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American ballpark in New York City. It is the longtime home of the New York Mets Major League Baseball club, and one of the oldest ballparks in the National League, serving as the Mets home since 1964. It is located in the Corona section of the borough of Queens. Shea is currently in its 45th and final season. The last regular season baseball game is scheduled to be played on Sunday, September 28, 2008 when the Mets host the Florida Marlins. In 2009, Shea will be replaced by Citi Field, which is currently under construction in the parking lot behind Shea's left field. After the completion of Citi Field, Shea Stadium will be dismantled.

In the Comics

Spider-Man's enemy the Jackal went out against Spider-Man with the assistance of the Tarantula, the Jackal beat Spider-Man unconscious and transported him to Shea Stadium, along with the Spider-Man clone.-Amazing Spider-Man #147- The two Spider-Men fought, until the Gwen Stacy clone tore off the Jackal's mask and confronted him on his crimes.-Amazing Spider-Man #148- A subsequent explosion of a bomb the Jackal had placed killed the Jackal and apparently the Spider-Man clone.-Amazing Spider-Man #149

For the whole story see the Jackal

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