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The Fist is a Superhero Universe character created by Ray Man Comics. Glenn Stewart is a martial arts expert and a member of the Champions of Justice. He is an occasional guest star in the Lost in Time series and has been involved in three major crossover events, "The Darkness", "The Victorian Age", and "Zandrexyn Unleashed".

The Fist is trained to be an expert in many different fighting styles. He was first seen in Lost in Time #6, when the Champions of Justice went into battle against Brennon. He also participated in the fight against the original Gray Phantom but was defeated along with the rest of his team. He is also responsible for defeating the supervillain Fade and saving the life of Brennon when Jean Bradley went to him for help.

The Fist was present when Talon, under orders from Blackhorn, attacked the Fortress and caused a massive breakout. It was he that delivered the knockout blow on Talon. The Fist, Huntress, and Burning Fury aided the Superhuman Defense League in the showdown with Blackhorn in the Sahara Desert. For his efforts, he was awarded membership in the SDL.

During the Zandrexyn crisis, Fist took a stand against Captain Mysterious and was zapped into Earth V where he met the Adventure Club. He helped them defeat the Gray Phantom years, and after two years of serving with their team, he was returned to his own world by the Mysterion. He then became leader of the Champions of Justice.

Fist was declared dead after a mission to Switzerland when he was left to die by Paladin. He was honored by the SDL as a great man and hero.

An alternate reality version of The Fist appeared in Lost in Time #27, as a superhero under the control of the evil Joel Power, but was defeated by Brennon.

Earth V's Glenn Stewart was trained by former Adventure Club member Bruiser to become a martial artist and a hero. After Bruiser's death, Stewart took up his mantle.

Stories Starring the Fist

1. The Darkness: Champions of Justice - Fist saved the day when Talon caused the breakout at the Fortress.

2. Champions of Justice: The Fist - Feauturing the origin of the Fist.

3. Zandrexyn Unleashed - Fist sacrificed himself to save his friends from the power-mad Captain Mysterious.

4. The Adventure Club: Earth V - Fist arrives in Earth and befriends Gentleman and the Adventure Club.

5. Earth V: The Other Fist - Earth V's Glenn Stewart learned of his counterpart the Fist, and trained with Fist's friend, Bruiser.

6. Champions of Justice - Glenn returns in the guise of a new costumed vigilante, the White Flame.

7. Glenn Stewart: From the Fist to the Flame - The events surrounding Fist's supposed death are finally revealed.

8. Superhero Universe Team-Up #3-4 - While trapped on Earth V, Glenn works alongside Adventure Club member Bruiser to find a metahuman with the ability to shape reality itself.