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  • character name:Namorita Prentiss
  • real name:Namorita "Nita" Prentiss
  • debut:Sub-Mariner 50 (June, 1972)
  • creators:Bill Everett
  • homeworld: Atlantis
  • alliances:Water Children, New Warriors,Defenders,Secret Defenders,SURF,Soldiers of Misfortune,Atlantean Council of Three,Fantastic Four
  • aliases: Kymaera, Hard
  • powers:Fully amphibious physiognomy and suited for high water pressure, Super strength, high speed swimming, atmospheric flight, Touch can create burning acid or paralytic toxin, Can become transparent

Namorita Prentiss is a superhero in the Marvel Universe, commonly known by the name of Nita. She is a mutant clone of her mother, Namora, and a member of the New Warriors. She was killed in the explosion in Stamford that started the Marvel Civil War.

Fictional character biography


Namora was the first cousin of Namor, and, like Namor, was a hybrid with superhuman strength and the power of flight by using the ankle wings on her feet. Her mother was human and her father Atlantean.

Namora's sterility created tension with her husband Talan. Upon meeting Vyrra, an Atlantean scientist who had been exiled for practicing the forbidden science of cloning, she requested that he make a clone of her to which she could give birth.

After the clone Namorita was born, Talan was killed by an atomic explosion. Consequently, Namora raised the child in Lemuria. Namora met her (presumed) death at the hands of Llyra, her rival for the affections of a Lemurian prince.

Llyra and Byrrah, another cousin of Namor, decided to deploy Namorita in a plot against Namor, threatening that they would destroy her body if she did not lure Namor into a trap. In her first encounter with Namor since reaching adolescence, she was captured by Byrrah, but rescued by Namor. Namor and Namorita would eventually unite to defeat Llyra and Byrrah and they fought Byrrah. She revealed her past to Namor, and developed an infatuation with Namor, and convinced Namor to let Byrrah go free. She first visited New York City. Namor introduced the girl to his long-time friend Betty Dean Prentiss, whom Namorita would eventually consider a guardian and second mother — she went by the Prentiss name while in the surface world.*Sub-Mariner #50-52* (Betty Prentiss would eventually be killed by Dr. Lemuel Dorcas, Namor's enemy.)

Namorita rescued a drowning Wundarr, and rescued from the Dakkamites. She left him with the Thing as a guardian, and became Wundarr's guardian for a time.*Marvel Two-in-One #2, 4* Namorita was later abducted by Llyra, who nearly succeeded in tricking Namor into killing her. However, Namorita was rescued by him instead.*Fantastic Four Annual #22*

In issue #4 of Agents of Atlas, Namora is revealed to be alive.

The New Warriors

Some time later, Namorita enrolled in college at Empire State University. During a trip, she was forced to battle long-time Fantastic Four enemy, Terrax. She was joined by five other young superheroes, and after Nita and Nova subdued Terrax by severing his contact with the ground, the six formed the New Warriors.*New Warriors #1* When Namor decided to start a financial empire a short time later, Nita joined him as a member of the board of Oracle, Inc. Around Namor, Namorita was always deferential, but around the Warriors she would act tough.

Namorita, as a New Warrior, aided Thor in battling Juggernaut.*Thor #411-412* She was engulfed and subsequently rescued from Sluj by Namor.*Namor the Sub-Mariner #6-7* She then first battled Psionex.*New Warriors #4* She met the third Star Thief; she then traveled to the Blue Area of the Moon, where she encountered the Inhumans Royal Family and the Watcher.*New Warriors #5-6* Namorita was beaten by Neo-Nazis in Berlin. She escaped to England, where she was reunited with Jacqueline Crichton and Union Jack, and fought Warrior Woman.*Namor the Sub-Mariner #12* She then discovered that she was a clone.*Namor the Sub-Mariner #19-20* She was severely injured by the Sea Urchin, but subsequently defeated him.*New Warriors #14*

When Night Thrasher eventually took a hiatus from the Warriors, Namorita led the team. However, the stress of leading the Warriors, the revelation of her cloned nature, and ruling Atlantis during Namor's absence all proved to be too much for her. At a dance bar she became drunk and left with the leader of the Poison Memories gang, who wanted to gain vengeance against the Warriors. He stole information from Namorita's apartment which was used to kidnap many of the Warriors' family members. After the surviving family members were rescued, Namorita's guilt over the incident forced her to leave the Warriors.

Namorita returned to Atlantis, only to be denied entry as the Atlanteans discovered her clone nature. This seemed to be the final catalyst for Nita. An over-saturation of oxygen, coupled with the DNA Vyrra spliced into her at the time of her creation, caused her to change into a closer version of the original Atlanteans. Because of this, Namorita gave herself the name Kymaera. After adventuring with the Warriors, she was captured by those who wanted to experiment on her, only to be rescued by Night Thrasher (who received a tip from the Mad Thinker).

On one occasion, Namorita became covered with pus-filled boils. Her lover Nova saw her in this state and did not speak in time to reassure the emotionally vulnerable Namorita that his feelings for her had not changed. His hesitation sent her over the edge, and she left. A crestfallen Namorita went to take a shower and, to her surprise, her skin returned to its original pink tone. She also shed her pointed ears, webbed hands, and glassy black eyes. Following this transformation, Namorita continued to mutate and developed new powers. She found that she could secrete burning acid or a paralytic toxin and could become transparent. After her breakup with Nova, Namorita briefly dated Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) and co-ruled Atlantis in a Council of Three with Warlord Seth and the warrior Andromeda *Defenders vol. 2 #11*. Ultimately, Namorita and Nova came to terms over the break-up.

Civil War

Civil War Namorita was among the four New Warriors whose actions sparked the public backlash against masked superheroes which is at the core of Marvel's Civil War.

She was within a foot of Nitro when he exploded.*Civil War #1* Subsequently, she was listed as "deceased" on the website revealing the secret identities of the surviving members of the New Warriors,*She-Hulk #8* and Speedball is then confirmed as the only survivor of the blast.*Civil War: Front Line #1*

Three undercover Atlanteans track down Nitro under orders from Namor to avenge the murder of a member of the Atlantean Royal Family.*Wolverine #44*

Namorita's remains, along with Dwayne's and Microbe, are later recovered by the New Warriors and Justice's Counter Initiative team, and given a proper burial.

Powers and abilities

Namorita is a genetically altered clone of her mother, a mutant member of the evolutionary offshoot of the human race called Homo Mermanus. As such, she has superhuman strength and durability, and her strength, speed, stamina, agility and reflexes increase to superhuman levels while in water. Namorita's physical attributes weaken the longer she spends out of water; renewed contact with water immediately restores them to their peak. She has the ability to survive underwater for indefinite periods, and specially developed vision which gives her the ability to see clearly in the murky depths of the ocean. She has a limited empathic rapport with Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Namorita was trained in Atlantean methods of hand-to-hand and weapons combat. She speaks English, Altantean, and Lemurian. She sometimes wears Altantean battle armor of unknown composition.

In other media


Namorita appears in The 1981 Spider-Man series episode Wrath Of The Submariner. She ends up sick due to pollution caused by the Kingpin.

Video games

  • Namorita appears as a NPC in the game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. [1] After people in Atlantis take over the city, she sends out a distress call when they kidnap her cousin Namor. While Namor is wounded, she acts as your guide through the Atlantis levels. There is special dialogue between her and Iceman.

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