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Superhuman Defense League art by Wayne Clayton

The Superherouniverse Comics Universe consists of online webcomics. The first of which was Time-Rider then followed by Deadlaw both created by Tim Frady. Check out the Superhero Universe Time-Line

Superherouniverse the site is open to other comics universes from other creators and as such several characters may be seen in the Superherouniverse Comics Universe online comics and are considered a part of the same universe in a similar fashion as Image Comics.

New on Superhero Universe is Martian a series created by Mark Starks.

Midnight Avenger Comics


Midnight Avenger Comics is an imprint created by Robert (Midnight Avenger) Butler copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. This comic universe first appeared under the title of Defenders of Justice and was in a form similar to short stories. After several attempts at reinventing the continuity it was finally settled on in the Midnight Avenger Comics incantation.

Other Creator Owned Characters

Other creator owned comics include Big Blue and Sugar Skulls Comics by Noe Gonzalez.

The Crawlspace Universe Created by Carl(Bono Fett)Bonomo. Main Characters include DeathChild, Falcon, Executioner, The Squad, Hunter. With many more to come. This is a darker more Milleresque version of the world where evil reigns and the forces of light battle to shine against the darkness. The majority of stories are black and white and set to noir tone. This could be the most adult oriented corner of the SUPERHERO-U.

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