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The Pantheon is a organization appearing in the comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Peter David, the Pantheon was a large part of the Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) supporting cast, first appearing in issue 368.


Agamemnon, half-human and half-Asgardian god, was born immortal, and, though he never physically aged beyond the age of 16, the Pantheon are all his descendants. Stationed in the Nevada desert based headquarters called The Mount, the Pantheon recruited the Hulk as a member and ally after he was transformed into the Merged Hulk persona, the Hulk accepting the offer as a means of making up for the damage he'd done in his Savage Hulk days. The Hulk worked with the Pantheon on many rescue and relief missions, the focus of the Pantheon's purpose. In return, several members helped the Hulk out with personal missions, which themselves sometimes dovetailed into the Pantheon's intended purposes.

For a while, the Hulk even led the entire Pantheon. Together they went through attacks by the U-Foes, confrontations with the United States government and a vast space chase, when one of the members was kidnapped by a lovesick alien prince. This eventually led to a confrontation with Agammemnon, who attempted to ensure the long-term survival of his children- none of whom inherited his immortality- by offering the Troyjans the pick of his descendents in exchange for technology to extend their lifespan. As Agamemmnon raised an army of deceased Pantheon members, the Hulk led the rest of the team against their former leader in their final battle.

The Mount, the mountain headquarters of the Pantheon was destroyed during a battle between the Pantheon and Agamemnon's cyborgs the Endless Knights. The Endless Knights were created from the bodies of Agamemnon's dead children. Agamemnon and Achilles were slain during the battle. Ulysses left the group to find Delphi who had left the group before the final battle. Paris wanted nothing to do with the Hulk but the rest of the team wanted the Hulk back. The Hulk refused which led to to their recruitment by the United States government. Members of the team possess powers such as super strength, a healing factor, and are able to create energy formed weaponry.


  • Achilles (Helmut) - Near-absolute invulnerability, only gamma-radiation can weaken him. Deceased.
  • Agamemnon (Vali) - Founder. An eternally teenaged immortal descended from the Asgardian gods. Cynically builds and destroys civilizations to pass time. At one point is called Vali which suggest that he's either the son of Loki or Odin. Claims to have fathered hundreds of children.
  • Ajax - Vast super-strength, that increases with rage, and wears an exoskeleton which helps him move his over-muscled bulk. Simpleminded, and with an overprotective puppy-love towards Atalanta.
  • Adromeda - Retired oracle, and mother of Delphi.
  • Atalanta - Expert archer. Uses an energy-bow that projects arrows of varied strength.
  • Cassiopea - Stores and emits various forms of energy. Shown able to absorb and reflect even Silver Surfer-level intensity. Very energetic and affectionate.
  • Delphi - Oracle of the team, clairvoyance, rarely wears clothing.
  • Jason - Known as 'The Renegade'. A ruthless master marksman, who has been able to defeat Asgardian gods.
  • Paris (Nathan Taylor) - Empath, strategist, sleaze.
  • Perseus (Scott Shannon) - Energy spear. Retired Scotsman. Deceased.
  • Prometheus - "Tracking-sense" workable over interstellar distances. Disfigured. Heavily armed jet-car.
  • Ulysses II (Walter Charles) - Former 50's biker-rebel in love with Delphi. Uses an energy-sword and -shield.
  • Ulysses I - Ulysses's predecessor. He was murdered by Achilles under the orders of Agamemnon once Ulysses began questioning Agamemnon's actions.

All Pantheon members are said to possess some measure of superhuman strength and recuperative abilities, and age considerably slower than normal humans.

Other media

The The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga was a video game loosely based on the Pantheon comic book storyline.

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