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The Sentinels of Magic is a group of magically powered heroes published by DC Comics. They first appeared in Day of Judgment #1 (November 1999), and were created by Geoff Johns and Matthew Dow Smith.


The team remained together after their first appearance, in order to safeguard reality from supernatural menaces. This included keeping a watch over the one weapon that could stop the Spectre, the Spear of Destiny.


Main article: Shadowpact In the Infinite Crisis miniseries Day of Vengeance, six of DC's magical heroes, including Blue Devil, Enchantress, and Ragman, joined forces against the Spectre again. However, this team was called the Shadowpact.


The names listed are those used while the character was associated with the Sentinels of Magic.

First Appearance is the place where the character first appeared as a member of the team. It is not necessarily the first appearance of the character in print, nor the story depicting how the character joined the team.

All information is listed in publication order first, then alphabetical.

Character Real Name First Appearance Notes
DeadmanBoston BrandDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
  • Founding member.
Doctor OccultRichard Occult / Rose SpiritusDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
FaustSebastian FaustDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
  • Founding member.
  • Former member of the Outsiders.
SentinelAlan ScottDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
Madame XanaduNimue InwuduDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
  • Founding member.
Phantom StrangerN/ADay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
RagmanRory ReganDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
RavenRachel RothDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
  • Founding member.
  • Former and later member of the Teen Titans.
ZatannaZatanna ZataraDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
Enchantress / SoulsingerJune MooneDay of Judgment #3 (November 1999)
  • Former member of the Suicide Squad
  • Later member of the Shadowpact.
Blue DevilDaniel CassidyDay of Judgment #4 (November 1999)
Doctor FateHector HallDay of Judgment #5 (November 1999)
  • Former member of Infinity, Inc
  • Concurrent member of the Justice Society of America.
BloodwyndUnknown JLA: Black Baptism #1 (May 2001)
  • Former member of the Justice League.
TempestGarthJLA: Black Baptism #1 (May 2001)
  • Former member of the Teen Titans.
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