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Master Man was the name given to several Nazi supervillains which appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics. The original Master Man was created as a counter-part to Captain America using a Nazi version of the Super-Soldier serum that gave Captain America his power.

Although the formula was a derivative of the original Super-Soldier serum, the various Master Men gained abilities exceeding those of Captain America.


Wilhelm Lohmer


  • character name: Master Man
  • real name: Wilhelm Lohmer
  • species:
  • publisher: Marvel Comics
  • debut: Giant-Size Invaders #1 (Jun 1975)
  • creators: Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins
  • alliances: Super-Axis
  • aliases: Ubermensch (title in German), once impersonated the Mighty Destroyer
  • powers: Superhuman strength, stamina and durability enhanced to peak human potential

Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) is a Nazi supervillain that appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics' The Invaders. Created by Nazi scientist Brain Drain, Master Man was a Nazi analogue of Captain America (and Superman) who was paired with Warrior Woman, (a Nazi analogue of Wonder Woman) as members of the Super-Axis.

Character biography

Wilhelm "Willie" Lohmer was an American Bundist of German descent, loyal to the Nazis, but he was physically weaker than his comrades. It was precisely for this reason that he was chosen to be subjected to the Nazi version of the Super-Soldier Serum. Although the formula was a derivative of the original Super-Soldier serum that gave Captain America his powers, Lohmer gained abilities exceeding those of Captain America.

Christened Master Man, the Nazi agent became a subversive and an operative for the Third Reich, and a favorite of Adolf Hitler. He participated in many Nazi campaigns, often the prime adversary of his counterpart, Captain America, and his allies, the hero team Invaders.

Master Man first fought the Invaders during World War II.* Giant-Size Invaders #1* He then battled a time-traveling Thing and the Liberty Legion in the USA.* Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1* Master Man later impersonated the Mighty Destroyer.* Invaders #34* Master Man later joined the Super-Axis and battled the Invaders again.* Invaders #41*

Later, Hitler hastily decided that Master Man and similar Nazi agent Warrior Woman should be married, and even attempted to performed the ceremony himself. However, she considered Master Man to be a dolt and was repulsed by the thought of marrying him.

As the allied guns pounded Berlin near the close of the war, Master Man and Warrior Woman were placed in suspended animation in separate, secret laboratories within the city. Through the foresight of the Nazi Baron Strucker, these two hidden facilities had been built for this very purpose. Baron Strucker knew that Hitler's regime would fall, so he devised a way for the two greatest warriors of the war to be preserved, ensuring that "the dream" would be reborn in the future.

Decades later, with the reunification of Germany, the slumbering Master Man was revived from suspended animation, and he aided Dr. Friedrich Kraus in finding Warrior Woman.* Namor the Sub-Mariner #6* Master Man then abducted the original Human Torch and Ann Raymond (Toro's widow).* Namor the Sub-Mariner #9* It was recounted how Baron Strucker had placed Master Man and Warrior Woman in suspended animation in 1945. They then fought Namor the Sub-Mariner.* Namor the Sub-Mariner #10* Master Man then met Axl Nacht.* Namor the Sub-Mariner #11* Lohmer lost his powers, and was rejected by Warrior Woman. After Warrior Woman left Lohmer to be with the second Master Man, Lohmer blew up the lab they were in seemingly killing them all. However, no bodies were found.* Namor the Sub-Mariner #12*

After the explosion Lohmer was found by one of Cable's acolytes. Injured after the explosion his powers were depleted and he had aged rapidly. Now an old man living in Switzerland as one of Cable's followers, he reflected on his life and attempted to make amends for his evil doings in World War II. He was later killed by a member of the Hellfire Club when he jumped in front of a bullet meant for Cable. Cable then buried Lohmer's body in the Swiss Alps.

Powers and abilities

Wilhelm Lohmer was exposed to the Nazi variation on Professor Erskine's the Super-Soldier Serum that produced Captain America. This version gave Master Man greatly enhanced physical abilities greater than Captain America's, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes, as well as the power to leap fantastic distances and withstand heat, flames and even high caliber artillery shells without ill effect. He can withstand the pressure from a 50-ton weight, and strike with a similar level of force. He also possessed the ability of flight through psionic levitation. The serum was unstable; at times, he would even revert to his weaker self.

Lohmer was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, trained in unarmed combat by the Nazi military.

Axl Nacht


  • character name: Gotteskrieger
  • real name: Axl Nacht
  • species:
  • publisher: Marvel Comics
  • alliances: Leads unnamed neo-Nazi organization
  • aliases: Master Man, Herr Nacht, Ubermensch (title in German)
  • powers: Enhanced to Peak human potential

Character Summary

Axl Nacht' known as Herr Nacht (Mister Night) and later Gotteskrieger became the second Master Man using a recreated Nazi Super Soldier formula.

Herr Nacht's physical abilities were greatly increased but whether he benefits from any of the other superhuman powers has yet to be revealed.

Character biography

Not much has been revealed about Herr Nacht's background, except that he was born outside Vienna, Austria. After Baron Strucker's funding ran out, Herr Nacht took over the financing of Master Man and Warrior Woman's preservation. Herr Nacht's father was involved in the project from the beginning, over 40 years ago. Over those years, the project was technically managed by Doctor Kraus, a German scientist whose life had been saved by Herr Nacht's father. Herr Nacht became the CEO of Nacht Corporation at some point. From photographs given to him by his father, Herr Nacht fell in love with Warrior Woman.

Determined to have Warrior Woman as his bride, Herr Nacht ordered Doctor Kraus, to duplicate the formula that created the first Master Man. The process was successful.

With the reunification of Germany, Herr Nacht decided it was time to revive Master Man and Warrior Woman. He was determined to use their powers to form a New Reich, with himself as the leader. Donning a costume and calling himself as the new Master Man, Herr Nacht convinced Warrior Woman to ally with him. Nacht, as Master Man, battled the Sub-Mariner and Captain America. A disturbed and rejected Willie "Master Man" Lohmer blew up himself, Warrior Woman and Nacht.* Namor the Sub-Mariner #12*

Nacht and Warrior Woman have both been seen since as members of Axis Mundi with Nacht having taken on the identity of Gotteskrieger.

Powers and abilities

Axl Nacht was also exposed to a Nazi variation on Professor Erskine's the Super-Soldier Serum, giving him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes.

Nacht possesses a gifted intellect, with a Ph. D. in economics, and is a brilliant business and political strategist. He is a good hand-to-hand combatant, trained in unarmed combat by personal instructors.

Master Race

The Master Race (or Master Men) are a group of Neo-Nazi thugs recruited, and enhanced, by Aleksander Lukin/Red Skull and lead by Willie Lohmer's great nephew, Max Lohmer.

The Master Race were exposed to another recreated version of the formula which changed Willie Lohmer. The Men's physical abilities were greatly increased but not to level of the original. However, the leader of the group Max Lohmer, when angered, was able to leap with great power almost to the point of flight. * Captain America Vol. 5 #20*

The group fought against Captain America, Spitfire, and Union Jack in London. They were defeated and taken into British custody, but their ultimate fate is unknown.

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