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Spider-man, Aunt May, and Mary Jane Art by Mike Deodato
Spider-man, Aunt May, and Mary Jane Art by Mike Deodato

Friends, associates, and enemies of the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man.



Immediate family


  • Ben Reilly aka Scarlet Spider, and the second Spider-Man (clone, "brother", deceased)
  • Kaine (clone) Created by Jackal, considered him a brother, confusion over which was which, took over as Spider-Man, died heroically
  • Spidercide (clone, deceased)
  • Doppelganger (mystic duplicate, deceased)

Mary Jane's family

  • Anna Watson — Mary Jane's aunt and Aunt May's best friend.
  • Madeline Watson (mother, deceased)
  • Phillip Watson (father)
  • Kristy Watson (cousin)
  • Gayle Watson-Byrnes (sister)
  • Timothy Byrnes (Gayle's ex-husband)
  • Kevin and Tommy Byrnes (Gayle's sons)
  • Frank Brown (Madeline's cousin)
  • Mary MacLeod (distant aunt)

Love interests

  • Liz Allan — Peter's first love interest, although they never get together. Liz instead marries Peter's friend, Harry Osborn.
  • Betty Brant — Peter dates the Daily Bugle secretary, but they break up due to her blaming Spider-Man for the death of her brother. Betty Brant later marries Daily Bugle reporter Ned Leeds.
  • Gwen Stacy — Peter's first real girlfriend, whom the Green Goblin kills by throwing her off a bridge. The 2004 storyline "Sins Past" has Gwen, pregnant by Norman Osborn, secretly giving birth to twins, who, told by Norman that Spider-Man had killed their mother, attempt to kill Spider-Man in revenge as adults. In House of M, Gwen is still alive and married to Peter.
  • Debra Whitman — a fellow Empire State University student and secretary whom Peter dates for a period of time, though his frequent disappearances complicate their relationship. She is eventually diagnosed with mild schizophrenia, ironically exacerbated by her "delusional" belief that Peter is Spider-Man. With Peter's help, she overcomes that idea. Soon afterward, she leaves New York after another man, Biff Rifkin, confesses his feelings for her.
  • Marcy Kane — another Empire State University graduate student who Peter dates briefly. Prior to dating Peter, she was the lover of the Jack of Hearts. Kane is later revealed to be an alien (Contraxian) who is on Earth looking for solutions to her homeworld's problems.
  • Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat — The relationship between Spider-Man and Black Cat is short-lived after Spider-Man learns that Felicia Hardy is only interested in him as Spider-Man and not Peter Parker.
  • Sarah Rushman — Peter dates Sarah during a time when he believes Mary Jane to be dead; however, she turns out to be the S.H.I.E.L.D.-brainwashed mutant Marrow.
  • Sarah Stacy - Sarah is Gwen Stacy's and Norman Osborn's daughter. She developed feelings for Peter and, after thinking Peter liked her as well, attempted to kiss him.

Ben Reilly's love interests

  • Elisabeth Tyne, aka Janine Godbe — met Ben and lived with him for several months during his "lost years," until they were separated by Kaine. They reunited after he became Spider-Man, but were separated again when she turned herself in for her abusive father's murder.
  • Jessica Carradine — photographer, daughter of the burglar who killed Uncle Ben.
  • Desiree Winthrop — a wealthy young woman with limited psychic powers, of which she was unaware.

Ben also had Peter's memories of dating Liz Allan, Betty Brant, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson.

Supporting characters

See also: Daily Bugle

Gwen Stacy's family

  • George Stacy (deceased) — Gwen Stacy's father, Police captain. Introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #56 (1968). He approves of Peter and Gwen's relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. During a fight between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, he is crushed by falling debris while saving a child, in the classic The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #90 (Nov 1970). As he dies, he reveals to Peter that he had known his identity for some time (something Peter had suspected anyway), and asks Peter to take care of Gwen. In the film Spider-Man 3 (2007), he is played by James Cromwell.
  • Helen Stacy - Gwen's mother and wife of George. Her first and only appearance is Peter Parker: Spider-Man #-1 (minus one).
  • Arthur StacyGwen Stacy's uncle, a private investigator, first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #93 and #95. He was reintroduced only in the 1990s, in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #70 (in the last part of 'Clone Saga'). He is George's younger brother, but was originally presented in the 1970s as the older brother. For a time Spider-Man would call on Stacy's skills as an investigator.
  • Nancy Stacy - Gwen's aunt. Wife of Arthur and mother of Jill and Paul. First appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #93.
  • Jill Stacy — Arthur Stacy's daughter and Gwen's cousin. Friend of Mary Jane and Peter. After Mary Jane was kidnapped, and thought to be dead, Jill made romantic advances toward Peter. Introduced in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #76 (1997).
  • Paul Stacy — Arthur Stacy's son and Gwen's cousin. He blames Spider-Man for Gwen's death and joins the anti-mutant group the Friends of Humanity in an attempt to bring him to justice. Introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #422.
  • Gabriel (last name unrevealed) - Gwen's son by Norman Osborn. Norman convinced Gabriel and his sister, Sarah, that Peter Parker was their father and had killed their mother. Although Sarah is persuaded otherwise, Gabriel continues to believe so and takes on the identity of the "Gray" Goblin. After a confrontation with Spider-Man, he crashed into the river on his glider and lost his memories. Sarah took him to their home in France to recover. After failing to convince Sarah to join him, he flies off on a different glider. Introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #509.
  • Sarah (last name unrevealed) - Gwen's daughter by Norman Osborn. Norman convinced Sarah and her brother, Gabriel, that Peter Parker was their father and had killed their mother. Sarah becomes suspicious after she meets Spider-Man however. She is convinced of the truth when Spider-Man saves her life by giving her a blood transfusion after she is shot by police. Spider-Man later learns that the pain caused by her accelerated aging has led her to drug abuse on painkillers, and her addiction has gotten her in trouble with the French authorities. However, she promises to seek help, and perhaps someday become a hero herself. Introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #509.



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