacle that constricts and neutralizes any special super-power of the person who is captured by it.


Fixit is a cyborg hermit who can control machines with his mind. When Cyborg's power cell fails during a battle with Mumbo, Fixit finds Cyborg and takes him to be repaired in his home beneath the city. However, Fixit's "repairs" are actually aimed to remove the human parts of Cyborg, which he believes are inefficient. He then attempts to download Cyborg's memories, but is overwhelmed by the emotion and life. The Titans find Cyborg in time for him to explain to Fixit what it really means to be human. Fixit understands this and Cyborg offers to help him return to a life living a more human existence, an offer he accepts.


  • Voice Actor: Alan Shearman

Galfore is the Tamaranean k'norfka (the equivalent of a legal guardian) of Starfire. When she arrives on Tamaran for her marriage ceremony, he refers to her as her real name, Koriand'r, and acts very loving and affectionate toward her. He raised her since her birth and has "always expected great things" from her. When Starfire defeats Blackfire in battle and exiles her, she receives the crown and becomes Grand Ruler of Tamaran, but she decides instead to return to Earth and abdicates, giving her crown to Galfore.


Larry is the counterpart of Robin from another dimension. Cyborg proves that they share DNA and his real name is Nosyarg Kcid (Dick Grayson spelled backwards). He has the power (housed in his right index finger) to bend reality to his whim, which he uses to watch Robin from his dimension. He comes to the Titans' dimension to help fix Robin's broken arm, which he injured in an encounter with Johnny Rancid. Larry breaks his finger during an argument involving Larry trying to fix the broken arm, and accidentally "breaks" reality. Examples of the consequences are Beast Boy losing his mouth and speaking in pig Latin, Raven's hair turning into strange shapes, the T-Tower blowing a raspberry, and Starfire's head growing wings and separating from her body. As Larry's finger is broken, he can't reverse it, and the Titans are forced to go to the tower to fix it. After reality is fixed, Larry returns to his own dimension, but not before Robin offers him the chance to fix his broken arm one last time. He succeeds, but ends up accidentally trapping Robin in another reality as well (which he inexplicably escapes by the next episode).

On the episode in which he appeared, the theme song was sung in Japanese by Puffy AmiYumi producer Toshiro Kai.

Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and Bobby

Melvin has an invisible, giant animated teddy bear named Bobby. Timmy, the second oldest, throws earthquake and sonic boom-inducing temper tantrums, for which he was given the nickname "Timmy Tantrum" by Melvin. Teether, the baby, can eat any form of matter. He can also spit chewed-up objects, firing them like bullets.

Bobby is Melvin's "imaginary friend" resembling a large ragged teddy bear. In the episode "Hide and Seek," his powers include super-strength, invisibility, and the ability to leap great lengths. Melvin says he uses his invisibility to hide from people he doesn't trust (i.e. Raven, Mallah). This also leads Raven to believe that, since she couldn't see Bobby lifting or pushing things, Melvin had telekinesis, but could not control it, so she created Bobby to take the blame. In "Titans Together", he appears with Raven and his teammates. When Timmy, Teether, and Melvin go into battle, Bobby follows them and lets them ride atop his massive head while he fights the Brotherhood.

All three were in danger from the Brotherhood of Evil so Robin sends Raven to take them to safety. Raven at first disliked the children, but grew to care about them all and became a mother figure, even going so far and saying, "Nobody messes with my kids!" when they were captured. She tries to save them against Monsieur Mallah but each of the children themselves manages to take him down. Raven then made them all Honorary Titans.


Sarasim is a warrior princess of long ago. Her tribe, which is under siege from a horde of monsters, is saved when Cyborg appears to defeat them. Impressed, Sarasim orders the vanquished warrior Krall to hand over his sword. When Cyborg calls her people primitive and says they wouldn't know how to power his battery, she has them harness the power of a nearby stream to do the job. Together, she and Cyborg fight Krall and a band of green glowing frog-like energy creatures sent by an evil witch. The two develop a relationship, kissing twice. This is interrupted when Cyborg is whisked back to the present by Raven.

Raven shows Cyborg, who is concerned about Sarasim's fate, a book from her private library. The book tells of how Sarasim and her tribe beat the warrior named Krall, with the help of an armorless warrior (Cyborg without his tech).

Sarasim's name is derived from the DC Comics character Sarah Simms, a romantic interest of Cyborg's introduced in the Wolfman/Perez era.


Silkie, or Larva M319, was at first one of the many mutant larvae created by Killer Moth who planned to take over the city with them once they had matured into their adult moth states. When the Teen Titans put an end to Killer Moth's schemes, Beast Boy bonded with one of the mutant larvae. Unknown to his friends, Beast Boy kept it as a pet at Titans Tower, naming it Silkie.

Beast Boy hid this secret for a very long time until one day after battling Johnny Rancid when the Titans returned home to find most of their furniture eaten. He didn't tell anyone except for Starfire, who fed him some alien food from Tamaran (Zorka Berries), but Silkie reacted strangely to the substance and had a monstrous growth spurt. Robin forced Starfire to get rid of Silkie before he ate the entire tower. Heartbroken, Starfire left Silkie on a remote island off the shore, inscribing the message "Please be kind to monster" into a rock for any future visitors.

Killer Moth found him and transformed him into a monstrous moth. The lepidopterized Silkie battled the Titans, but became deeply confused about where his loyalties lay, recalling the pains and kindnesses each "parent" had brought him. Suddenly, and without warning, Silkie molted. He reunited with Star and it was discovered that the pink residue was actually an edible compound which tasted just like Starfire's alien food.

Silkie cameos in other Teen Titans episodes, but does not play any role, rather acting as background flavor and incidental humor. When Starfire left with the other Titans traveling to save other Titans, they asked Titans East to watch over the tower, so Más y Menos took over for Starfire in caring for Silkie ("For Real"). Starfire and Silkie's relationship was such that in "Calling all Titans", Starfire desired to get the mission done quickly by splitting up (when Beast Boy mentioned to stay together) so she could see Silkie again.


Aqualad's fish mechanic and friend, Tramm helps the Titans fix their T-Sub in "Deep Six". He also takes over Beast Boy's spot in the T-Sub when battling Trident. He speaks in gibberish (which Aqualad seems to understand), and has the appearance of a child with webbed hands and feet, scales, and a fish-like head. In "Calling All Titans", he increases in strength and size when challenged to fight. Although he defeats XL Terrestrial and meets up with Aqualad, they are both overpowered by Plasmus and Trident. When he is freed by Más y Menos, he fights alongside Aqualad to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil.

Tramm is named after Cartoon Network's executive in charge of production Tramm Wigzell.


Val-Yor appeared in the episode "TROQ", helped to defeat The Locrix, and subsequently fell out of favour with the Titans due to his prejudice against Tamaraneans, Starfire's race.

The episode title, TROQ, is a Tamaranean word which means "nothing", and which is used as a slur. Val-Yor at first uses this term to refer to Starfire, but later, after she saves his life and helps him complete his mission, he says that she's "the good kind," which still was found offensive. This racist attitude eventually sunders his relationship with the Titans and he returns to his own planet. It should be noted that he bears a striking resemblence to Captain Atom.


Many of these foes appeared in "Homecoming: Part 2" in a cameo role.


Adonis is a lanky young man in a mechanical suit which gives him powers similar to those of Cyborg. In "The Beast Within", he fights Beast Boy, but loses the fight when both combatants get covered in a strange liquid substance that causes each person to become a hulking primitive beast when under extreme pressure. The other Titans believed that Beast Boy attacked Raven, landing her in the Titans Tower infirmary. However, the real culprit is revealed to be Adonis when Robin and Cyborg witness a battle between Beast Boy and Adonis, which Beast wins. The chemicals are subsequently removed from Beast Boy's body, though he still claims he can feel "the beast".

Adonis appeared again in the finale arc of season 5, where he and Atlas attempted to defeat Pantha under orders from the Brotherhood of Evil. He fails, but returns to the Brotherhood base, where he and three others see Cinderblock (really under the control of titan Jericho). Jericho switches from Cinderblock to Private H.I.V.E. and Adonis's armor is sucked into another dimension by Herald. In his weakened state, he is easily trashed by a kick from Herald. He is not present in the final battle. He ended up being frozen at the Brotherhood of Evil's base.


  • Voice Actor: None

Angel is a HIVE student who first made a cameo appearance in Deception. She later helps out the Brotherhood of Evil and appears alongside Punk Rocket to (unsuccessfully) take out Bumblebee. Her known powers are flight and enlarging her wings to attack her opponents. She is only seen attacking Raven in the final battle before being frozen by Más y Menos.


Atlas is a large red-and-yellow robot that enjoys video games and is obsessed with winning. He possesses great strength and multiple weapons. He refers to himself in the third person and believes robots are superior to humans and other organisms.

When Cyborg defeated Atlas in a video game, Atlas ordered a rematch and Cyborg accepted. However, it turned into an actual fight that started when Atlas melted a hole in the wall directly behind the television. He later captured the rest of the Teen Titans and Cyborg went after him. Cyborg was forced to push himself beyond his supposed 100% cybernetic strength limit, and prevailed in the final battle.

Atlas had a servant, Spike, whom he treated poorly. However, he was dependent upon Spike to equip his weapons and tools and to maintain him. Spike left Atlas when Cyborg defeated him, having realized the threat his master posed to the world of humanity.

In "Calling All Titans", Atlas was sent to take down the mighty Pantha. He received much-needed backup from Adonis, but the honorary Titan still managed to defeat them. In the final battle in "Titans Together", his right leg was sliced off by the sword master Bushido. His still-functioning parts were flash-frozen by Más y Menos.

Billy Numerous

Billy Numerous is a minor villain and student at the H.I.V.E. Academy. He is the primary villain in the episode "Overdrive", where he challenges Cyborg. His power is self-duplication and he is known to brag about his many crimes around Jump City to his clones (his only friends). The Titans defeat him by using holograms to counter his natural self-duplication powers, causing him to push his power past its limit. He later becomes a member of the H.I.V.E. F.I.V.E. Billy and Gizmo are sent to capture Kole and Gnaark on the orders of the Brotherhood of Evil. When Beast Boy's group of Titans attacks the Brotherhood at their secret hideout, Billy is easily defeated by Pantha. He attempts to get away with the remaining members of the H.I.V.E. F.I.V.E., but is stopped by Kid Flash and a reformed Jinx. He is later frozen by Más y Menos.


Brushogun is a supervillain from Tokyo, who was once a manga artist who fell in love with a woman he drew. He used Japanese dark magic to bring her to life, but she cursed him with the ability to create living ink drawings. Brushogun was believed responsible for various criminal outbreaks in Tokyo, which prompted the Titans to go to Tokyo to track him down. After battling several of his "ink criminals", the Titans trace him to a manga factory, where they find that he is a frail elderly man hooked up to a giant printing press. Innocent of any wrongdoing, he was being held captive by Police Commander Uehara Daizo, who forced Brushogun to create criminals for Daizo to capture and thus appear to be a hero. When Daizo jumps into Brushogun's vat of magical ink, he emerges as an ink monster, which absorbs Brushogun. Robin defeats the monster by pulling Brushogun out of it, causing the ink creature to revert back to Daizo. After thanking the Titans, Brushogun vanishes. His name is a portmanteau of "brush" and "shogun".

Cash and Sammy

Cash and his pal Sammy are two teenage boys who love getting into trouble. In "Car Trouble", the pair stole Cyborg's newly-built T-Car and raced it in Crash Alley, but they lost the vehicle to Gizmo. After Cyborg defeated Overload, Cash and Sammy were arrested along with Gizmo.


Cinderblock is a humanoid monster made of concrete. In the first episode, "Divide and Conquer", he is used to break Plasmus out of prison. In "Apprentice" (Part 1), Slade used him to separate Robin from the other Titans. He was easily defeated by a furious Robin who finds a tracking device on Cinderblock's hand which leads Robin to Slade. In "Aftershock" (Part 1), Terra breaks him out of jail and is sent to distract Robin and Starfire. He is later fused with Plasmus and Overload to become Ternion as a detriment to the Titans. The Brotherhood of Evil used him and Johnny Rancid to defeat Más y Menos, but in the confusion of the battle only managed to capture Menos, as Más escaped. Cinderblock was instrumental in Beast Boy's plan to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Evil's secret base by having Jericho take over his body. He was later frozen with the other villains at the Brotherhood of Evil's base.

Cironielian Chrysalis Eater

There are rare occasions where a Tamaranean during their transformation (puberty), become a Chrysalis. Some don't survive due to creatures called Chrysalis Eaters who eat Tamaraneans in this stage. One stalked Starfire in space when she was going through her transformation, and disguised herself as a humanoid woman before revealing her spider-like true identity to Starfire. The other Titans appear as Starfire is freed from the cocoon by Robin to find her emerging normal with a new power: shooting beams out of her eyes. She uses this power to send the Chrysalis Eater through the wall and to its death of being eaten.

The Cironielian Chyrsalis Eater is named after Teen Titans director Ciro Nieli.


Fang is the original boyfriend of Kitten, the daughter of Killer Moth. He is a mutant with a giant four-legged spider for a head. In "Revved Up" he was seen in a race with his girlfriend Kitten, but taken out when Red X cuts their limo in half. He also joined the Brotherhood of Evil and, with Private H.I.V.E., unsuccessfully tried to defeat Jericho. Later, he temporarily stopped the Herald's horn from working with a web blast, allowing the Titan to be captured. During the final battle, he is captured by Speedy and frozen by Más y Menos. His powers are the ability to move at surprising speeds over any surface, to jump vast distances, and to fire paralysis-inflicting venom beams.

Fire Monster (Inpachi)

Only appearing in the episode "Forces of Nature", little can be understood about Fire. An enormous humanoid being of flames, it was summoned by a magic ritual set up by Slade and completed by Thunder and Lightning. It was only stopped after Thunder and Lightning used their powers to make rain.

HIVE Headmistress

Seen in "Final Exam", she sent Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth to destroy the Teen Titans in order to gain Slade's business, but they failed and were punished. Later, Brother Blood is seen commanding the school from "Deception" and onwards, where the Hive Mistress appears on a milk carton stating "MISSING". She is frozen by Más y Menos in "Titans Together".


  • Voice Actor: None

The I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. is a villain who has a giant MODOK-like head, and the body of a H.I.V.E. drone robot. He has only been seen as a H.I.V.E. student, and in battle in "Calling all Titans" when the Brotherhood of Evil ordered it to take down Thunder. He is frozen by Más y Menos during the final battle.

According to character designer Derrick Wyatt, I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. stands for Integrated Neural System Techno-Intelligence Gyroscopic Atomic Tactical Organic Robot.

Johnny Rancid

Johnny Rancid's personality and appearance is a mix of a punk rocker and biker. He refers to Robin as "Bird Boy". When Larry breaks his magic finger, Johnny takes control of Larry's unleashed power and becomes a muscular brute able to wield red energy. When Larry uses his powers to revert everything back to normal, Johnny loses his powers and crashes into the earth. He later returns with his robotic pet "dog" named Wrex, which is taken down by the Titans. Later in the episode, he returns again with Wrexzilla (a gigantic version of Wrex), but is devoured by Silkie under control of Killer Moth. When Silkie finished molting, Johnny is arrested by Jump City police. In Season Five, Rancid's motorcycle was destroyed by Red X in "Revved Up," but it is fixed and he teams up with Cinderblock to capture Más y Menos, but succeeds only in capturing him. He was later frozen by Menos in the final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil.


  • Voice Actor: None

Kardiak resembles a giant mechanical heart. Its abilities include floating, a vast suction power from its valves, and the ability to change the shape of its valves into other mechanical objects. He has an affinity for capturing and devouring small children. At first, Raven used a spell to break it, causing the Titans to think it was destroyed. However, it was able to regenerate and later attacked and kidnapped a girl from her bed. Raven used dark magic she learned from Malchior on it to defeat it. In "Calling All Titans", the Brotherhood of Evil ordered Kardiak to go after Beast Boy, but he was overpowered. Kardiak returned to the Brotherhood base and fought in the final battle, and is frozen by Más y Menos.


Katarou is a martial artist who is the rival of Robin. He defeated Robin in combat, at which point Robin goes to seek the "True Master", supposedly the most skilled martial artist in the world. Katarou claimed to have trained with the True Master, but it was revealed that he failed in his attempt to reach the True Master. He is apprehended by the guardians of the mountain where the True Master (who is actually a woman named Chu-Hui) lives. He defeated Bushido for the Brotherhood of Evil, but was then defeated himself by Bushido in the final battle. He was frozen by Más y Menos.


Krall is a warrior from circa 4th millennium BC|3000 BC, in the tribe of Sarasim. He makes a deal with a witch to bring help from the future to make him the greatest warrior in the land, so he can overthrow Sarasim and become the tribe's leader. The witch actually brings Cyborg from the future, who uncovers Krall's plot and defeats him. The witch then makes Krall powerful by physically fusing him with evil creatures and monsters she has been unleashing upon the tribe, at which point he attacks the tribe himself. Cyborg helps defend the tribe, but is brought back to the future before he can defeat Krall. Raven reveals one of her ancient books to Cyborg that shows a depiction of the tribe defeating Krall. Having been killed by Sarasim, Krall did not return in Season Five.

Kyd Wykkyd

  • Voice Actor: None

Kyd Wykkyd is a villain who was once a student at the H.I.V.E. Academy. After Cyborg and the Titans destroyed the H.I.V.E. and the various students became renegade villains, Wykkyd joined the H.I.V.E. F.I.V.E. with Billy Numerous, but the group was defeated by Kid Flash. Kyd can use his cape to teleport or create small other-dimensional portals. He fights a losing battle with Raven alongside Psimon in "Calling All Titans." He attempts to escape with the remaining members of the H.I.V.E Five and is frozen by Más y Menos, but not before witnessing Jinx's betrayal to the side of good.


The Locrix are a techno-organic race and also Val-Yor's enemies. They are not given much character, as the central aspect of this episode is Val-Yor's racism toward Starfire. Most of the Locrix were "unplugged" when Starfire destroyed the mechanical core that powers them. One was held prisoner by Gordanians in "Go!". No representative of them joined the Brotherhood of Evil.


Malchior was a mighty dragon who fought the powerful wizard Rorek. His power was so vast, that his power rivaled those of Machior's. Rorek's last curse seemingly defeated Malchior. However, Malchior rose up and captured Rorek. As Malchior was about to obliterate Rorek, Rorek used an ancient curse that finally defeated Malchior. Unfortunately, the spell also defeated himself. He then was trapped inside a book found by Raven, with Malchior. Malchior manipulated Raven by teaching her magic as a paper man and passing himself off as the heroic wizard. After his intentions were revealed upon a spell that released him, Malchior attacked the other Titans. He was defeated when Raven uses a spell to send him back in the book. Malchior later popped up as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. In the final fight, his paper form assumed his dragon form which ended up sent into another dimension by Herald.

Master of Games

The Master of Games is a character who takes the male Titans, along with Gizmo, Hot Spot, Wildebeest, Aqualad, and Speedy to his own world in order to have a Tournament of Heroes. However, the heroes discover his real motive is to take their powers using his magic amulet. They defeat him and return to their own world. Raven, Starfire, Terra, and five other unannounced super-heroines are then transported to his world for the Tournament of Heroines.

He later returns as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, and turns up during the final battle, in which he was frozen by Más y Menos.

Mother Mae-Eye

Mother Mae-Eye is a villainous mystical being with three eyes and a crooked nose. In her human form, she appears as a pudgy, kindly woman, but is actually an "evil witch" and energy vampire that feeds on the love and affection of her victims, whom she refers to as her "children", "sweeties" and "little ones" regardless of their physical age or body structure.

Mother Mae-Eye first appears sealed in a pie, which Cyborg mistakenly brings to Titans Tower after buying it from a gypsy in a dark alley at night, when she is subsequently released. She puts the Titans under a spell by constantly force-feeding them enchanted pie, after which they in turn have hallucinations that she is their mother, while she uses their situation to feed on their love. When several pies are consumed by the Titans, they regress back to childlike behavior. She has a mass-produced army of gingerbread cookie soldiers, and also redecorates the Tower to accommodate a "cutesy" and "gingerbread" image. She also speaks baby talk to the Titans throughout most of the episode, and gives them childish nicknames like "Rae-Rae" for Raven and "Twinkle Star" for Starfire.

She is occasionally overbearing, but mostly motherly and sweet to the Titans, as she dresses them up in childish attire for their "safety" during a mission, which she assumes is the kids wanting to play outside. For example, Raven's cloak turns into a Shirley Temple dress and her hair is restyled into braided pigtails, while Beast Boy gets a bunny suit that restricts his transformation abilities. When the HIVE Five attack, they find themselves helpless in their new outfits (or in Robin's case, his weapons being replaced with either childish or infantile items like a teddy bear and baby bottle) until Mother Mae-Eye helps them, by whacking the "nasty children" with her purse. Because Starfire receives a "bump on the cranium" from a mall light, she sees the truth behind Mother Mae-Eye and releases the other Titans from her spell the same way - by whacking them over their heads with Mother's rolling pin, therefore restoring them to normal. The freed Titans finally figure out her love-extracting plan and come up with their own plan to banish Mother back into the pie. After sealing Mother back into the pie she came in, they decide to deliver it to the hideout of the HIVE Five, where she calls them her children now.

Mother Mae-Eye returned and joined the Brotherhood of Evil, but she was defeated along with the other villains, disappearing when she hits the floor near the end of the fight.


Mumbo is a turquoise-skinned magician with a twisted sense of humor that was created specifically for the animated series. His powers are limited to small-time spells based on stage magic. He also is human, and can turn into his magician form by saying "Mumbo-Jumbo."

He first appeared in the season-one episode "The Sum of His Parts", in which he battled the Titans in a junkyard after being confronted following a jewel theft. After he flees the scene and Cyborg goes missing, the Titans mistakenly believe Mumbo has something to do with his disappearance, and pursue him. After a chase throughout the city, they catch him and break his wand, turning him into an ordinary human. Upon learning that he wasn't involved in Cyborg's absence, the Titans head back to the junkyard.

In the Season Three episode, "Bunny Raven...or...How to Make a Titananimal Disappear," he sucked the Titans into a pocket dimension inside his hat, where his powers were much stronger. He was able to turn the Titans into animal forms, rendering their powers useless. After a humiliating show with such stunts as pulling Raven out of his hat and turning Cyborg into a dancing bear in front of an audience of Mumbo lookalikes, Raven defeats him by having Robin and Beast Boy (as a paintbrush) paint them to blend in with the stage during the intermission. Before Mumbo could perform his Grand Finale - making them literally disappear - Raven hits him with a hard kick, sending them all back into the real world, where Mumbo was arrested. Mumbo also appeared as one of the racers in "Revved Up." He was frozen by Más y Menos during the final battle.

During the episode "Mother Mae-Eye", when Mother turns Starfire's room into an oven, Starfire's Mumbo clock melts in the heat. This clock also appeared in the episode "How Long is Forever".

Nufu and Bob

Nufu is a species controlled by "The Source" who uses 'Nufu Soldiers or Bob' to capture cows which power their ships. It is also used to create synthetic meat products being sold at the Mega Meaty Meat restaurant, which serves as a cover for the spaceship. Nufu's only known weakness is water, or someone consuming it. The latter was defeated in this way, as Cyborg ate him at the end of the episode "Employee of the Month."

Bob is a servant of the Nufu Source. He and his clones were defeated when Beast Boy exposed them to water.

Both Bob and "The Source" popped up amongst the villain assortment in the Brotherhood of Evil, but didn't appear in the final battle.


Overload is a villain electric monster controlled by a small circuit board. Its powers are firing bursts of electricity and the ability to control machinery. It is extremely vulnerable to water, which reduces him to his circuit board form.

Slade later used Overload in his plans by sending it to battle Raven. By that episode, it had changed in appearance and size, going from looking like a simple white monster to having metal in its body and turning slightly blue. During the episode "Aftershock Part II", it was fused into the monster Ternion (along with Plasmus and Cinderblock), which was defeated. During the final battle, Killowat absorbs Overload, leaving the circuit board behind, which is later frozen by Más y Menos.

Overload was not based on anyone from the Teen Titans comic book. It was created specifically for the show. Although he has appeared in later shows, Overload only speaks in his debut episode "Car Trouble".

Private H.I.V.E.

Private H.I.V.E. is the eponymous villain from the HIVE Academy. In "Mother Mae-Eye", he forms the H.I.V.E. F.I.V.E. with four other H.I.V.E. students: Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, and See-More. They were defeated and later joined up with the Brotherhood of Evil, but Private H.I.V.E. was not seen with his other teammates when they took on Kid Flash. He appears later on to help Fang unsuccessfully take down Jericho. Then, inside the Brotherhood of Evil's base, he discovers that Cinderblock is really Jericho in disguise, but Jericho astral-projects out of Cinderblock and into Private H.I.V.E.'s body before he can stop him. Private H.I.V.E. fights in the final battle, both under, and later free of, Jericho's control, but is defeated by the might of so many Titans assembled. He is frozen by Más y Menos.

Professor Chang

Professor Chang is a villainous mad scientist created specifically for the animated series. He runs an underground operation providing supplies for higher-tier villains. Robin once forced him to hand over xenothium, the fictional power source for his Red X armor which first appeared in the Season One episode "Masks". Later, in the Season Three episode "X", Robin went to him expecting the thief who had taken the Red X suit to hit there in search of more xenothium. He had none left, and sent him to a heavily guarded storage facility where xenothium was held. It turned out to be a trap to get the xenothium for himself to power his new laser canon in his plans to step into the spotlight himself. He remarked, "I'm sick of selling to bad boys, I'm ready to be one." Red X teamed up with Robin to destroy his cannon, and Professor Chang was imprisoned.

Later, he escaped prison, and Brother Blood employed him to assist him augment himself with Cyborg's technology. Blood intended to convert all his students (which at the time included the mind-controlled Titans East) into half-human half-machines, like Cyborg, before the Teen Titans stopped him.

Professor Chang later appears in a cameo in the Season Five episode "Snowblind". He is frequently seen (both with and without his equipment) in Red Star's flashback scene of how he received his deadly powers. He joined the Brotherhood of Evil and helps them flash-freeze the captured heroes. However, Más frees Menos, and the reunited duo freezes Chang and his scientists/bodyguards.

Professor Chang is named after Teen Titans director Michael Chang.

Puppet King

The Puppet King is based on the comic book character Puppeteer who is a Green Lantern villain. The Puppet King is an evil marionette (the exact circumstances of this state are unrevealed). In "Switched", he sucks all of the Teen Titans' souls into puppets, except for Starfire and Raven, whose minds got switched instead. Puppet King intends to enact a 'ceremony' that will turn the Titans' bodies over to him permanently. Eventually, however, Raven and Starfire put aside their differences and work together to stop him. The Puppet King's spells are broken and each Titan's mind returns to its proper body. At the same time, the Puppet King's soul leaves him and he is revealed to be only a lifeless marionette, which the Titans stowed in their storage room. He is reanimated, and, with Control Freak, took down Killowat for the Brotherhood of Evil. In the fight just before the final battle, Más beats up Puppet King. He is not seen for the rest of the battle.


See-More is a minor villain from the former H.I.V.E Academy. He made a cameo appearance in the episode "Deception" and fully appeared in "Mother Mae-Eye" where he formed the H.I.V.E. F.I.V.E. His powers stem from a variety of colored "eyes" on his helmet, and he is a master of hypnosis. He later aids Warp in (unsuccessfully) taking down Herald. In the final battle, he gets beaten up by Pantha and is frozen by Más y Menos. Throughout the series, See-More seems to have a crush on (or be in a relationship with) Jinx.

Soto and his Dog

Soto is a neutral and super-strong alien who comes to Earth looking for his green-colored pet dog. He accidentally kidnaps Beast Boy in dog form, but decides he would rather keep his "new pet" instead because it can become any animal it wants. Soto is characterized by his lack of intelligence and childishness (his outfit resembles footie pajamas, and the controls of his spacecraft toddler's toys).

Soto was forced into a fight with the Teen Titans, where he was prone to crying when he was on the verge of losing. After Raven and Starfire combined their powers to beat him, Soto found himself face-to-face with his real dog. The dog told his former master that he was tired of being the pet, and a panicked Soto eagerly agreed to let the dog be his master. After "Every Dog Has His Day", Soto is seen in cameos in many episodes, though not in "Homecoming Part 2."

Soto is named after Teen Titans director Alex Soto.

Space Monster

An unidentified Space Monster tore apart a space station, which the Titans are sent to investigate. He nearly defeated them with his sonic powers and near-invulnerability, but fell into a reactor. He turned up again when the Titans were fleeing the station. He landed on their ship, but was soon thrown off and crashed on the planet that the Titans also landed on. In his fight with Robin and Starfire, he eventually falls down a chasm and is presumed dead as he is never seen again. Another one appeared in "Go!" as the Gordanians' prisoner, but he was not recruited by the Brotherhood of Evil.


  • Voice Actor: Uncredited

Steamroller is a gigantic, mechanic monstrosity used by Brother Blood. It is comparable to Cinderblock as used by Slade. Like Cinderblock, Steamroller is incredibly big and strong, and almost managed to defeat the Titans East until Cyborg brought them together as a team. It was later revealed that the battle was a ruse, and that Steamroller had downloaded the access codes to the Titans East's tower. Steamroller was later used by the Brotherhood of Evil in "Calling all Titans" to help the I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. take down Thunder. Later, he subdues Pantha inside the Brotherhood base. He was later frozen by Más y Menos.


  • Voice Actor: The "Thing" has no lines

A white monster capable of absorbing itself into materials such as concrete, oil, brick, stone, water, and fire, this creature was pursued by Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven, while Beast Boy tried to find and reconcile with the girl that was apparently Terra. The Titans cornered the beast in a recycling plant, but it was too powerful to defeat.


Trogaar is a Gordanian, and the ruler of the prison ship on which Starfire, the Space Monster, a Locrix, and others were being kept. He was the Titans' first take-down as an official team. After Cyborg shot him with his sonic cannon, he is presumed dead as he did not appear with the Brotherhood of Evil at the end of the season.


  • Voice Actor: Uncredited

Krall's magical assistant, she is referred to only as Witch. He freed her from eternal limbo and she thus became his slave. Condemned to obey Krall, she twisted his command for her to make him a hero. She sent her minions (which Krall couldn't defeat) to attack Sarasim's town, and brought Cyborg from the future.

Witch's Minions

The Witch's Minions are green, insectoid creatures. The Witch sends them to attack Sarasim's village so Krall can become famous by defeating them. However, they are too much for him. Later, at Krall's wish to become more powerful, some of them merged with him, turning him into a monster and their supreme commander. Most of them were decimated in the final battle with Krall.


Wrex is a giant mechanical dog built by Johnny Rancid. Although being mechanical, Wrex has the habits and mannerisms of a regular dog. He was distracted by a game of fetch during his battle with the Titans, and quickly blown up. However, he was rebuilt into the monstrosity Wrexzilla, which was eaten by Silkie.

Xenothium Creature

This Xenothium Creature spawned out of Red Star's bled-off energy. It resembles a large amorphic blob that still has a vaguely humanoid shape. It was mistaken by the people of Red Star's village to be him, but was eventually destroyed by Red Star before it could destroy the town.

XL Terrestrial

  • Voice Actor: None

XL Terrestrial is a H.I.V.E. student who looks like an alien and first made a cameo appearance in "Deception". He later helps out the Brotherhood of Evil to take out Tramm. His powers grow in size by pushing the arrow on his chest (XL stands for "extra-large"). He is seen enlarging himself during the final battle, and is attacked by Raven and Starfire, and eventually frozen by Más y Menos. Yet when the Brain is frozen, he is seen in the crowd of Titans groaning about Beast Boy's joke, even though he was a villain.

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