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Rose Wilson is a character in the DC Comics universe. She is a member of the Teen Titans and the illegitimate daughter of Deathstroke the Terminator.


character biography

Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) met Lillian Worth on a search-and-rescue mission a few years after his divorce from Adeline Kane. His mission was to make sure that she escaped war-torn Cambodia safely. After an intermittent love affair with Wilson, Worth gave birth to a daughter whom she named Rose. Believing it to be in the child's best interest, Worth kept Rose a secret from Wilson. Worth eventually settled down at a brothel in New York City, and during a time when Deathstroke is injured and a fugitive from the law, Worth takes him in and nurses his wounds. Deathstroke's butler Wintergreen discovers 14-year-old Rose and suspects that she is Deathstroke's daughter.

Deathstroke's half-brother Wade DeFarge, using the name Ravager, later kills Deathstroke's friends and family. DeFarge discovers Rose, captures her, and tells her that Deathstroke is her father. Wintergreen and Worth launch a rescue attempt, but Worth is presumed dead after she drives a jeep off a cliff while trying to run over DeFarge. Wintergreen successfully rescues Rose and escapes.

Rose tries to reach out to her father, but he turns her away. He fears for her safety because he believes himself to be responsible for the deaths of two of his sons. Deathstroke leaves her in the care of the Titans superhero team. During a training exercise, Rose is injured and taken to the hospital, and her precognitive powers emerge for the first time when she has a lengthy vision of Deathstroke's future. She awakens before she can test her powers further. She leaves the Titans shortly after and does not see them again until the Technis Imperative conflict when she allies herself with the Titans to save fellow Titan Cyborg. During this incident she vocally challenges the New God Big Barda, as the Titans and the Justice League had come to blows. Barda seems more amused than concerned over Rose and their potential fight is neutralized by other forces.

New Ravager

The Madison family in Chicago adopt Rose, but DeFarge kills her new family. The Ravager claims to have been offered $100,000 for her death by an anonymous source, but neither of them know that Deathstroke hired DeFarge, in an attempt to bring Rose closer to him.

Deathstroke anonymously alerts the Titans that Rose's life is in danger, and they fight to defend her. All of the fighters are rendered unconscious by an explosion of halothane gas, and Rose awakens in Deathstroke's lair. He apologizes to Rose for abandoning her and says that she is the only family he has left. Deathstroke suggests that she become his apprentice, offering DeFarge as her first kill. Rose accepts and takes the name “Ravager” for herself. Deathstroke secretly injects Rose with the same serum that gave him his abilities, and it causes her to suffer from psychosis.

Deathstroke doubts Rose’s readiness to work with him and plans to disown her after she hesitates and is unable to kill Deathstroke’s son Jericho (when he has possessed the body of Beast Boy). To prove her loyalty, she gouges out an eye to match his missing eye.

Batgirl vs Ravager. Cover to Batgirl #64 (2005). Art by Ale Garza.

After Rose suffered a defeat at the hands of Batgirl, Deathstroke placed her under the tutelage of Nightwing, who lead Slade to believe he had given up being a hero. Nightwing agreed to train Rose, while surreptitiously teaching her the values of heroism. Although Rose developed a crush on Nightwing as the training progressed, the attraction seemed entirely one-sided. In order to test Grayson's loyalty, Deathstroke replaced Rose's missing eye with one carved from kryptonite and pit her and Nightwing against Superman. Rose attempted to kill Superman, but Nightwing used Superman's concern for the safety of not only the civilian bystanders, but Rose herself as her final lesson on altruism. Nightwing agreed to stay away from Rose on the condition that Blüdhaven remained off-limits to the latest incarnation of The Society, of which Deathstroke was a charter member. Following the bombing of Blüdhaven on Deathstroke's orders in “Infinite Crisis”, Nightwing returned and told Rose that the kryptonite Deathstroke had implanted in her eye-socket was not just a danger to Kryptonians, but carcinogenic and lethal to humans under extended exposure. Enraged and heartbroken that her father would endanger her life so dismissively, and emboldened by Nightwing's tutelage, Rose broke all ties with her father and ran away.

One Year Later

One year after the events depicted in the “Infinite Crisis” crossover, Rose once again joined the Teen Titans. She wore the same costume and wielded two katana-style swords. With Deathstroke and his serum's influence gone, Rose appeared more balanced than previously depicted. Tim Drake, the newest Robin, admitted Rose to the team as a favor to the team founder and ex-leader, her former mentor, Nightwing.

Rose formed a friendship with Kid Devil, the other new Teen Titan. When Kid Devil was injured during a mission, Rose defended him, and on multiple occasions threatened those she deemed a threat to him. After a hostile confrontation with the then ex-Titan Wonder Girl, Rose began to question the security of her position on the team. To ensure her continued acceptance and membership on the Teen Titans, she drunkenly attempted to seduce Tim Drake, by waiting for him naked in his bed. Robin not only rejected her, but handcuffed her as well. Responding to an unrelated security alert, Kid Devil entered the room to find a handcuffed Rose pinned to the bed by Tim Drake, exclaiming, "Hot damn!" She later admitted to Kid Devil that she was afraid of being kicked out, should the old members return to the team.

Recently, the Teen Titans came to the conclusion that they needed more members. After discovering that Raven believed there was a traitor on the team during the previous year, the team agreed to begin with her. The team traveled the world in search of Raven, who was apparently on the run from the traitor. They also met several other former Titans, such as Red Star, Zatara, and Bombshell. During a meeting with Bombshell, Rose was accused of being the latest traitor, working for Deathstroke instead. She denied the accusation, supported by not only Kid Devil, but also Wonder Girl, who believed Rose would never go back to her father. Robin and Cyborg agreed that Ravager would return to the Tower. Furious, Rose prepared to quit the team altogether until the team's caretakers, Wendy and Marvin, revealed to her that the traitor had stolen one particular object: the computer disk containing Jericho's essence.

Realizing why Raven is truly on the run, Ravager quickly returned to the Titans' aid, just as the traitor is revealed to be Bombshell. Ravager manages to save Raven, just as the empathic Titan uses the same spell which resurrected her, to resurrect Rose's dead and previously insane half-brother Jericho. Upon the resurrection of her elder brother, Joseph and Rose begin fraternizing, unaware that Bombshell's betrayal was orchestrated by Deathstroke, and that their teammates had been subdued by his associates.

Later, Rose and Joey fly to New York to have lunch with Nightwing, after which they go to the original Titans Island and discover that someone has built a demented version of the original tower there. Upon entering, they find that their father has kidnapped their teammates, all in order to gain control of them again. Rose and Joey then aid in rescuing Robin from Slade and Batgirl, during which Rose finally has her rematch with Cassandra Cain. Rose and Joey both attempt to stop their father, but they are defeated and left at his mercy until Nightwing, Donna Troy, Raven, Cyborg, Duela Dent, Beast Boy, and Flash arrive.

Following the death of her former-teammate, Bart Allen, Rose attends his funeral in Countdown #43 along with the rest of the Teen Titans.

In Teen Titans #50, Rose is present for Bart's wake, although she slips off after a while, bored with the sombre, reminiscent atmosphere, and invites Kid Devil to join her in skinny-dipping in the Titan's swimming pool.

Titans Tomorrow

In Teen Titans #51 (Vol.3), the Titans Tomorrow- a possible future versions of the current Titans team- arrive in the present to aid the Teen Titans against Starro-controlled villains. Ravager's future-self is absent from the group and it is revealed that she betrays the team (primarily Bart Allen and Kid Devil) at some point. Kid Devil, his adult version Red Devil and Rose are then sent to battle against Rampage & Livewire. During the fight Red Devil tries to convince Eddie to let Rose die, so that she does not manage to betray them in the future. Initially it appears that Eddie intends to do so, before betraying his older self in order to aid Rose. Later, Rose, Red Devil and Eddie return to the Titan's Lair (home of the original Teen Titans), where they meet with Blue Beetle. There Red Devil attacks Blue Beetle claiming that he too cannot be trusted.

Shortly after Eddie, Rose and Jamie find themselves surrounded by an Army of Titans led by Lex Luthor, before they all battle against an invading army of Starros. Thanks in large part to Blue Beetle's powers and Robin and Wonder Girl managing to supposedly alter Robin's future (and thus alter the future of the Titans as a whole), the Army of Titans is supposedly defeated.


During a fight with the Terror Titans, Rose sticks her sword into a gas line, which kills herself and three of the Terror Titans (Dreadbolt, Persuader, and Copperhead). The effect of the blow, ends up blowing Titans Tower up also. Although, the deaths of the three Terror Titans have been confirmed, Rose's death is still a mystery. even thought in the back of the book it says the end of rose.

Alternate versions

  • When the Teen Titans were thrown back in time after teaming up with the Legion of Super-Heroes, they found that they had arrived 10 years into their own future. Their future selves had turned evil, and a Titans East team had been formed to stop them. Rose Wilson was a member of the Titans East and was in love with Bart Allen, then the Flash, who was spying on the evil Titans. Rose and the Flash helped the Teen Titans to return home.
  • In Teen Titans Go! #41, Kitten, the daughter of Killer Moth, began dressing up as the daughter of other villains, and a newspaper clipping featured a picture of her as Deathstroke's Daughter.
  • Teen Titans Go! #49 features the Ravager, as she goes on a rampage, determined to inherit her fathers rightful legacy. She ends up joining the Titans when they offer her family. Although her mask covers one eye, Rose still retains both eyes in this series.

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