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Spider-Man: Brand New Day is the title of a run of comic book storylines, published by Marvel Comics in 2008. It chronicles the start of Spider-Man's adventures in the aftermath of the big status quo change in the Spider-Man: One More Day storyline, and the banner runs across the front covers of The Amazing Spider-Man #546-564, along with Spider-Man: Swing Shift (Director's Cut) (the new status quo was actually first published in June 2007 with the release of Free Comic Book Day 2007: Spider-Man #1 (Free Comic Book Day issue), which was reprinted with new material as Spider-Man: Swing Shift (Director's Cut) in 2008).


Plot synopsis

The new status quo

Following the events of One More Day, Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane Watson has been erased, resulting in the adjustments to the timeline. Spider-Man's secret identity has also been forgotten by everyone, including many who knew his identity before his public unmasking. Harry Osborn is again alive; he has been living in Europe for years. Aunt May is alive and well and volunteers in a homeless shelter. Peter has his original mechanical webshooters. No one knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Although "some people" vaguely recall that Spider-Man unmasked himself during the events of Civil War, they do not remember whose face was under the mask.<ref>"Spider-Man: The New Status Quo!", The Amazing Spider-Man #546 (January 2008)</ref>.

Brand New Day

Spider-Man has not been seen for one hundred days because of the Superhuman Registration Act. Peter Parker is living at Aunt May's house while he searches for an affordable apartment. Peter decides to check in on the Daily Bugle, to discover that the Bugle is suffering from extreme financial difficulties. J Jonah Jameson suffers a heart attack, due to stress.

In light of the Bugle's financial difficulties, Robbie asks Peter to do what he can to get Spider-Man pictures that he believes would boost circulation, which convinces Peter to return to the web-slinging. Robbie is finally getting on top of things as Dexter Bennett, a celebrity businessman, arrives to inform him that he's bought all of Jameson's Bugle shares, and he's now running operations.

After encountering supervillain Menace, Peter is concerned that Harry might have returned to his goblin-glider ways, but Harry's girfriend, Lily Hollister, provides an alibi.

Mary Jane Watson, Bobby Carr and Jackpot

It is established that Mary Jane and Peter were in a long-term relationship, but things ended badly, and their relationship is now frosty at best. As far as Peter is concerned, he and Mary Jane did not get married, but cohabited as a couple since the day of the aborted wedding. It is unclear whether Mary Jane has an awareness of her previous marriage to Peter, and their deal with Mephisto; in one conversation, Spider-Man asks, "Do I know you?", to which MJ responds, "We've met. In another life." Spider-Man is not aware it is MJ he is speaking to; she is concealing her identity as per her current boyfriend's (film star Bobby Carr) wishes.

Spider-Man speculates that Mary Jane Watson may be the new registered superhero Jackpot. Jackpot herself tells Spider-Man that her real name is Sara Ehret, but when Spider-Man visits this woman, she denies all knowledge of this. Sara is later seen approaching Mary Jane at the airport for an autograph.

New supporting cast

Carlie Cooper

Carlie is a lifelong friend of Lily Hollister. She works as a forensics expert in the crime scene unit. New to her job, she shows interest in the more "exotic" cases, but has to start at the bottom. Her father was Ray Cooper, a cop who was well-respected by his peers. While preparing a body found in the river for the Medical Examiner, she finds a spider-tracer in its mouth.

Recently, she was kidnapped by Dr. Rabin, an insane professor intent on using human sacrifices to appease an ancient Mayan god. He drags a bound and gagged Carlie out into a blizzard and attempts to murder her and offer her to the god, but she is saved when Spider-Man arrives and defeats Rabin.

Ryan Maxwell, the man who sued Spider-Man

Ryan Maxwell is a construction worker. After Dexter Bennett changes the name of the Daily Bugle, he is working on taking down the giant letters from the top of the newspaper's building when Menace knocks his co-worker Bill off their suspended platform. Spider-Man arrives to catch Bill but his webbing is attached to the underneath of the platform and the cables break under the pressure, causing Ryan to fall as well, along with the giant "U" of "Bugle". Spider-Man catches both the giant U and Ryan with his webbing but Ryan's neck is injured.

Ryan later approaches the lawyer Matt Dowd, asking if he can sue Spider-Man for knocking him off a building. Dowd tells him that because his identity is unknown, they can file a "John Doe" complaint and serve him by publication; if he doesn't respond they get a default judgment against him.

Bruno Karnelli

Bruno is the overweight son of a Karnelli and a Manfredi, and credits his parents' marriage with bringing the two crime families together, although he feels put out that he has not been invited to their big meeting. He has made a deal with Mister Negative, who has promised to make Bruno head of both families. After Sean Boyle accidentally plants a spider-tracer on him, Spider-Man follows him (hoping it will lead him back to Boyle) as he is pulled into a blue van and kidnapped. Bruno is tied to a table by Mister Negative and his Inner Demons as they extract a large amount of blood from him, until they are interrupted by Spider-Man, who lets them escape in order to save Bruno. From what he's seen of Bruno, Spider-Man reckons that the only way he would become leader of the crime families is if everyone else up for the job is killed, which makes him realise that this has been Mister Negative's plan all along. Bruno tells Spider-Man where to find them.

Vincent Gonzales

Vin works for the NYPD, and hates Spider-Man, thinking that the webhead is up to no good. However, his friend Al O'Neil who also works for the NYPD disagrees. Vin and O'Neil met Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #552. Vin later became Peter's roommate in Amazing Spider-Man #562, but since Peter was fired from the DB he didn't want Vin to know, because Vin would think he was rooming with a flake. But in issue #564, Vincent finds out Peter lost his job, and he was furious and said he didn't want to see Peter's face for the rest of the day.

New villains

Sean Boyle, Spider-mugger

Boyle sells his wallets and the webshooter (which he thinks is a watch) to his fence, Dooley, at the Blind Spot, a waterfront bar for crooks. Dooley considers the webshooter useless and returns it to Boyle, who puts it on only to discover what it actually is - accidentally shooting a spider-tracer onto the back of Bruno Karnelli, who is also at the bar. Boyle hides this from Dooley and starts using the webshooter to restrain his victims, until he realises that he must have stolen it from the real Spider-Man and one of the wallets he's given to Dooley contains his ID. He returns to the Blind Spot and asks for it to be returned, attacking Dooley with webbing, but Dooley turns it around on him and starts strangling Boyle with it. Later on, as Dooley drives off, Spider-Man finds Boyle's lifeless body with the webshooter and tracer still on him. Gonzales and O'Neil witness Spider-Man doing this and assume he's killed Boyle.


Introduced in Free Comic Book Day's Swing Shift, he can "pimp out any ride".

Mister Negative

Secertly Martin Li, caring owner of a center for the homeless to eat at, when he switches to his "negative mode", he becomes a strong villain.


The newest goblin to invade Spider-Man's adventures, Menace's true identity lies in secrecy.


After ingesting drugs and The Lizard's stem cell research specimens, an addict morphs into a mammal-like being. Unlike Lizard, Freak has his own mind when transformed, and is obsessed with getting high. When nearly killed, Freak enters a metamorphosis state, inside a cocoon, which hatches and unleashses a signigantly mutated Freak, who can't be defeateda the same way as previously beaten.

Paper Doll

Flat as paper and just as malleable, Paperdoll can infect her razor-thin status on her victims.

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