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Lost in Time is a series of short stories focusing on the adventures of the immortal swordsman Brennon who awoke after spending almost a thousand years in suspsended animation. During his travels he encounter several powerful enemies and other heroes from the Superhero Universe. These stories can be found on the Superhero Universe boards section under Ray Man Stories.

Brennon's adventures are divided up into a series of volumes:

1. The Stranger - #1-17. Brennon awakens in 2011, meets Jean Bradley, and makes enemies with superheroes, supervillains, the police, the government, and organized crime.

2. Brennon: Time-Traveler - #18-27. Brennon time travels to the future to save a young man unaware that his actions are being observed by the cosmic entity Mysterion.

3. His Darkest Hour - #28-36. Brennon travels to a parallel universe and finds out what would happen if the most important moment in his life never happened.

4. Champions of Justice - #37-66. While secretly working for the Mysterion, Brennon becomes a member of the Champions of Justice.

5. Public Enemy Number One - #67-79. Brennon becomes a wanted criminal after supposedly murdering a senator.

6. Paladin - #80-100. A young boy that Brennon once loved like a son, has grown up to become one of Brennon's greatest enemies.

7. The Fall of the SDL - #101-112. In a parallel universe, Death Mask and Uriah have brought death and destruction to the world. The Superhuman Defense League is struggling to hold on, and it needs Brennon's help.

8. The Hole of the Universe - #113-119. Brennon fights for survival in a strange and unnatural place where a creature called the Nameless One reins supreme.

9. Lost in Time - #120-129. The swordsman enters into unchartered territory when he begins traveling through time on his own, and the worst part is that he can't control it.

10. Uriah's Revenge - #130-139. Uriah will stop at nothing to end Brennon's threat to him once and for all.

11. Prisoner in Time - #140-154. A vengeful scientist from the future invents a machine that will allow him to use Brennon to manipulate history.

12. Unholy Alliance - #155-169. Brennon and Jean go on the run when nine of his enemies unite under a mysterious villainess who is plotting to murder him.

13. One Man Army - #170-179. The fighting-mad swordsman is in need of revenge while on a quest to wipe out his enemies.

List of Lost in Time Stories

1. Awakening - Brennon awakens in modern times and struggles to come to terms with this new world.

2. Running From the Law - Brennon saves a young thief from federal agents seeking to capture Brennon. First appreance of Jean Bradley and Eddie Shaw.

3. Brennon Fights Crime - Jean leads Brennon to crime boss Simmons seeking help, which results in a bloody fight. First appearance of Fade. Guest-starring: Jean Bradley, Eddie Shaw.

4. Brennon vs. Fade - Brennon and Fade fight it out!

5. Enter Starblast! - Would-be superhero Starblast takes on Brennon to impress the Champions of Justice. First appearance of Starblast. Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

6. Champions of Justice - Brennon must survive against four superheroes who seek to challenge him. First appearance of Captain Mysterious, The Fist, Huntress, Thunder Man, The Scorcher, Gray Phantom IV, The Master, and Earth-Shaker. Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

7. Stuck in the Middle - Brennon is caught in the center of a battle between the Champions of Justice and the Evil Order. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, The Fist, Huntress, Thunder Man, The Scorcher, Gray Phantom IV, The Master, Earth Shaker, and Eddie Shaw.

8. Dr. Hiseman's Quest for Eternal Youth - Brennon must fight off two super-powered thugs--plus Shaw! Also guest-starring Jean Bradley.

9. Jean's Decision - Jean receives a threat that if she doesn't turn Brennon over to evil crime boss Simmons, her brother, Brian, will be killed. Guest-starring Fade.

10. Rescue Mission - When Brennon is captured by Simmons Jean goes to the Fist for help. Meanwhile, William Drake reclaims his legacy and faces the Evil Order. Guest-starring Gray Phantom IV, The Scorcher, and the Master.

11. Showdown with the Gray Phantom - The Champions of Justice battle the Gray Phantom! Guest-starring Jean Bradley, the Master, Captain Mysterious, Starblast, The Fist, Thunder Man, and Huntress.

12. Final Battle - Brennon vs. the Gray Phantom! Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

13. The Fury and the Flame - The Scorcher is on a rampage! Brennon wants to stop him, but Huntress wants to kill him! Also guest-starring Jean Bradley.

14. Robot Menace - Brennon has his hands full when a powerful android comes looking for him. First appearance of Man Machine. Guest-starring Eddie Shaw.

15. Showdown with Shaw - Agent Shaw plans to use his newfound strength to have a rematch with the swordsman.

16. Nemesis - Brennon's greatest enemy Uriah returns and renews his quest to assemble the magical sword Zandrexyn! Brennon must team up with the Rook to stop him. Guest-starring Jean Bradley, Captain Mysterious, Thunder Man, The Fist, and Huntress.

17. The Blade of Zandrexyn - Uriah grows closer to reaching his goal. Guest-starring the Rook and Captain Mysterious.

18. Time Machine - A new chapter in Brennon's life begins as he makes the decision to travel forward in time to save the son of scientist Dr. Shannon. Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

19. A New World - Brennon awakens in a strange future, surrounded by people who know him already.

20. City in the Sky - Brennon travels to a city floating in the sky and posing as one of the Sky People, he continues his search for Rick Shannon.

21. Mistaken Idenity - Brennon discovers that someone else has been using his identity. Meanwhile, Dr. Shannon and Jean Bradley have problems of their own.

22. The Other Swordsman - Brennon comes face to face with the evil imposter that has been posing as him. Featuring a mystery guest-star.

23. The Other Swordsman Part 2 - The story ends in an epic showdown! Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

24. Revelations - Brennon ponders his new life in the year 2344 when he encounters a mysterious cosmic entity. First appearance of the Mysterion.

25. This New Earth - Brennon finds himself back in 2011, in an alternate reality where aliens from another planet have assimilated into human society. Guest-starring Cyber Jack!

26. The Professionals - Brennon ad Cyber Jack race to defeat the combined forces of Fade and Devastator!

27. The Governor - Brennon must depend on Steve Widmark when he travels to an alternate reality where superheroes and supervillains work like mindless slaves for the governor of New York. Guest-starring the Fist.

28. His Darkest Hour - Brennon travels to an alternate reality where he finds out what would happen if he had lost to Triton.


Artwork by Tim

29. The Return of the Swordsman - Brennon's old friend Gregory confronts King Dorian.

30. Reunion - Brennon meets with King Dorian and Lady Zalia, after having not seen them for 2000 years and makes a dangerous move to steal Zandrexyn from the king.

31. Zandrexyn Unleashed - Brennon must go up against King Dorian, the wielder of Zandrexyn.

32. The New Hero of Zirelaw Part 1 - Zalia, Immanuel Drake, Antony, and others meet secretly to discuss what do to do about King Dorian. Meanwhile, the king learns of a new force emerging to threaten him.

33. The New Hero of Zirelaw Part 2 - Drake's plan to take Zandrexyn from King Dorian goes into action. Meanwhile, Mortimer plans to stop the so-called "New Hero of Zirelaw."

34. The New Hero of Zirelaw Part 3 - Brennon returns, and takes on Mortimer in a heated battle. The secrets of his survival are finally revealed.

35. Home Again - Brennon sees the alternate versions of his father and sister.

36. Brennon vs. King Dorian, Round 2 - Brennon has his long-awaited rematch against the all-powerful King Dorian. The fate of the world is determined by this climatic battle.

37. Into the Darkness - Mysterion returns to the parallel universe to call upon Brennon once again.

38. The Invisible Man - Brennon joins the Champions of Justice and on his first mission he must battle an insane scientist with the ability to turn invisible. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, The Fist, Huntress, and Jean Bradley.

39. Quest for Immanuel's Helm - Brennon joins with Captain Mysterious to fight Ti'khan, a sorcerer who thinks Brennon knows the location of a magical helmet. Guest-starring Huntress and Thunder Man.

40. Shaw's Bargain - Shaw must decide what he would risk to kill Brennon. First appearance of Demon Hand.

41. The Coming of Demon Hand - Demon Hand seeks revenge on Brennon, and sets his sights on Jean Bradley.

42. Brennon vs. Demon Hand - The Champions of Justice welcome a new member. Brennon attempts to rescue Jean Bradley from the evil Demon Hand. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, Huntress, the Fist, and Burning Fury.

43. On the Trail of the Phantom - The third Gray Phatom resurfaces. Guest-starring Jean Bradley, Burning Fury, and Huntress.

44. The Evil of Doctor Nova - Brennon falls into a deadly trap! First appearance of Doctor Nova.

45. Black Centurion - The Champions of Justice fight the all-powerful Black Centurion. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, Huntress, The Fist, Burning Fury.

46. The Invader - The Champions of Justice encounter a mysterious, yet powerful adversary. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, Huntress, The Fist, Burning Fury, and Spy.

47. Answers - The Champions are shocked when they discover the truth about the man they recently captured. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, The Fist, Huntress, Burning Fury, Jean Bradley, and Professor Crow.

48. Journey into Space - The Champions borrow a spacecraft to travel into outerspace in hopes of preventing an alien invasion. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, The Fist, the Huntress, Burning Fury, and Starblast.

49. The Varakah - The heroes meet with the alien race, the Varakah, as Captain Mysterious prepares to duel with the champion of their people. First appearance of Star Slayer. Guest-starring Fist, Huntress, Burning Fury, and Starblast.

50. Battle of the Century - The Champions watch as Brennon engages Star Slayer in single combat. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, Fist, Huntress, Burning Fury, and Starblast.

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51. The Road Back Home - The fate of the loser is decided. Captain Mysterious has doubts about his leadership. Brennon is visited by the last person he expected to see. Guest-starring Fist, Huntress, Burning Fury, and Starblast.

52. An Unlikely Alliance - Brennon realizes he must travel to England with Uriah to prevent the resurrection of his most deadly enemy, Triton.

53. Stormbringer Part 1 - Brennon and Uriah arrive in a camp full of demon-worshipping wizards. First appearance of She-Beast, Manslaughter, and Primeval. Guest-starring Log Chain, White Rhino, and the Thrasher.

54. Stormbringer Part 2 - Brennon teams up with Rook and Blackbird to fight the Evil Order. Meanwhile Uriah battles Stormbringer. Guest-starring She-Beast, Manslaughter, White Rhino, Thrasher, Log Chain, and Primeval.

55. Triton Returns - Brennon, Rook, Blackbird, and Uriah fight Log Chain and more of Triton's minions.

56. Battle for London Part 1 - Four heroes and one evil sorcerer are all that stand between Triton and his domination of London. Guest-starring Rook, Blackbird, Uriah, Big N, She-Beast, Manslaughter, Primeval, White Rhino, and Thrasher.

57. Battle for London Part 2 - The heroes must find a way to defeat Triton. Guest-starring Rook and Big N.

58. Aftermath - Captain Mysterious and Brennon clash over the swordsman's decision to fight alongside Uriah. Guest-starring Huntress, Fist, Burning Fury, and Jean Bradley.

59. Meeting with Nova - Burning Fury confronts Dr. Nova, the man who gave him his powers. Guest-starring the Illusionist.

60. A Traitor in Their Midst - Burning Fury's secret is exposed. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, Huntress, Fist, and Starblast.

61. Dissension in the Ranks - The Champions battle each other! Guest-starring Captain Mysterious, Huntress, Fist, Starblast, and Burning Fury.

62. Stolen Technology - Brennon and Starblast embark on a mission to retrieve a powerful device invented by Starblast's father. Guest-starring Manslaughter and Primeval.

63. A Death Unforeseen - Demon Hand returns to seek revenge on Brennon. Guest-starring Captain Mysterious and Starblast.

64. Betrayal - Captain Mysterious makes a shocking decision. Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

65. Assembling the Sword - Captain Mysterious continues his quest, and Brennon can do nothing to stop him. Guest-starring Rook and Jean Bradley.

66. Tigerstripe - Brennon teams up with Tigerstripe to pursue Demon Hand. Guest-starring the Huntress, Burning Fury, Jean Bradley, and Professor Crow.

67. Power - When an old enemy returns, Brennon makes a difficult decision. Guest-starring the Huntress, the Fist, Burning Fury, and Tigerstripe.

68. The Lone Wolf - Brennon stands alone in his quest to stop Joel Power. Guest-starring the Huntress, the Fist, Burning Fury, Tigerstripe, and Jean Bradley.

69. Brennon vs. the Champions of Justice - In order to succeed, Brennon must fight his own teammates. Guest-starring the Huntress, the Fist, Burning Fury, and Tigerstripe.

70. The Benefactor - Brennon is contacted by an ex-government agent who wants his help. First appearance of Victor Grant. Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

71. Danger in Berlin - Brennon teams up with Deutscher Sieger to stop a supernatural killer.

72. Ambushed - Brennon is on the trail of a demon and finds out he's not the only hunter.

73. The Brotherhood of the Fox - Brennon learns of a secret cult that wants him to join them. First appearance of Talia Rose.

74. Doomed to Fail, Part 1 - Mysterion sends Brennon and Talia on a quest to save a parallel Earth from a group of supervillains who unite after the death of this world's heroes. Guest-starring Purple Arrow.

75. Doomed to Fail, Part 2 - Brennon helps Purple Arrow defend his world from evil and reaches a startling discovery. Guest-starring Talia Rose and the Mysterion.

76. Secret Meeting - Brennon must warn the Superhuman Defense League about the coming of Kallous. Guest-starring Time-Rider and Victor Grant.

77. Memories - Brennon recalls a former student who was also his last surviving relative, as he continues training Talia Rose. Guest-starring Fist and Paladin.

78. The Price of Treachery - Brennon and Talia Rose knowingly walk into a trap to rescue Jean Bradley from the Brotherhood of the Fox.

79. The Student and the Master - Brennon encounters Paladin. Guest-starring Huntress.

80. Suspicion, Part 1 - Everything that Brennon has endured in recent weeks starts to sink in. Meanwhile, Captain Freedom hosts a special meeting at the Fortress. The primary topic: Brennon! Guest-starring Jean Bradley, Fist, Huntress, Tigerstripe, Burning Fury, and Earth Shaker.

81. Suspicion, Part 2 - Captain Freedom has a plan to get Brennon to reveal the identity of his benefactor. Guest-starring Jean Bradley, Fist, Huntress, and Burning Fury.

82. Suspicion, Part 3 - If Brennon won't talk, Captain Freedom knows another way to get to the truth. Guest-starring Fist, Huntress, Astra-Fire, and Cannon.

83. Suspicion, Part 4 - An old enemy of the Champions of Justice resurfaces, and details surrounding Senator Power's supposed murder begin to emerge. Guest-starring Fist, Huntress, Burning Fury, Tigerstripe, and Cannon.

84. Insanity - Fist and Huntress clash over the Brennon-Paladin situation. Fist calls a meeting to discuss Brennon's fate, and things take a disatrous turn. Guest-starring Burning Fury, Jean Bradley, Paladin, Tigerstripe, Cannon, Captain Freedom, Time-Rider, and Rook.

85. Bout with the Champion - Fist leads a team to Switzerland to engage a supervillain who possesses the combined powers of the original Champions of Justice. Guest-starring Paladin, Tigerstripe, Huntress, Jean Bradley, Cannon, Thunder Man, Black Centurion, and Big N. First appearance of the Champion.

86. Descent into Darkness - The battle in Switzerland ends with a startling conclusion, while Brennon struggles with his continued imprisonment. Guest-starring Fist, Paladin, and Jean Bradley.

87. Funeral for a Friend - The team deals with its latest casuality. Guest-starring Paladin, Black Centurion, Thunder Man, Jean Bradley, Huntress, Scarlet Archon, and Mr. Master.

88. Victor Grant Returns - Tensions rise as the team decides on a new leader. Mr. Master receives startling news. Jean Bradley finally comes face-to-face with Victor Grant. Guest-starring Huntress, Burning Fury, Tigerstripe, Paladin and Cannon.

89. A Risk Worth Taking - Jean Bradley risks everything to expose Paladin and save Brennon. Guest-starring Ti'khan, Scarlet Archon, and Mr. Master.

90. The Package - Mr. Master makes his move to rescue Talon. Jean Bradley delves deeper into Paladin's secrets. Guest-starring Ti'khan and Fade.

91. Delivering the Package - Brennon attempts to escape the Fortress. Jean Bradley discovers a conspiracy. Guest-starring Burning Fury, Cannon, Fade, and Scarlet Archon.

92. In the Clutches of the Scarlet Archon - Brennon finds himself back in captivity, this time a prisoner of the Scarlet Archon. Guest-starring Fade.

93. Secrets, Part 1 - Jean Bradley meets with Victor Grant, who discovers a connection between his past and Paladin. Guest-starring Scarlet Archon and Mr. Master.

94. Secrets, Part 2 - Jean Bradley moves forward with her plan to expose the truth about Paladin. Guest-starring Burning Fury, Huntress, Scarlet Archon, Dr. Nova, Cannon, and Tigerstripe.

95. Secrets, Part 3 - The team must decide what to do with Paladin. A federal agent thinks Jean Bradley knows Victor Grant. Guest-starring Huntress, Burning Fury, Cannon, and Tigerstripe.

96. The Swordsman's Wrath - Brennon meets with Captain Mysterious for the first time since the battle in Europe. Jean Bradley is in great danger while a captive of Uriah. Guest-starring Victor Grant, Burning Fury, Tigerstripe, and Cannon.

97. Mission to Molvina, Part 1 - The Champions of Justice become aware of Brennon's whereabouts. Guest-starring Burning Fury, Cannon, Tigerstripe, Captain Mysterious, Scarlet Archon, Mr. Master, Mr. Victory, Spy, Ti'khan, and Panther.

98. Mission to Molvina, Part 2 - Spy leads a team of heroes to Molvina to rescue Brennon and Captain Mysterious. Guest-starring Tigerstripe, Scarlet Archon, Mr. Master, Mr. Victory, Ti'khan, and Rook.

99. The Challenge - A decision is made concerning Brennon's fate. Paladin and Huntress have a heated encounter. Guest-starring Burning Fury, Jean Bradley, and Spy.

100. The Rematch - Brennon and Paladin come to blows, in what could either become Brennon's last stand or his greatest triumph.

101. Target: Brennon - Brennon is lured into a trap by one of his deadliest enemies. Guest-starring Fade, Devastator, Nvisible, and Jean Bradley.

102. Arrival- Brennon begins a new adventure in a parallel universe. Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

103. Hunted - Brennon finds himself pursued by a familiar enemy, and sheltered by a familiar friend.

104. Joy Ride - Brennon and John Martin are in for the ride of their lives when they encounter Dr. Nova's men on the road to New York City. Guest-starring alternate versions of Shard, Captain Freedom, and Captain Mysterious.

105. Silent Treatment - The Superhuman Defense deals with a close-lipped prisoner with crucial information about Uriah, while Brennon and John Martin have a deadly face-off with the Master.

106. The Last Deception of Doctor Nova - Brennon faces a moral dilemma when he finally comes face to face with Dr. Nova. Guest-starring Uriah.

107. Desperate Measures - Brennon and John Dark work together to escape the facility. Meanwhile, Captain Freedom and Captain Mysterious put forth a dangerous plan in order to obtain information from Devastator.

108. Plan B - Brennon discovers the truth concerning the fates of his former teammates, the Champions of Justice. Meanwhile, Uriah plots to defeat his centuries-old adversary.

109. Casualties - Heroes and villains alike fall when the armies of Uriah and Captain Mysterious clash outside the Fortress.

110. The Heart of a Leader - The last survivors of the Superhuman Defense League rally behind a new leader--Brennon!

111. Sneak Attack - Brennon, Shadow Hawk, Luminary, Captain Freedom, Devastator, and Shard stand together against Death Mask's army.

112. Brennon vs. Death Mask - It's the classic one-on-one duel to the death when Brennon faces off with Death Mask on the roof of the Fortress during a stormy night.

113. A Sky Without Stars - Brennon is alone in a dark and mysterious world.

114. Birds in a Cage - Brennon has other plans when a band of creatures called the Forgotten attempt to force him to fight in a gladiator pit.

115. Balthar the Unredeemed - Brennon reaches a startling conclusion about the Nameless One.

116. The Nameless One - The swordsman finally meets his unknown adversary.

117. Dealing with the Devil The Nameless One offers Brennon a chance to escape, but of course there's a catch.

118. The Construct - Brennon and his companions accept the Nameless One's challenge to fight the construct.

119. The Villain's Bane - Freedom is only inches away from the Nameless One. Brennon is powerless to stop him...or is he?

120. Long Distance Call - Brennon's back in the time stream again. He wants to get home, but can't count on Mysterion for help this time.

121. Mr. Taras - Brennon's stuck in 1958. But for how long? And who is the mysterious Grace Hart, and can she be trusted?

122. Brennon: Art Thief - Brennon encounters an old enemy and discovers relics of his past when he embarks on a mission for Grace Hart.

123. The Search For John Banks - Brennon's situation becomes more desperate after his time-shifts become even more unpredictable.

124. The Slightest Interference - With the preservation of the time-stream at risk, Brennon's time-shifts have made him a target.

125. Face to Face - Brennon's situation appears to improve as he finally meets John Banks, the one man who can help him.

126. The Blades of Brennon - The SDL has an unexpected surprise when Brennon's swords are found in the ATTA's vault. Back in 1986, Brennon and John Banks encounter a government assassin with a bag full of tricks. First appearance of Agent Anders.

127. The Hero and the Hitman - Agent Anders is a seasoned killer armed to the teeth while Brennon is unarmed--but that doesn't mean he's defenseless!

128. To Save the Future - John Banks does what he can to save Brennon, but will it be enough? What does Brennon plan to do to save the future from the Nameless One? Featuring a special guest star!

129. Welcome Back, Brennon - Brennon's journey through time reaches its end, thanks to John Banks. Guest-starring Huntress, Burning Fury, Jean Bradley, Victor Grant, Rothgar, and White Flame.

130. The First Step - Uriah is forced to stand on the sidelines while the mysterious Shadows of Sin plot the demise of the Champions of Justice.

131. Facing Shadows - The Champions of Justice and the Shadows of Sin engage in a heated battle, and the team will never be the same again.

132. A New Enemy - Burning Fury's fate is revealed. Captain Freedom and Brennon wonder if someone besides Uriah is pulling the strings. Meanwhile, the Shadows of Sin make a surprising decision.

133. Fifteen Minutes - With Astra-Fire's help, Brennon recalls a secret meeting that was erased from his memory.

134. The Man Behind the Curtain - Uriah takes a step closer to defeating Brennon, while Astra-Fire reveals something startling about the leader of the Shadows of Sin.

135. The Future of the Team - Per Captain Freedom's suggestion, Brennon considers strengthening the roster of the Champions of Justice. Meanwhile, Uriah realizes he may have to make a sacrifice in order to kill his greatest enemy.

136. A Fair Fight - Uriah challeges Brennon to a final showdown.

137. Brennon vs. Uriah - Uriah has home field advantage in his battle with Brennon.

138. No Way Out - Brennon's fight with Uriah appears to be a lose-lose situation when Uriah's brethren arrive on the scene.

139. The Worst Kind of Enemy - Uriah's plans aren't working out the way he expected, while Brennon meets Triton's brother, Basileus, for the first time.

140. Hit and Run - Time-Rider, Captain Freedom, White Flame, and Jean Bradley are thrown for a loop when something shocking happens to Brennon.

141. Confessions of a Time-Traveler - Time-Reaver tells Captain Freedom and Time-Rider everything he knows about Brennon's kidnapping.

142. Hurled Through Time - Brennon is speechless when he realizes where he has been taken to, and even more surprised when he realizes who he's with. Meanwhile, Jean Bradley and Victor Grant put their heads together to find Brennon.

143. Beating Up Blackhorn - Brennon relives his first encounter with the villainous Blackhorn, but things don't go the way he remembered it. Meanwhile, Victor Grant has valuable information for Jean Bradley.

144. Throneworld - Brennon risks changing history when he ends up trapped in Blackhorn's homeworld. Meanwhile Jean Bradley takes matters into her own hands, and gets one step closer to rescuing Brennon.

145. Living in the Past - Jean Bradley breaks into the building which holds all the secrets to Brennon's capture.

146. A Second Chance - While stuck in the past, Brennon sees an opportunity to prevent Kael from becoming Paladin, while Jean Bradley makes her move to rescue Brennon.

147. The Getaway - Brennon discovers the outcome of his adventure in the past while making his escape with Jean Bradley.

148. To Rewrite Time - Brennon meets the mastermind behind the plot to capture him, while Jean Bradley shares what she knows with Captain Freedom and White Flame.

149. A Brief Moment of Foolishness - Chaos ensues when Brennon is forced to relive his first encounter with Uriah.

150. Die Another Day - With an early death on the horizon, Brennon is determined to expose Uriah and prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Jean Bradley and Victor Grant make a discovery concerning their new enemy.

151. Sir Konrad - Brennon finds himself the focus of a tournament of knights in 12th century Europe. Meanwhile Jean Bradley puts her life on the line when she threatens Manslaughter.

152. Two Different Battles - Brennon must fight for his life, and for the control of his own mind.

153. Self-Preservation - Manslaughter and Jean Bradley reluctantly work together to defeat Dr. Holt and save Brennon.

154. Outside Looking In - With Dr. Holt defeated, Brennon and Jean ponder on the changes made to the time-stream.

155. The Son of Paladin - Brennon and Jean search for Paladin's son while assorted villains get together to discuss future plans.

156. Wasted Lives - Brennon gets answers about Paladin's son from the Brotherhood of the Fox, right before he receives a shocking request from their leader. Guest-starring Jean Bradley.

157. Family Ties - Anders lays a trap for Brennon and Jean.

158. The Bait - Brennon has to hold on against She-Beast and Fade, while Jean Bradley reaches a horrifying conclusion about their journey to New Jersey.

159. The Thirty-Year Grudge - Brennon and Jean find themselves in challenging positions when ex-government agent Anders arrives to settle a score that he's waited 30 years to finish.

160. Holding On - Brennon and Jean try to escape the ruthless Gauntlet, who has a strange offer for Brennon.

161. Nowhere to Run - Captain Mysterious intervenes during a battle between Brennon and Devastator, but whose side is he on?

162. Once isn't Enough - Brennon's suspicion of Captain Mysterious grows as he and Jean prepare for an imminent attack.

163. No Fighting Chance - Brennon must survive Manslaughter and Primeval while the rest of his enemies take the next step in their devious plan.

164. Shot Down - Jean Bradley must protect a badly-wounded Brennon while stuck in a town crawling with supervillains.

165. A Good Spy - Gauntlet has his hands full when he must keep his allies from discovering his secret pact with Brennon. Jean Bradley gets her hands dirty when faced with She-Beast.

166. The Consequence - When he least expects it, an event from Brennon's recent past returns to haunt him.

167. Beyond Redemption - Captain Mysterious steps in during Brennon's battle with Murderess, and crosses yet another line. Meanwhile Gauntlet is in for the fight of his life against Fade, Devastator, and Demon Hand.

168. Brennon Wins - Now that the fight is over, Brennon's enemies examine their losses. Meanwhile, Brennon and Captain Freedom discuss Matthias and the complexities of time-travel while waiting for news of Jean Bradley's fate.

169. From Prey to Predator - Murderess and her associates come to a decision regarding Brennon, but not all are in agreement. Meanwhile, Brennon is still fuming over the day's events while talking with a seriously-wounded Jean Bradley.

170. A Question of Authority - Lines get crossed when Brennon travels to Russia to settle a score. Meanwhile, Mark Malone makes his first appearance since losing his powers.

171. Brennon vs. Comrade - Brennon has his hands full when faced with Comrade, a Russian super soldier famous for his exploits during World War II.

172. Midnight in Moscow - With all obstacles finally aside, Brennon finds his chance to engage Manslaughter.

173. The Right Choice - Brennon is faced with a moral dilemma when he receives an unexpected request from his old friend, Glenn Stewart.

174. Half of a Soul - The origin of the Mysterion is finally revealed.

175. Strong in Numbers - Fade, She-Beast, Captain Mysterious, Grave Digger, and Devastator come together after finding out about Brennon's quest for vengeance.

176. Four Against One - The time has come for Brennon to make a decision. Should Captain Mysterious die?

177. The End of the Chase - Brennon interrogates three of his prisoners, while news of Brennon's recent activities reaches the Fortress.

178. Another Way - Brennon makes his return to the Fortress while his teammates come to terms with the death of their former leader.

179. One More Goodbye - Brennon learns that Jean Bradley has left the Champions of Justice, but before he can find her, someone else finds him.

180. Someone Worth Saving - Brennon finally discovers the reasons for his secret deal with Matthias.

181. Waiting for an Answer - When Brennon disappears, Burning Fury is left to deal with the fallout.

182. Too Good to be True - Huntress has doubts when her old teammate, Captain Mysterious returns to her door after years of being dead.

Other Brennon Stories

1. Brennon: The Beginning - These stories explore the secrets of Brennon's past. Find out how Brennon went from the Hero of Zirelaw to the most hated man in the kingdom.

2. The Darkness: Conclusion Parts 5-7 - Takes place after Lost in Time #37 and before #38. Mysterion returns Brennon to the year 2011 to fight Blackhorn! Guest-starring Luminary, Deadlaw, Shadow Blade, Captain Freedom, and more. These stories can be found in Jerod's section on the boards.

3. Return of the Scarlet Archon - Takes place after Lost in Time #46. Brennon joins Spy, Panther, and Crusader on a covert mission to South America. Guest-starring Fade, Devastator, Rad, Nvisible, and Prime Concern. These stories can be found in Jerod's section on the boards.

4. Zandrexyn Unleashed - Takes place after Lost in Time #65. Captain Mysterious assembles Zandrexyn and becomes the most powerful being on the planet. Guest-starring the Rook, Thunder Man, Kreuzritter, Black Centurion, Time-Rider, Death Mask, Fist, Manslaughter, Primeval, She-Beast, Blackbird, Huntress, Big N, Burning Fury, Seraph, and Thrasher. These stories can be found in the Superhero Universe Team-Up section.

5. Brennon and Time Rider: Into the Past - In order to find a way to defeat Captain Mysterious, Brennon teams up with Time-Rider to travel back to the ancient Kingdom of Zirelaw. Takes place between Zandrexyn Unleashed Part 6 and 7. These stoies can be found on the Superhero Universe Team-Up section.

6. A History of Darkness - The Darkness came to Earth not once but twice, and it turns out Brennon was right in the middle of the first war with Blackhorn. First appearance of Rothgar.

7. Earth V: Darkforce Defense Delegation "Political Intrigue" - In an alternate reality, Ezekiel Brennon is a government agent with Darkforce-enhanced abilities who is on a mission to kill Charles Blackhorn. These stories can be found in the Superhero Universe Team Up section.

8. Eagle Eye Defender Fact File - Brennon has a humorous encounter with Eagle Eye Defender. This story can be found in the TF Universe section.

9. Brent: Texas Ranger - Brennon has an adventure in the American Wild West in the guise of a Texas Ranger. These stories can be found in the Defenders of Justice section on the boards.

10. Freedom's Fate - In a desolate future ruled by Blackhorn, Brennon continues to stand up for Earth, this time under a new identity, the Survivor. Fighting by his side is the Soldier Supreme.

11. The Lone Survivor - Brennon reunites with Professor Crow as he struggles to find a way to finally put an end to the villainous Blackhorn.

12. SU Short #25: Brennon - A forgotten adventure from Brennon's past featuring a sea monster and a beautiful damsel in distress.

13. Brennon: The Lost Chapter - Five years after the war that changed his life, Brennon wanders into a village while struggling to come to terms with his immortality.

14. SU Short #29: Brennon/? - In 2017, Brennon receives an odd request from an immortal who knew King Dorian.

15. Earth-102: A World Torn Apart - In an alternate universe, the Earth has been taken over by an alien force. A mysterious swordsman known as the Night Fox thinks this world's Brennon is the only one who can make a stand.

16. Earth-102: The Legend of Brennon - The biggest "what if" question that has followed Brennon around for years is finally answered in this look at his Earth-102 counterpart.

17. Brennon and Captain Freedom: The Hired Gun - Takes place after Lost in Time #154. The two men-out-of-time, Brennon and Captain Freedom, have their hands full when the assassin Grave Digger is on the hunt.