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(Midnight Avenger Comics)
(Midnight Avenger Comics)
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*Durindel the Red Wizard
*Durindel the Red Wizard
'''Dark Earth of 2301-3555'''
'''Future Caste-Dark Earth'''
*Soldier Supreme
*Soldier Supreme
'''Kronoan Enslaved Earth Circa 3155'''
'''Future Caste-Kronoan Enslaved Earth'''
*Lunar Hawk
*Lunar Hawk

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Tim Frady Comics

Funboy Comics

Flying Squirrel

Midnight Avenger Comics

SHADOW Strategic High-risk Assault & Defense Operations, Worldwide

The Midnighters


Other Present Day Heroes

  • Horus
  • Liger
  • The Spyder (Gary Glass)

Victorian Age

  • Detective Hemlock Stone
  • Sir Walter Harvey

The Dark Ages

  • Deacon McKnight the first Rook
  • Durindel the Red Wizard

Future Caste-Dark Earth

  • Omega-Man
  • Soldier Supreme

Future Caste-Kronoan Enslaved Earth

  • Myd-Nie-Tur
  • Lunar Hawk

JB Comics

  • Spy
  • Panther
  • Shard
  • Comet
  • Mr. Victory
  • American Banner

Ray Man Comics