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Time-Rider is part of the superherouniverse.com online comics section, and is a part of the Superherouniverse Comics Universe. See Online Comic Books.




  • Codename: Time-Rider
  • Alter Ego: John Martin
  • Age: Born 1924 - Physically aged 25 -
  • Identity: John Martin
  • Occupation: Navy sailor turned time traveler for the U.S government
  • Marital Status: married sometime between 1943 and 2008
  • Base of Operations: Area 51
  • Group Affiliation: Lost Heroes
  • Known Relatives: Jill Martin - wife, Luke Martin aka Seven
  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 185
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: dark brown

Powers: time travel, ability to slow time down ever so slightly giving him great accuracy with a fire arm and incredible reflexes.

  • Skills:
  • Weapons: pistols
  • Equipment: Communicator
  • History: As a U.S sailor he was on board the U.S Eldridge during the Philadelphia experiment from where he first began his journey into time. He seems unable to change history for his own benefit like saving his brother from dying during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Currently working with the U.S government in the present for how long is unknown.


John Martin, a U.S. Navy Sailor during World War II from Shadowtown, Tn, engages in a top secret government experiment aboard the USS Eldridge. Although most reports indicated that the experiment was to make a ship invisible only to radar, the entire event was planned as a time travel experiment, made possible by the research of Albert Einstein himself.

Becoming lost in time, Martin was rescued by a top secret government organization that has been secretly in existence since the Philadelphia Experiment incident.

This group, known as ATTA, controls all operations for the United States Government involving time travel, including avoiding temporal issues it may have created, and bringing possible cataclysmic events to the attention of the President of the United States, when and if there are no other options (i.e. when doing nothing causes more problems than allowing the flow of history to continue at it's own pace).

In volume one Time-Rider went through a phase where he was able to fly, had super strength, and so forth thanks to the suit Jill Martin had given him, but that time line has now ended leaving John Martin back at square one wondering if all of his adventures were nothing more than a dream. In issue 19 John Martin is seen eating at a restaurant with his friend Jake aka Samurai Surfer. He of course had no memory of the previous timeline. At the end we see Jill Windfire working at the restaurant. It was revealed that Jill will be John Martin's wife in the future.

End of First Timeline

In the first volume the alien Osirex planned on taking over the world having followed Max to Earth. Part of his plan was to kill Jake's father in the past so he could manipulate him into doing his bidding in the future offering Jake a cure for the illnesses of the world including cancer. It worked and the Jake the Samurai Surfer was on his way to killing the Time-Rider, but Time-Rider defeats him and goes back to the very moment they left the Eldridge and turns off the equipment thus stopping the chain of events that brought Max and his alien enemy Osirex to Earth.

Alternate Versions

T-Zero's Agent John Martin exists only as an Agent for ATTA and not as a full blown superhero. His first appearance was in The Time Cruisers The Exodus Trap