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Yandroth is a character, an Alien Techno-Wizard, owned by Marvel Comics, who exists in that company's Marvel Universe. He first appears in Strange Tales #168.

Character biography

Yandroth was an alien humanoid scientist who has fought Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange defeats Yandroth, sending him to seemingly fall forever through an alternate dimension.

There, he learns that he could gain great power by destroying a world. He constructs an 'Omegatron', which is defeated in the Defender's first appearance in Marvel Feature #1.

Omegatron returns in Defenders (1st series) #5 and #69. In Defenders #119, Yandroth possesses a young girl in order to telepathically attack the heroes.

He is seemingly killed in their last encounter. Although Yandroth is dead, his spirit is still capable of taking possession of a living human's mind. Taking the form of a vagrant, he is discovered by Patsy Walker. Seemingly an innocent, she rescues him, allowing him to regain his strength and capture her.

He crafts a plan to end the world. He summons monsters from all over, involving many superhero teams. Most of the New York based heroes are tied up confronting destructive, mindless monstrosities. Alpha Flight is attacked by Warlord Kaa and his Shadow Warriors. He causes a group of Living Erasers to appear in the Tokyo Headquarters of Big Hero Six. Lizard Men from Tok attack the island nation of Genosha. Gorgilla subdues the Avengers by dropping a building on them.

It turns out he is utilizing the captured form of Gaea, the spirit of the Earth, to summon the monsters. Patsy, who had escaped and learned this, tells the Defenders, who were currently comprised of Namor, the Hulk, Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer.

The superhero battles Yandroth has caused has given him enough power to summon the Ravagers of Creation. Four elemental creatures confront the Defenders, who are unable to stop them individually. They attack the Stone creature, disabling the spell needed to destroy the world. This frees Gaea and kills Yandroth.

In his dying breath, as the Hulk and Namor fight, he realizes the Defenders hate each other. He uses his powers to curse them, so they must come and work together in times of a severe crisis. This involves uncontrollable teleportation, affecting all four of the heroes.

Yandroth was later revived when the four Defenders became The Order for a short time and their curse rendered him all-powerful.

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