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The Outsyder chronicles this Earth's history under the designation Earth "M". While this realm merges with SU Prime from time to time allowing crossovers it is still distinctly it's own universe and as such has it's own unique background.




❖ Capt. Cole Turner of the USAF ➢ Injected with nanites ■ Enhanced Strength ■ Flight ■ Concussive Energy Blasts ■ Regenerative Ability

❖ Origin: ➢ Air Force pilot flying an experimental XM-27 Maverick crashes inside the Bermuda Triangle. He is found several weeks later with no memory of his time inside the triangle. Doctor’s discover that he has somehow been injected with nanites during this missing time and these microscopic robots grant him powers. Now as the hero Maverick he searches for clues as to what transpired within the Bermuda Triangle while fighting super powered villains.


❖ Dr. Templar Jones ➢ Half Extraterrestrial ■ Grants Battle-form (yellow skinned hybrid form) ● Peak physical perfection ● Luminescent Burst ◆ Blinding light blasts that can cause physical harm ● Flight ● Light Barrier ◆ Shield of hardened light ● Light Lance ◆ Staff made of hardened light

❖ Origin: ➢ 1947 outside Roswell, New Mexico an unidentified flying object crashes in a farmer’s field. It is immediately carted off by the U.S. Army to an undisclosed location classified Area 51. This UFO contained a comatose extraterrestrial from Vektor Prime named Remus Vel’Kar. Scientist Tabitha Jones was authorized to conduct interviews and experiments with the alien in an effort to learn about its species. Tabitha and Remus fell in love and the result was a human/vektor hybrid girl that Tabitha named Templar. The daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a scientist who also uses her new power to help the government fight extraterrestrial threats.

Wraith ❖ Jayson Corvidae ➢ Chronos Assault Rifle ➢ Chronos Pistol ➢ Possessed by a gunslinger ghost (Colt Andrews) ■ Shared mind ■ Hyper-acute senses ■ Phasing

❖ Origin: ➢ Colt Andrews was a Wild West gunslinger who collected bounties on outlaws. He had many enemies in this line of work. One of whom dabbled in dark magic. This man summoned a gunslinger demon named Ganfaita Oni to the mortal realm and had this demon kill Colt Andrews. By doing so the gunslinger was cursed to wander the Earth in spirit form. In an effort to survive and hunt down the outlaw who cursed him Colt possessed riverboat gambler Donald Corvidae. The pair eventually hunted down the sorcerer but there was no way to lift the curse. Now Colt moves on from one family member to the next helping the Corvidae’s with no hope of peace. Now he has taken on young Jayson Corvidae and turned him into a weapon of justice.

The Rook ❖ Ethan McKnight ➢ Specially Designed Collapsible Crossbow ■ Fits in holster on his right leg ➢ Quiver of Tech-bolts ■ Fits on left leg ■ Various payloads ● Capture nets ● Explosive tipped ● EMP ● Taser tipped ● Grappler

❖ Origin: ➢ Ethan’s parents died when he was less than a year old. He wound up in an orphanage in the Whitechapel area of London, England. There he lived until he was adopted by television actor Trevor McKnight. The BBC star made Ethan his sole heir. Upon Trevor’s death and Ethan’s eighteenth birthday a fortune was inherited. Ethan wasn’t sure what to do and was simply living day to day off the money until he was out one night at the local pub and stumbled upon a drunk in an alley trying to rape a young woman. Ethan jumped in to stop the man and beat him within an inch of his life. The woman ran off and Ethan found himself at Scotland Yard giving a statement to Inspector Hemlock Stone. From that day forward Ethan decided to give his life to those that needed protecting and he became the vigilante known as the Rook.

The Augmented Man ❖ Inspector Hemlock Stone of Scotland Yard ➢ Cybernetic Gauntlet created by PhantomTech ■ Grants cybernetic arm ● Shift into Blade ◆ Can be electrified ● Hellfire Revolver ◆ Brimstone Bullets ● Mystical Belt buckle ◆ Wards against harmful magic

❖ Origin: ➢ Inspector Hemlock Stone of Scotland Yard was the detective on duty the day young Ethan McKnight saved a woman from a would be rapist. Hemlock was also the detective on call the night that PhantomTech’s European headquarters reported a break in. He and several constables arrived on the scene. As they investigated the research lab for clues to how the perpetrators broke in the Inspector saw what looked like a metal glove in a glass display box. Merely out of curiosity he lifted it out to feel its weight. As he went to return the glove to its box the gauntlet seemed to come alive of its volition and pulled itself onto his left hand. Immediately he felt sharp needle like pricks in his arm as the gauntlet reprogrammed it with nanites that changed him into a cyborg.


❖ Alicia Martin-Dark ➢ Prototype Glide Suit made by PhantomTech ■ Retractable wings with boost rockets ● Grants low-level flight capability ■ Talon Gloves ● Retractable wrist-blades ● Hawk-star launcher ■ Mask ● Multi-function lenses ◆ Night-vision ◆ Infra-red ◆ Telescopic ● Radio communicator

❖ Origin: ➢ Alicia Martin was a Krav Maga instructor for the Saint Katherine’s Bay Police Department (SKBPD). There she met and fell in love with rookie cop John Dark Jr., son of the Police Chief. During their wedding reception the mercenary group SLITHER showed up and opened fire in an attempt to kill all the police officers in attendance. Alicia found herself married for less than an hour and already a widow. Many cops died that day including the Police Chief. Alicia left the department and began her own investigation into who hired SLITHER. All the clues pointed her to someone working within PhantomTech, the military weapons contractor. That is where she first laid eyes on the glide suit that she would use to become an angel of vengeance called Osprey.

The Vampire Fighter

❖ Viktor VanDusen ➢ Silver bladed knife ➢ Garlic Grenades ➢ Dhampir Powers ■ Enhanced Agility/Reflexes ■ Night-vision ■ Regenerative Ability

❖ Origin: ➢ Cascious Leviticus Andromedus Samael Helskin AKA CLASH, a powerful vampire lord, ruled over a powerful coven deep within Romania. There he lived in peace until one day a lost gypsy woman found her way to his doorstep. Lord Helskin fell instantly in love with the woman and she too fell in love with him. The gypsy woman, Viktoria VanDusen, became pregnant with child. Knowing the child’s father was a vampire she chose to hide the child in a Catholic orphanage in the hopes he could grow up away from the world of monsters. Then she returned to Lord Helskin where she lived out the rest of her days with him until her death. Viktor’s dhampir powers began manifesting when he hit puberty. The young hybrid lashed out and attacked people randomly as he did not understand what was happening. The orphanage tried to exorcise the demon from him but failed. Then Viktor fled into the night. He grew into adulthood and learned to hone his powers. Now he hunts the creatures of the night in hopes of one day coming face to face with his father.


 Jesika Lin  Localized time manipulation  Slows down time  Speeds up time  Stops the flow of time  Temporal Energy Rifts on hands  Activate when using powers too long/may cause rifts in space-time

 Origin:  Unknown

Korsfarer (Crusader)

❖ Svend Tronkraever AKA The Dane ➢ Limited Immortality ➢ Skofnung (broadsword) ■ Imbued with the spirits of 12 Berserker Lords ● Grants Berserker Strength ● Grants demon-bear form

❖ Origin: ➢ Svend was a knight serving the Templar order during the first crusade. He took a fatal blow and was presumed dead during a skirmish. That was when the Dane learned he could not die. His body had been returned to his homeland and he was entombed near the grave of Hrolfr Kraki, an ancient and fabled king. As he dug his way out of the grave he accidentally disturbed Kraki’s own tomb and the lid fell from the king’s casket. Inside was a large sword that pulsated as if containing hidden power. Svend did not consider himself a grave robber but took the sword as a sign from above that he was supposed to use it for good. That day he gained the powers of the ancient berserker kings. Vowing to put this power to good use he took the sword and rejoined the crusades. After protecting King Solomon’s temple from marauding demons Svend knew he had found his calling and vowed to protect the world for the rest of his days.


An underground superhuman prison that is only accessible via the STYX transit system located within Area 51. It is a fully automated facility run by the overseer program known as CHARON. The prison is practically escape proof and nigh impenetrable.

  • CHARON (Computer Host Algorithm Reliable Oversight Network)


A space station designed as a holographic training facility by a group of time-traveling watchers known as Chrononauts in an effort to prevent Earth's invasion.

  • Time-Lord, leader of the Chrononauts
  • Chrononauts


The demons of Earth are ruled by a mysterious Demon King, sometimes referred to as Beelzebub, that prefers to work from the shadows. Instead he allows his Dreadlords almost free reign to concoct their own schemes. The Dreadlords one purpose is to sow chaos upon the world above and pave the way for eventual Armageddon.

  • Beelzebub, king of demons
  • Hydragon, three headed dragon demon and bodyguard of Beelzebub
  • Ignis Fautus, Dreadlord that prefers to possess a pumpkin and create a body from a bed-sheet, he uses a gnarled wood staff to channel his unholy power
  • Pork Rind, a barbaric pig-demon with a battle ax
  • Lilitu, Dreadlord and succubus that holds power over men and uses them to do her bidding
  • Ganfaita Oni, the Gunslinger demon is a revolver toting cowboy that prefers direct contact with mortals
  • Malak, Dreadlord and fallen angel wielding the Spear of Gungnir
  • The Reaper, a scythe wielding skeleton whose touch can cause death
  • Veles the Water Demon
  • Cadaver King, a zombie demon that can temporarily raise the dead by touching recently deceased mortals
  • Edwyn Hydra the Three-Headed Ogre Demon
  • Professor Bullsworth Toadius Froggerton Esq. the refined gentleman Frog Demon


Various aliens who have come to Earth with evil intent. Many of these come alone but some bring armies with them.

  • Lord Gilgamesh the Supremeson, King of Uruk, wielder of the Doomhammer
  • Enkidu the winged Moth-man and ally of Gilgamesh
  • Drifter the Cerulean wears a jetpack and has twin vaporizer hand cannons
  • Thea of the Valkyr, a race of winged warrior maidens who wield shields and spears
  • Ripper the Cyborian Soldier
  • Krug the Enforcer, Lord of the T'Sari
  • Vectored Orbital Interceptor Drones (VOID), massive terraforming robots used by the T'Sari
  • Hagasmorath Echelon, squid faced ruler of the Nethervoid
  • Zetsumei Destros, general of the Nethervoider Forces
  • Horus the Hawk, king of Osiris
  • Nekbet the Vulture, bodyguard of Horus
  • Gengen-Wer the Goose, oracle of Osiris
  • Thoth the Ibis, wise tactician of the Osirian Forces


A group of modern day pirates with a highly sophisticated and heavily armed ship called the Albatross that's cargo bay contains a stealth submarine called the Barracuda. These pirates hope to one day rule the seven seas and hold allegiance to no country.

  • Lord Blackstroke, pirate captain with energy cutlass and laser flintlock pistol
  • Triton the Merman, able to breathe underwater and conjure undertows
  • Thunder-Shark, Elijah Perun uses his lightning ax to change into a shark-man
  • Crimson Combatant, Lord Blackstroke's personal bodyguard


A secret criminal organization that operates behind the scenes to manipulate world events.

  • Shadow Broker, Serena Paige, leader of the Shadow Society, wears a Shadow Hood to keep her face hidden so she is not recognized, wields Tachyon Pulse Gloves, and a Cloak of Levitation
  • Shrew, Sera Paige, Serena's sister and most loyal soldier, she has the powers of Echolocation and an Armored Exoskeleton
  • Nightshade, Clayton Mandrake, superspy with retractable katana stealth belt and infra-red goggles
  • Grey Mist wears the Mist Armor which allows him to transform into a vapor like state
  • Bloodshot, Darius Bludd is an expert marksman with a variety of firearms at his disposal
  • Jackrabbit, Jackson Hare a man with superspeed
  • The Surgeon, Marcus Deimus an assassin that uses surgical scalpels and silenced pistols
  • Master Druid, Nathanial Nostradamus is one with nature magic and channels it through the Amulet of the Dagda and is accompanied by a guardian gargoyle named Goji
  • Shadow Ghost a stealthy assassin who wears a gasmask and uses a gas-gun with various payloads
  • Dr. Brainwave, Dorian Kolburn, has found a method of altering people's memories through their brainwaves.


Taka Clan

  • Shadou Taka (Shadow Hawk), master of the Taka ninja clan
  • Kamakura, ninja who wields a pair of Kusarigama (chained sickle weapons)
  • Kokushibyou, a shade ninja who melds with the shadows and attacks with poison blow darts
  • Kunochi, a female ninja who fights with twin sais


  • Serpent Lord, leader of SLITHER, wielder of the Serpent Shield
  • Anaconda, female with superhuman strength that can break anyone
  • Black Mamba, archer who uses poisoned arrows
  • Iron Cobra, martial arts master with the fists of ice, body of stone and feet of flame techniques

Nine Lives Movement

  • Androsphinx, leader of the NLM, wielder of the Khopesh sickle sword
  • Black Leopard, female NLM member who is a master of many firearms
  • Liger, martial artist with enhanced reflexes
  • Tiger Fury, one that channels the Furious power through his shield to grant him superhuman strength


A group of kinetically enhanced individuals created by a top-secret government project. Unfortunately the result was a team of uncontrollable individuals that slaughtered the scientists involved and escaped the laboratory. Now their sole purpose is to punish the United States Government for creating them in the first place.

  • Poltergeist, the psychokinetic female leader
  • Absolute Zero, the cryokinetic iceman
  • Voltage, the electrokinetic strongman
  • Aftershock, the geokinetic strongwoman
  • Phoenix, the pyrokinetic flying man
  • Razor Leaf, the naturokinetic plant-man
  • Technopath, the technokinetic weapon-woman


The small nation of Aurum has become a European superpower ruled by a mysterious dictator known only as the Bundesadler (Federal Eagle). His seat of power is in the mighty Tower of Xonn at the center of the country. Much like Russia's Kremlin this tower houses the country's sinister spy agency known as MIMIR and Taskforce M, a section of elite military soldiers considered to be Weapons of Mass Destruction.

  • Bundesadler (Federal Eagle), ruler of Aurum


  • General Midas Mayhem, leader of Taskforce M
  • Hyperion, Atlas Kain a man with the powers of the Greek Gods
  • Bombshell, Melanie Neidich a woman with radioactive power
  • Blast Zone, Cassandra Wagner a woman with nuclear power


  • Wotan the Skyfather, head of MIMIR, wields a mighty staff Gungnir and is accompanied by his pet wolves Geri & Freki, ravens Huginn & Muninn, and his eight-legged stallion Sleipnir
  • Hrund the Valkyrie, infiltration expert with a preference for knives
  • Vidarr the Deranged, sniper who wears a clown mask
  • Fenrir the Wolf, an unfortunate accident turned this spy into a zombie with regenerative powers and acid tipped claws


  • Cascious Leviticus Andromedus Samael Helskin (CLASH) the Vampire Lord, ruler of the Transylvanian Coven
  • Deathwing is a female winged vampire who watches over CLASH's castle
  • Slicer is a rogue murderer who kills for pleasure
  • Drakela, daughter of Count Dracula previous ruler of the Transylvanian Coven
  • Count Dracula, ousted ruler of Transylvania Coven, also known as Vlad the Impaler


  • Jade Scorpion, International Jewel Thief
  • Titanium Tornado, a man who can super-spin creating a whirlwind of destruction
  • Jackhammer, Jacob Hammond acquired a prototype armored suit and now uses it to commit crimes
  • Soldier Supreme, Luther Vanguard uses his Aegis Shield to absorb energy and redistribute it through his own cybernetic body to boost his built in abilities such as fire-sight, super strength, Bushido Blaze (energy sword), and shoulder mounted SAMs (surface to air missiles)
  • Omega-Knight, a warrior with powerful abilities
  • Celeste of the Seraphim Order, a dark angel of vengeance come to Earth
  • Grog the Destroyer, a mutant alligator who wants Maverick dead


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