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The Young All-Stars are a team of fictional DC Comics superheroes. They were created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and Michael Bair introduced in Young All-Stars issue #1 dated June 1987.



While carrying out a mission for the All-Star Squadron, TNT and Dyna-Mite are ambushed by members of Axis America. During the battle, TNT is killed. Dyna-Mite, who barely survives, is aided by Arn Munro, a young man who possesses superhuman physical abilities. Iron Munro, Fury (Helena Kosmatos), Flying Fox, and Dan help fend off an Axis America attack on Squadron headquarters. The four young heroes meet up with Neptune Perkins and Tsunami while heading out to the West Coast to track down Axis America. Later on they meet and recruit the Tigress. [1]

After routing the forces of Axis America, the five young heroes are invited to join the All-Star Squadron on a probationary basis. They fight foreign and local Axis threats. They also meet an older group of metahumans collected by the Allied countries known as The Young Allies whose members come from Russia, China, France, and England. The group is eventually absorbed into the All-Star Squadron and disbands.[2]

The series was a follow-up to DC's popular golden age-themed series All-Star Squadron, which Roy Thomas also wrote. The intention was to pickup that series' storyline after the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths series, which necessitated writing Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman out of the original series' history since their World War II versions now no longer existed. The characters of Iron Munro, Fury, and Flying Fox were meant to essentially replace those heroes in the new continuity. The new series wasn't as popular as the earlier one though and concluded with issue #31.

Young All-Stars

  • Dan the Dyna-Mite - Former sidekick of TNT with explosive powers.
  • Flying Fox - Native American hero from Canada.
  • Fury I - Helena Kosmatos is an Amazon heroine empowered by the ancient Furies.
  • Iron Munro - Arn Munro is the non-canonical son of Hugo Danner the title character from Philip Wylie's 1930 novel Gladiator.
  • Neptune Perkins - Waterbreathing World War II hero who would later go on to marry Tsunami, and become a US Senator.
  • Tigress - Paula Brooks was a cat burglar turned hero. In the post-World War II era, she would become the villainous Huntress.
  • Tsunami - Waterbreathing and water control powers. A Japanese American Kibei, or so she described herself.

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