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  • debut:Marvel Mystery Comics #82 (May 1947)
    First modern appearance: Sub-Mariner #33
  • powers:Superhuman strength, limited invulnerability, ability to breathe both water and air, slowed aging process, and wings-like appendages on her ankles that

Namora is the name of two characters in various Marvel Comics publications. Both are female superheroes from Atlantis, both are the daughters of an Atlantean parent and a surface-dwelling parent, and both are associated in some way with Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Character biography

The first Namora is a character from the Golden Age of Comic Books. Her original name was Aquaria Nautica Neptunia, but she was nicknamed "Namora" in honor of her cousin Namor. Like Namor, she is a hybrid mutant with superhuman strength and the power of flight by using the ankle wings on her always bare feet. When her father was killed by treasure-hunting surface-dwellers, she fully changed her name to Namora, the Atlantean term for "Avenging Daughter", as Namor means "Avenging Son". She was Namor's cousin, and became his companion for a period of several years. She had her own comic book, but while it lasted only three issues, she regularly appeared with Namor in Marvel Mystery Comics and Sub-Mariner (and in the latter until the series ended in the mid-fifties).

In the modern age, she next appeared in the Silver Age Sub-Mariner seriesSub-Mariner #33, where she was shown in flashback to have been fatally poisoned by the Lemurian terrorist Llyra.Sub-Mariner #50 She was survived by her clone, Namorita, whom she passed off as her birth daughter despite Atlantian taboos against cloning. Marvel: The Lost Generation revealed that she had been a member of The Monster Hunters in 1956.

Agents of Atlas

Namora eventually resurfaces as being very much alive.Agents of Atlas #4 The agents find Namora in a coffin that appears damaged and it looks like she is mummified. Upon closer inspection, Marvel Boy disables a holographic display and we see a well preserved, alive Namora.

When awakened, Namora joins in a fight against underwater sea creatures and we are shown just how powerful she is. Probably the first time in her history she is shown to be equal in power to her cousin, Namor.

Jimmy Woo offers her a spot, and Namora joins the Agents of Atlas, where she leads Venus to recover all memories of her past life as a siren, almost driving her mad in the process. It is than revealed by the enhanced bliss inducing powers of the naiad that Namora's innermost desire is to sleep with her cousin Namor.Agents of Atlas #5

Eventually the team manage to reach Yellow Claw, revealed as the mastermind behind the Atlas Foundation, and willing to give his leading role to Johnn Woo. Woo accepts, and Namora, as the other Agents, are employed to travel the world in Marvel Boy's spaceship to shut down any rebellious cell still pursuing criminal objectives.

At some point in her career as an Agent of Atlas she takes an extended leave, or leaves the role altogether, to join Amadeus Cho's group during the World War Hulk.

World War Hulk

Namora joins up with Amadeus Cho along with Hercules and Angel to aid the Hulk.Incredible Hulk #107 Namora joined Cho's efforts because of the death and subsequent vilification of her daughter at the onset of the Civil War. During the action, she and Hercules shared a passionate kiss.

Secret Invasion

Namora participated in attempting to thwart the invasion, but was captured by the Skrulls after they discovered dehydration weakened her.

Powers and abilities

Superhuman strength. Able to fly. Nearly invulnerable--bullets and other missiles cannot penetrate her extremely tough skin. Able to swim at superhuman speeds, to breathe underwater, and immune to the cold and pressures of the depths. Able to see better underwater than a normal human. Namora must periodically immerse herself in water to retain her powers and her health.

Other versions


Namora in Exiles.
Namora in Exiles.

The second Namora first appeared in Exiles #46, and was created by Tony Bedard and Mizuki Sakakibara, and was associated with the multiversal travelers called the Exiles. She is an alternate-earth counterpart of Namor the Sub-Mariner, rather than of Aquaria Nautica Neptunia, the Earth-616 Namora. She is a mutant with superhuman strength and the power of flight by using the ankle wings on her always bare feet. Unlike the Marvel Universe Namor and Namora, she has the blue skin of most Atlanteans.

In Namora's universe, she became an early ally of Charles Xavier who convinced her to not attack the surface world. She would later do so, after anti-mutant hysteria lead to the imprisonment of most mutants. Namora killed all of her Earth's superheroes, having the most difficulty with the Fantastic Four, and she conquered the world and ruled it for decades, before becoming 'unhinged' in time and forced to join the Exiles, much to her chagrin. Having a haughty attitude, she acted like she was superior to the other members. Still, she was shown that she did care for them, as evidenced when she thought that Hyperion had killed Morph. She lashed out at Hyperion, breaking his neck. However, it was for naught. Hyperion recovered quickly and blasted Namora, killing her. The Exiles later sent her body back to her home reality (Earth-2189) for burial.

Marvel Mangaverse

Namora appeared in the Marvel Mangaverse series. In the story, "Eternity Twilight", Namora rescued Bruce Banner, who suffered temporary amnesia and have fallen for him not before Banner regained his memory involving the Hulk (who was tall like Godzilla). Afterwards, Banner and Namora went back to the surface and helps earth's heroes battle not only the giant-size Hulk, but also the demon-god, Dormammu.

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