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Starblast is a Superhero Universe character created by Ray Man Comics. Kevin Granger is a young inexperienced superhero and his only wish is to become a member of the Champions of Justice. His father is a rich scientist and inventor who designs equipment for the military. Kevin used his father's designs to create a suit that would allow him to fly and shoot energy from his wrists.

He was first seen in Lost in Time #5, as a foe of Brennon. His goal was to prove to the Champions of his worth by defeating the swordsman, but his attempt only ended in failure. He later returned to aid the Champions in their fight against the original Gray Phantom, but was defeated once again. When Talon caused a supervillain breakout at the Fortress, Starblast allied with Burning Fury to help the Champions and redeem himself, but once again was met with failure.

When the Champions of Justice needed his father's spaceship to venture into space and deal with the threat of an alien invasion, Starblast came along and saved Captain Mysterious's life upon landing. For his actions, he was accepted as the team's 6th member.

In one adventure, he helped Brennon fight Manslaughter and Primeval in order to retrieve a device stolen by Starblast's uncle.

Starblast was later killed by Brennon's foe, Demon Hand.